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Friday, August 21, 2020

The Evolution of Protein and Protein Bar Recipe & Morning Routine of a Fitness Expert | Kris Gethin

The Evolution of Protein

Author Rooban Princely
Over the last decade and beyond, protein is an ingredient that has had something of a health halo attached to it. This is because the ingredient is one that is known and trusted, can be found in everyday food and drinks and is associated with a myriad of health benefits. Moreover, unlike ingredients like antioxidants that have traditionally had a more feminine positioning, protein is an ingredient that has the same level of appeal amongst men and women. This interest in protein is one that looks like it is not residing soon. For instance,  a few consumer insights companies have done surveys of 30,000 consumers conducted in Q3 2018/Q2 2019 found that 40% of consumers across the globe would like to increase their protein intake. (Continued below.....)

 Kris Gethin explains his daily morning routine for keeping his nutrition and supplementation on track. 
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(Continued......)When it comes to protein, 45% of consumers say that they know how much protein they have in their diets. This reflects how consumers recognize that protein is something that can be obtained from a variety of food and drink products. However, as consumers look to increase their intake of the ingredient, they are turning to the impulse category and seeking out high protein drinks and snacks bars to do so. This is a reason why the sports nutrition market is becoming increasingly mainstream, being driven not by active gym goers but instead, everyday consumers who are looking for a convenient health boost.
Consumer insights companies survey of 26,000 consumers across twenty-six countries in Q3 2019 found that in the last twelve months, 51% of consumers say that they have switched from snacking on traditional items such as chocolate and confectionery and instead, have switched to high protein/low sugar alternatives.
The aforementioned survey of 30,000 consumers found that consumers are most likely to associate protein with general health and wellness benefits (62%) compared to specialist benefits such as increasingly muscle mass (33%). This – and the growth of the sports nutrition snacking market as an alternative to traditional snack products- shows that consumers are more likely to be turning to high protein products because they are taking a proactive approach to health in general, as opposed to using products as part of a strenuous health routine. As a result of this, it is important not to over-estimate the influence of factors such as source of protein or issues such as amino acids and complementary proteins when choosing products. Instead, consumers are happy just to find products with high protein claims because they are deemed to be guilt-free and conveniently nutritious. This is further reflected in the fact that across the globe, there is very little difference in terms of appeal between plant protein (57%) and whey protein (55%), further highlighting how it is important not to over-estimate that consumers are seeking out products from a specific source.
The popularity of high protein products will be dependent on how easily consumers can incorporate products into their diets in a hassle-free manner. This means that rather than the source of the protein, consumers are more likely to prioritize the taste and affordability of such products.
The author has a vast experience of writing blogs and articles for the Consumer Insights Companies offering market research about consumer attitudes and behaviours across different verticles. He has done a detailed study into Consumer Research and Behaviour.

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