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Monday, December 30, 2019

BBcom Featuring: Why You Should Be Fasting | Mark Bell

Mark Bell gives you his top reasons on why you should be fasting. Limiting when you eat can help you lose fat, gain muscle, and make it easier to stick to your diet.

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 | What is intermittent Fasting? | The central idea behind the implementation of intermittent fasting is to reduce overall calorie consumption, ideally resulting in weight loss. Typically, intermittent fasting protocols will involve eating nothing or very little (up to 25 percent of your normal daily caloric intake) for a period of 16-24 hours. Following the restrictive phase, you'll return to relatively normal energy intake for 4-24 hours, depending on which version of intermittent fasting you're following. 

 | Which Intermittent Fasting Method is Best? | 
There are several different intermittent fasting plans, and at first glance it may be a little overwhelming trying to figure out which plan is optimal for you. While I can't tell you which one will work best, I can give you details about the more popular diets. This list is by no means comprehensive. Just make sure to select an intermittent fasting protocol that works well with your schedule so it will be easier to maintain. 

 | Mark Bell's Top Reasons Why You Should Be Fasting |
1. You Poop Less 
2. Makes Life Less Complicated 
3. Don't Waste Time on Meal Prep 
4. Helps with Hunger 
5. Saves Money

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