These videos will cover proper technique along with teaching steps for HIGHandTIGHT in practice.  
You will be able to help your athletes "create habits that win games" with a new awareness of the perfect way to carry a football. 
Even if you do not get your HIGHandTIGHT football, get your mind ready and you will be one step closer to improvement.
Improving Ball Security and decreasing fumbles is within your grasp.  You will "HEAR your TEAM decreasing fumbles" during training with the investment of the HIGHandTIGHT footballs.

The Coach


CoachTom Creguer (Cray-jur)

A Coaches Coach...want an honest, straight forward answer, just ask!
Coach Creguer (Cray-jur), the inventor and Coach, has over 40 years of involvement in the Sport of Football.  He played at the D1 level even becoming a Co-Captain and All-Conference player on a Championship team, spent decades on D2 football staffs in mulitple coordinator roles while winning multiple Conference Championships, and was simply a D3 skill player.  His invention has been seen on Sunday Night Football, ESPN, used in camps across America and been written about in practically every major sports news outlet in the USA.
Over the course of these decades Coach Creguer has developed a reputation of being a person of great character that is extremely trust worthy.  He has served on the AFCA (American Football Coaches Association) as committee chairman helping to improve the game for all teams.  He truly is a teaching coach that has always strived for perfection and brought that out in the players and fellow coaches he has interacted with on all levels.  His reputation and knowledge base has allowed him to be a consultant with various programs from all levels. 
Professionals programs, NFL and Power 5's all the way down to State Associations and Youth Organizations have utilized his unique skill set on Ball Security and Technique to better their players and teams.  He has even been approached by agents and professional players individually to assist with the enhancement of the athlete's career longevity because fumbling impacts a players potential earnings.  The information that you are about learn will alter and enhance your ball security, GUARANTEED! Book this course.....