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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Citrus Surprise Fights a Cause of Cancer You Didn't Know About

From Lee Euler, Publisher Cancer Defeated

Press Release Image Online Publishing and Marketing
This Citrus Surprise Fights
a Cause of Cancer You
Didn't Know About

Old saying: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away…"

Your mother to you: "Eat your fruits and veggies"…

USDA to you: Eat five to nine servings of fruits and veggies every day.

We know about the phytonutrients in raw produce. . .and we know about the fiber. . .but there's a special type of fiber that's has incredible health benefits not only for cancer, but for heart disease, Alzheimer's and other health conditions as well. What's got me excited is that this type of fiber is a safe, non-toxic chelating agent that sounds much better (and easier) to me than chemical chelators like EDTA.

That means this substance has every promise of being a safe, simple home treatment that can rid your body of lead, mercury and other heavy metals and even radioactive particles! Keep reading. . .

Continued below. . .

The Case Against Detoxing

Why detoxing can actually make your body more toxic…Plus what to do instead to rid your body of pesticides, heavy metals, and other dangerous chemicals
You’ve probably heard that detoxing is good for your health. You’ve heard it can remove pesticides, heavy metals and chemicals from your body. You’ve heard that it can bolster your immune system and help support a healthy liver.
But here’s something you should know: Detoxing can actually make your body more toxic! That’s right, detoxing can actually make you sicker!
Online Publishing and Marketing

Pectin is a soluble fiber abundant in the rinds and peels of fruits such as oranges and grapefruits, lemons and apples. You may also know it as a thickening agent in jams and jellies.

One of pectin's most notable benefits is that it removes toxins from your stomach and intestines — so your mother was right about "an apple a day…".

Pectin binds and removes lethal pollutants like heavy metals, radioactive isotopes, and environmental toxins which can mutate your DNA, disrupt the function of your cells, and wreak havoc on your body. More than a dozen published studies demonstrate pectin's ability to cleanse your intestines.

But there's one small (or big) problem with pectin…

Pectin molecules are way TOO big…

Actually, pectin molecules aren't too big for your colon — but they're much too large to pass through the intestinal wall and into your bloodstream where the rest of your body can make use of them. This means fruit pectin in its natural state has little impact on the rest of your body. Its amazing healing properties remain an untapped resource outside the digestive tract.

But I have good news. After many years of research, a natural but microscopic (short chain) pectin powder called Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) was developed — molecularly much smaller than regular pectin. MCP yields a flood of previously unknown health benefits and new progress in the fight against cancer.

A deadly toxin in your body now has a new enemy

Pectin is known to bind with galectin-3 molecules in your body. You've probably never heard of them, but I guarantee you've experienced some of their deadly effects.

Galectin-3 plays a direct role in numerous life threatening diseases — metastatic cancer, for one. Excessive galectin-3 promotes inflammation, abnormal cell growth, tumors, and metastasis.

Modified Citrus Pectin is naturally attracted to galectin-3, binding and blocking it to prevent the growth and spread of cancer. In fact, MCP is the only known natural compound proven to block galectin-3 and prevent it from causing cancer and other deadly diseases.

Cancerous tumors are marked by uncontrolled growth and ability to spread aggressively and relentlessly (metastasis). Given the opportunity — and sufficient galectin-3 — they'll take over your whole body.

Galectin-3 promotes cancer three ways…

  • Allows cancer cells to attach to each other, forming clumps that get into your bloodstream and relocate to other parts of your body
  • Once they've formed a main tumor site, galectin-3 allows the cancer cells to combine, grow, and attach to new sites, forming secondary tumors
  • Galectin-3 nourishes malignant tumors, and stimulates new blood vessel growth even where there was none earlier. This proliferation of new blood vessels (called angiogenesis) feeds the tumor. Stopping angiogenesis is one of the holy grails of cancer treatment.

No wonder scientists were anxious to find a way to stop these vicious galectin-3s and disable their communication and nourishment pathways. And they found it in MCP.

First proven to fight prostate cancer…

In 1995, scientists conducted the first research on MCP as it affects the spread of prostate cancer in live subjects. The dramatic results were published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. They showed a 56 percent reduction in lung metastases.

That was promising enough to merit more study.

So seven patients with recurrent prostate cancer (even after therapy) were given 15 grams of MCP daily for a full year. The researchers measured what's called the PSA doubling time — a test that indicates the speed the cancer grows. It took PSA 30% longer to double in four of the seven patients, showing MCP had slowed the rate of cancer growth.

Then a study showed MCP promoted a cancer cell death rate of 76.9 to 80.7 percent — compared to just 3.8 percent in the control.

Finally in 2003, ten patients with advanced prostate cancer were given 15 grams of MCP daily for a year, similar to the earlier study. Eight of them showed a significant slowing in PSA doubling time.

Published research from Columbia University (2010) showed MCP inhibits cell proliferation and promotes programmed cell death in prostate cancer by disrupting the cellular signaling that helps cancer cells to spread.

Still, some scientists warn that MCP by itself isn't a prostate cancer cure. I agree. This is not a magic bullet. It's one tool in the arsenal of nutrients you can use to fight or prevent cancer. It could be a very valuable nutrient if you've been told you have prostate cancer and you've decided to take the "watchful waiting" approach. MCP can also be used as an adjunct to standard therapies such as chemotherapy.

It appears to fight other cancers as well.

New hope for other cancers

A 2002 mice study showed that Modified Citrus Pectin inhibited breast cancer growth. It achieved this result by blocking galectin-3. Earlier research supported the same conclusion.

Another study showed that MCP reduced metastasis from melanoma by an astounding 90% plus rate… confirmed by a follow up study two years later. Study authors attribute this to MCP's galectin-3 binding capabilities. I find that 90% figure astonishing and very exciting. MCP could be a valuable nutrient for people suffering from this extremely dangerous, aggressive cancer.

Then, a 2008 German study tracked a group of 49 patients with many kinds of cancer — colon, breast, lung, pancreatic, ovarian, throat, and others. These were late stage, advanced, mostly metastasized cancers. The patients had endured surgery, radiation, and chemo with nothing to show for it. But… 5 grams of MCP three times per day improved their quality of life and reduced pain for the majority of them. One prostate cancer patient saw his PSA go down 50% in just over 16 weeks. As I said: Not a magic bullet but a valuable aid, even for these people who had virtually hopeless cancer.

Best… these results were equivalent to and in some cases better than the results the patients got with chemo — and they didn't have to suffer the toxicity and side effects.

MCP fights Alzheimer's, too?

Scientists also discovered that Modified Citrus Pectin can safely and gently chelate (tightly bind and remove) heavy metals and toxins from your body.

Every day you're bombarded with mercury from dental fillings and seafood, aluminum from antiperspirants and foil, lead from old paint, coal power plant emissions, food, and water pipes, and more. It's nearly impossible to avoid them all. Heavy metals tend to accumulate in the body and to build to ever higher levels throughout your life.

As you probably know, these toxins can create a great many health complaints, including chronic pain, high blood pressure, neuro-degenerative diseases, and of course, cancer.

MCP is a negatively charged fiber chain stacked together with pockets similar to those in an egg carton. Heavy metals have a strong positive charge, attracting them to the MCP chains. The metal ions bind to these pockets, trapping, binding, and lifting them out of your system.

A tip to make chelation even better…

Taking it up a notch, MCP is even more effective in ushering metals out of your body when combined with alginates, from the seaweed kelp. MCP and kelp work synergistically to reduce heavy metals and prevent new absorption from your diet.

A clinical study in California involving MCP with alginates (kelp) showed that removing these heavy metals led to a reduction in many clinical symptoms. Five patients decreased their heavy metal levels by 74%... improving their clinical symptoms (PSA count, asthma, IBS, adrenal fatigue and depression).

They even used this at Chernobyl

Pectin's incredible effectiveness was first reported amid the horrible consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. It helped neutralize the effects of radiation poisoning in residents who lived near this nuclear plant when it melted down.

Pectin with kelp was a powerful antidote to the toxic radiation, binding to radioactive particles and removing them. When the radioactive fallout reached the food chain, the children with pectin in their diets had significantly fewer cases of thyroid cancer than those in other regions.

Importantly, the studies after Chernobyl showed that MCP chelation does not disturb your body's mineral balance, nor does it cause adverse side effects. This could make it superior to the EDTA or DMSA chemical chelation you may be familiar with. These drugs not only take toxic heavy metals out of your body, but also remove beneficial minerals like magnesium and chromium.

But that's not the end of the story…
Exciting new uses for MCP

Now MCP has moved way beyond cancer and heavy metal toxicity.

Studies show that galectin-3 is the underlying culprit in many chronic diseases linked to inflammation and fibrosis, including heart disease. Fibrosis occurs when an abnormal amount of scar tissue forms in an organ, as a result of inflammation, irritation, or other damage. It is a common factor in many chronic inflammatory diseases.

Scientists discovered that MCP interrupts deadly kidney fibrosis by binding to galectin-3 molecules, defeating inflammation and kidney fibrosis.

But galectin-3 also plays a role in the inflamed joints of rheumatoid arthritis. Another study showed that inflammation and bone erosion were slashed in mice with lower galectin-3 levels.

And there's more…

Diabetes is also linked to galectin-3 levels. As is liver fibrosis. Mice with lower galectin-3 levels had less liver inflammation and reduced fibrosis.

Modified Citrus Pectin may also provide important protection for your heart, by reducing inflammation and fibrosis. A study with mice found that when galectin-3 levels in their cardiac tissues were reduced, the animals suffered from less inflammation and fibrosis within their cardio system.

So, how do you know what your galectin-3 levels are?

This is the $64 million question -- and we actually have an answer.

Just last year, the FDA approved a blood serum galectin-3 test that's now available — and your insurance probably even covers it. This inexpensive tool can help assess your cardiovascular risk, and also your metastatic cancer risk.

Your normal range should be below15 ng/ml.

A powerful immune booster

Modified Citrus Pectin is one of the most proven natural cancer fighting nutrients available.

A 2010 study looked into MCP's immune-boosting properties. The researchers found that Modified Citrus Pectin activated T-cytotoxic, B and NK (natural killer) immune cells that are powerful agents against leukemia. NK cells play a major role in rejecting tumors infected by viruses. When MCP activated NK cells, they activated cancer cell death among chronic leukemia cells.

Newer studies show it to be valuable for inflammatory and fibrosis related conditions, due to its blocking effects on galectin-3.

But be forewarned… you need the right kind of MCP to be effective.

Want effective Modified Citrus Pectin?
Be sure it has these characteristics

You already know that Modified Citrus Pectin differs from plain old regular pectin because of the size of the molelcule, which impacts its bioavailability to your whole body.

But just how small does it need to be to give you the benefit you're looking for?

MCP's size is expressed in terms of molecular weight, in units called kilodaltons (kDa). The pectin you have in your kitchen or in fresh fruit ranges from 50 to 300 kDa — much too large for the whole-body benefits you want.

In modified form, MCP is available in pieces ranging from 3 to 15 kDa, the weight the scientific studies show to be effective and provide full benefits.

The other key factor is the degree of esterification — the measurement that dictates its unique ability to bind to galectin-3. If the esterification is too high, the pectin chains link together and stick to each other — instead of to the galectin-3 molecules.

The more bulky the MCP molecules, the less effective they are at deactivating galectin-3… and the less effective for stopping cancer, heart disease, and more.

Look for esterification of less than 10 percent.

MCP's disadvantages

While Modified Citrus Pectin certainly has a lot to commend it, I have to warn you it's pretty expensive.

The one developed by Dr. Isaac Eliaz — leader in the development of MCP — costs in the neighborhood of $100 for a one-month supply (lower if you're taking it for long-term maintenance at one third the amount).

In this issue (see the ad above) we have an MCP offer from one of our valued sponsors. They are offering the "high quality" MCP developed by Dr. Eliaz. I strongly urge you to take a look at this offer.

You can find it for less through some discounters. But you'll probably have to still budget around $75 per month.

However, I was unable to determine whether the products available through discounters fit the criteria mentioned above for highest efficacy. One brand did claim to be the same formulation. None of the others addressed the issue.

Modified Citrus Pectin is designed to be taken on an empty stomach 30 minutes before a meal, at the rate of 15 g per day. There are no known interactions (unless you're allergic to citrus!).

I think it's likely Modified Citrus Pectin will become popular as one of the most valuable nutrients in maintaining a long and healthy life. It's the only scientifically proven natural galectin-3 blocker… and is therefore critical in preventing and treating cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and fibrosis.

It's simple, easy, and something you can do at home (if you can afford it!) to promote your health.
Online Publishing and Marketing

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