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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Are Vaccines Really Unsuspecting Bullets That Kill ? A Warning From 2010?


The statements by Bill Gates about population killing vaccines have been the topic of news headlines lately.
If this is his real opinion about the less fortunate, that is cause for more safety concerns and distrust of life saving vaccines. These seemingly matter of fact statements cannot be taken lightly.

Bill Gates employs this level of thinking as it involves pollution in the universe and essentially says that by effectively reducing the world population that pollution will also in turn be reduced and suggests that one way of doing this is by pushing people to get vaccines as a way of reducing the overall population of the world. It is an interesting theory to say the least.

He seems to believe that people more susceptible to diseases when vaccines are used and there is no incentive to get people healthy, but is in fact helping to grow a health care system that strives on a sick care philosophy and polices that seek new ways to make people sick so they can treat them indefinitely. Healthy people seem to be a threat to this kind of health care system.

It is very evident that our supermarkets are being stocked with sweetened poisons according to the package information labels, that are being played off as being very safe. This, along with new drugs that are dispensed without much concern to the users health and have a side effects list the length of the constitution, but very little is done to properly manage when and where they are dispensed. This is also true with recent health scares such as the H1N1 concerns and the beliefs that subsequent vaccinations are helping make these diseases more deadly to the unsuspecting population. Flu stains seem to be able to attach themselves easier to vaccinated people while un-vaccinated persons have to ability to fight off these diseases naturally. The unconcern for health seems to be blatantly growing among the chemical producers.

Any rational thinking minds would immediately question what the powers that be really define health care as and if larger powers that be really are concerned for our overall health. If what Bill Gates is suggesting, is true, how would anyone receiving the vaccinations until it was too late. Or maybe a better solution is to question, rather than blindly follow governmental intentions that might be deadly and use our resources for things other than to reduce its population through deception and corruption.


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