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Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Truth About Cancer - Global Health News #40 | FDA Fraud, Bribed Doctors, and Antibiotic Resistance

Welcome to Episode #40 of Global Health News, Truth That Matters with Tyand Charlene Bollinger! If you missed past episodes of GHN, catch up here: [].

 In this episode, we start off with a story about medicines that can cause cancer. Did you know that there are some medicines – approved by the FDA – that contain chemicals that are KNOWN to cause cancer?!? Learn which popular blood pressure medicine is still being sold by Novartis despite the health risks.

 Next, discover how incentives from Big Pharma are literally changing the way doctors treat cancer. A study published earlier this year found that oncologists often change their treatment recommendations based on incentives from the pharmaceutical industry. Check out the episode to learn just how far some companies are willing to go – and why several executives are facing serious prison time.

 What about vaccines that are meant to protect against cancer? The HPV vaccine is recommended for women worldwide, but evidence shows that the shot may be more harmful than the cancer itself. Since the introduction of the HPV vaccine, the rates of cervical cancer have actually INCREASED. In the U.S. alone, over 400 people have died as a direct result of the vaccine. Be sure to watch the whole episode to learn how this vaccine could be causing the very cancer it’s meant to prevent.

 Did you know that 5 of every 6 Americans are prescribed antibiotics every year? Even the CDC estimates that 30% of antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary. While antibiotics have undoubtedly saved thousands of lives, their overuse worldwide may be one of the greatest threats to humanity.

 Discover how deadly, antibiotic-resistant superbugs are on the rise and spreading around the world right now. The World Health Organization estimates that these superbugs could kill 10 million people each year if things don’t change. Despite this fact, the agricultural industry continues to pump these drugs into our plants and animals. Tune in to learn how you can protect your family.

 Be sure to watch the whole episode to learn how major media outlets are lying about the MMR vaccine. Manufacturers and regulators want us to believe that vaccines are safe and effective, going so far as to label any contrary ideas as “misinformation.” Finally, discover how the freedom of speech is slowly dying – especially on social media. Censorship is happening on a huge scale RIGHT NOW. Don’t let your voice be silenced.
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