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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

sneaky little blood sucker

Just got this from our friend and US Sports Strength and Conditioning Partner Trainer Joe Arangio.
Had to share this because a lot of us (myself included) will be convicted by this and further convinced to make a change in our lives. Enjoy! 
Five years ago we are out to dinner with two other couples. One of
the guys is my age (let's call him Jon) and he knows I'm a
Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Jon reads my emails and I gave him one of my books a few months

I know he had been working out infrequently at the police academy
and "doing WeightWatchers" and when I asked how it was going, he
went into the same old song and dance I've heard a thousand times...

"Man... I'm so busy, I just don't have time."

By the way, Jon's definition of "working out" involves 10 minutes
of treadmill walking followed by random exercises on machines.

Occasionally he'll do required physical fitness testing. But he
doesn't care too much about how well he does because the police
department can't fire him for being overfat and unhealthy.

I guess they're afraid of lawsuit and other lawyer stuff.

Simply put, he does not follow a structured plan nor he does he
have a coach.

This is strange because Jon is a college-educated guy and he
knows exactly what he SHOULD do. He can afford to hire a coach.
But humans are hardwired for laziness (me included) and he is being
selectively lazy when it comes to his health.

Remember that Jon is in law enforcement. And his life, and
the lives of others, depends on his mental and physical ability
to win all of his fights.

By the way, in other parts of his life, Jon is an uber-motivated,
nose-to-the-grindstone type of guy.

Jon is married with two kids and a great career. 

But he struggles with overeating, and as a result, maintains around
40 extra pounds of bodyfat on his athletic frame. This places Jon
in the "obese" category, according to the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention.

Some backstory:

Jon lives in an area of the United States that accepts
obesity like it's no big deal.

Yes, it seems like everyone in Jon's hometown is overweight or
obese, or even morbidly obese, including the law enforcement

Don't believe me?

Note that the top-two employers in Jon's town are BOTH hospitals.

Now I'm no conspiracy theorist, but hospitals make a ton of cash
by treating PREVENTABLE disease. If you are overweight, the
probability of developing these life-threatening diseases
increases significantly:

*High blood pressure
*Heart disease
*High cholesterol
*Back pain
*Joint pain, etc, etc

Sadly there's NOT a lot of money to be made in preventing the
disease that often goes hand-in-hand with having a bunch of
extra bodyfat.

Also, if you have chosen to serve and protect, as a cop or soldier,
the single factor that determines your survivability in a
life-or-death situation, more so than any other, is how well you
have prepared for the unexpected.

Who would you rather have in your squad car, or in your patrol:

Officer Stubborn?
6'2" 240 pounds at 30% bodyfat
Weak, helpless, and unsure of his abilities

Or this guy?

Officer Smart
6'2" 240 pounds at 12% bodyfat
Strong, powerful, and confident

And NOBODY wants to work with the overfat, out-of-shape guy because
there's a strong possibility that he will become a liability during
the moment of truth.

...back to the dinner story.

"Okay," I said. I'm not his coach so I just let it go.

By the time dessert came, the conversation gently eased over to the
topic of favorite television shows and networks.

He said, and I quote verbatim, "I LOVE CNN - I watch it for at
least two hours a night. I never miss it."

Really? Really???

Did you really just say that?

Just sixty minutes earlier you said you have NO TIME. And now, you
are telling me you spend two hours a night, on your sofa, watching

So you DO have time; however, your priority just happens to be
watching TV for two hours instead of respecting your body by taking
care of your health.

Again, I did not judge him. Nor do I judge you.

If you would rather watch TV than lose dangerous bodyfat -- that
will eventually steal your joy and freedom -- then I am happy for

Everyone is on their own path in life.

And I'm not hating on TV. Sharon and I have our share of shows
we watch on Netflix. And we love date night at the movie theater.

But here's a little secret...

You DO have time.

You can choose to set your alarm 45 minutes earlier (or go to sleep
45 minutes later) and in about 45 minutes you can get a total-body
workout that requires NO equipment...

*5-minute dynamic warmup
*17-minute resistance training
*17-minute metabolic conditioning
*5-minute recovery

If you truly want it bad enough, you find the time and eliminate
the excuses.

You see, your excuses are the sneaky little blood suckers in life.
Stealing your energy and leaving you exhausted, empty.

I'm not here to coddle you - you subscribe to my emails. And you
invest in my books to hear the TRUTH. The truth about what it takes
to live the rest of your life on your own terms.

The question is... will you find the time to perform these 
Tactical Bodyweight Workouts? Or will you make excuses?

Get the Bodyweight-Only Training System Used By Smart Tactical Athletes

Did I mention that you'll get a nutrition blueprint based on your
main goal: fat loss or muscle gain. I've outlined everything you
should be doing from dawn to dusk. 

There's even done-for-you DAILY muscle-gaining or fat-loss meal
schedules for you to follow based on if you train in the morning,
noon, or at night...

Get the Bodyweight-Only Training System Used By Smart Tactical Athletes

Train hard and stay safe,

Coach Joe

P.S. If you want to hear what Jon is doing now - I'll update you in
an upcoming email.

P.P.S. If you know someone who would be a good fit for this simple
bodyweight-training blueprint to help you gain strength, boost
power, and rebuild your body, go on and forward this email. They
will thank you for it. 

Joseph Arangio
Tactical Workouts for Military and Law Enforcement

5 F REE Videos: SECRETS for Building Tactical Muscle

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