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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The Truth About Cancer Featuring: Activated Charcoal: The Fire of Transformation (Part 2) and Activated Charcoal Medicinal Uses

David Wolfe joins us again for Part 2 of his captivating presentation on activated charcoal from TTAV Live 2019.
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 If you haven’t seen Part 1, you can watch it here:

In this clip, David talks about activated charcoal’s ability to increase longevity. Have you ever heard of fullerenes? (we hadn’t either!) Watch the full video to learn more about these molecules… and what they have to do with activated charcoal.

 Did you know the original filament of a light bulb was charcoal? Charcoal is electrical and has an electrical nature to it. When you start getting it into your body, it starts to smooth and calm the electrical disturbances in your system. Enjoy this video!

Activated Charcoal Medicinal Uses

By: Kim Walsh

Activated charcoal is a small black substance created from coconut shells, wood chips, or nut shells. It is created by burning these substances in a climate that is without the presence of oxygen. Once the chemical process is completed the activated charcoal is able to bind to and absorb substance much greater than the size of the particle. For centuries natural charcoal has been used for the treatment of ailments and injuries. However, activated charcoal is the now the number one treatment of poisonings and overdoses. It is a very effective means of treating these unfortunate conditions.

Chemical Poisoning Uses

Every year thousands of children suffer from ingestion of chemical products in the home. These products can range from floor cleaners to hair dyes. Once ingested these products can work like an acid and cause permanent damage or even death to humans. However, by ingesting activated charcoal these substances can be absorbed very quickly before too much damage is done. Activated charcoal is safe for human consumption and has very few side effects when ingested. The most common side effect is constipation which is much better than the alternative damage that can be suffered. It is now possible for parents to buy tablets or granules of activated charcoal and keep it in the home in case of an emergency.

Over Dose Uses

Even with the greatest amount of caution and care it is possible for an overdose to occur. While some people will overdose intentionally a number of cases occur purely from accident. With so many medications on the market today it is very easy to confuse one pill for another. For someone taking several different medications, this is a real risk. Luckily, if this does happen activated charcoal can now be used to remove the extra medications from the system. It can be ingested orally and will work as it goes down through the body. It will absorb all the medication and stop the process of overdose before it can even begin.

Natural Poisoning Uses

For those who live in rural areas the risk or snake or spider bite can be very real. Activated charcoal works to remove natural poisoning in the same way it does medical or chemical. However, activated charcoal can also be used on the surface of the bite to draw the poisons out. Individuals can use this life saving particle. However, many hospitals are already using this treatment for the removal of natural poisons.

There are many ways that activated charcoal can provide life saving assistance from poisons or chemicals. This product is much safer than alternative methods of stomach pumping or other chemical substances. Rather than trying to fight one drug or chemical with another activated charcoal can be used. While activated charcoal can cause stomach upset, cramps, vomiting, or constipation it is the safest means of removing toxins from the body. Many people even use it when they have a stomach upset due to eating a bad product or food. It is very effective at removing many types of contaminates from the GI tract.

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