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Saturday, December 10, 2011's Feature Body Transformation Cynthia G's Feature Body Transformation Cynthia G

Date Released: 12/12/2011
Press Release Image
Body Transformation: Cynthia Accepted A Competition Challenge There’s a bug that’s okay to catch. It’s called the competition bug. Learn how it helped Cynthia reach her fitness goals!

Vital Stats

Name: Cynthia Gonzales
Email: cynthiagonzales619(at)


Age: 30
Height: 5'2 1/2"
Weight: 135.5 lbs
Body Fat: 29%
Chest: 38.5"
Waist: 31.5"
Hips: 38"
Thighs: 21"
Calf: 15"
Arm: 11"


Age: 31
Height: 5'2 1/2"
Weight: 120 lbs
Body Fat: 12%
Chest: 35.5"
Waist: 26.75"
Hips: 35.5"
Thighs: 19.5"
Calf: 14.5"
Arm: 9.5"

Why I Got Started

I've been a track & field/cross country runner/competitor since the age of 4. I took it into my high school career where I did very well. I gave everything up to work 3 jobs to be able to provide for my family, having kids and being a single parent at a very young age, which was very tough to balance.

I let my job, relationships, and life just run me, and I lost myself somewhere along the lines which in turn reflected in my appearance. After losing my job of 10 years, I found myself trying to figure out what to do next. I did battle depression during this time which also contributed to the weight gain (max weight 175lbs).

After a few months I knew I had to figure out what I was going to do next with my life, my family and my job. I started doing what I knew how to do best and that was running, which is something I have always felt kept me balanced on and off. I have put 18 years worth of miles on these wheels, so getting back into it was like "riding a bike". My body responded very quickly and the more I saw changes the more I wanted to keep going, I started working out because it was time to get my body back!

How I Did It

In order to stay motivated, I started working out with friends and family. My friend Kerry started training with me after I challenged her, which helped her to lose over 40 lbs. My next challenge to her was to run a 5k...she did. When she was done she handed me an OXYGEN magazine and said "My challenge to you is to pick a competition!"

It was after June 25th 2010 where I saw my girlfriend from childhood Elena Andrade and my friend Raymond Querido compete in The West Coast Classic where I got the bug to get serious about competing. So I went for it. I competed in 5 competitions last year and placed 5th, 7th, 3rd, 7th, and 4th! I work with Kim Oddo, he is my Nutrionist/Trainer/Coach.
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