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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

The Rock Almighty. Fear? Come At Me Bro' & The types of courage


The types of courage

  • Author Stanley Ekure


Meaning of courage:

Courage is the ability to face a danger without fear. It is the ability to be able to handle any situation without feeling fearful. Courage is also having self confidence and believe in yourself that you can perform a tax you haven’t done before. A person with courage, will be able to speak fluently and boldly in any situation such person find them self. Courage is a virtue that improves one’s self confidence and remove fear, then such person can live a life of zeal and resilience. Without courage, it is impossible to speak in public and perform difficult tax without downgrading yourself. Furthermore, with courage it is possible to do something that was impossible for you to do—take David in the bible, who was able to kill a giant without stress. David was zealous and wanted to do anything to fulfill his goal, even if it kills him; and so he took up courage and went to the giant and killed it bravery and gallantry. Apart from the example of courage in the bible, some of our leaders of today still show and exhibit courage in various ways. from David’s example, you now know that with courage nothing is impossible. Another example in the bible was Moses when he went to meet the Pharaoh of Egypt and asked him to let the Israelites be free. The first disadvantage that Moses had was that he was a stammerer. Another was that pharaoh was a very fearful person and could kill Moses but despite all these he still took courage and went to him. All these stories, teaches us to always exercise courage.

Types of courage.

Courage are divided into six. However, I will be only looking at four types. The types are:

i. Physical Courage: To keep going with resiliency, balance and awareness. It is the ability to be stable and prowess in whatever problem you find yourself. It is also the ability to face any physical situation and fight for your right, and as well, the right of others. Physical courage is the most important type of courage since it makes you interact well with the physical environment, and challenging yourself to do better. For example: if you were asked to go for a race that required you to be physically fit, and you know that the people participating are people of letters that is people that have achieved so many things in their life and are still capable of achieving more. For you to win that race, you have to be physically courageous and train better than those people participating in the race. I would like to use David in the bible as an example because he did something that was said to be impossible by exercising physical courage; although, he was not fit for the profession. Another person who exercised bravery was Mary Slessor who left are own land to stop killing of twins in Calabar. What makes this so important was that she was not a citizen but was on a missionary work. Despite this, she still went to do the right thing without thinking they may kill her because she try to stop their custom. From these examples, you now see the importance of physical courage.

ii. Social Courage: To be yourself unapologetically. Social courage is the ability to relate well with anyone you meet without feeling less important, but being yourself. Lack of social courage will lead to anti-sociality which is a state whereby a person can relate with new people they meet and they act unfriendly. Most people with this condition, are always reserve and thinks their word is final and they know all . Furthermore, with social courage you will be able to speak in public without feeling nervous. However, people that lack social courage can in most cases be trusted because they are afraid of failing someone they don’t know, though this does not means that every reserve person is anti-social and can be trusted because some people have a tough personality.

iii. Moral Courage: Doing the right thing even when it’s uncomfortable or unpopular. This is the state of being right and just in your actions. A person who is morally courageous is said to have personal integrity, and will be respected by all. A person with moral courage will not follow what other people do even if they were to be killed; such person will always stand on what he/she know is right. An example in the bible was Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego. These people was said to have chose death over worshipping another God aside theirs. They refused to bow down to an image whom the people of that land worship as their God, and so they were thrown in to an hot blazing fire. However, they were saved by their God, and were delivered from the bondage. After this occurrence, it was said according to the bible that the people of that land began worshipping the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Apart from this people, there are other Christian missionaries that have refused to turn down their faith—this include Jesus Christ.

iv. Intellectual courage: Expanding our horizons, letting go of the familiar. It is about our willingness to learn, unlearn and relearn with an open and flexible mind. When one is intellectually courageous, they are ready to learn new things and take learning as fun not stress. Such person will be able to speak out what he as learned without thinking if he may be wrong—though, such person is still willing to learn new things. An intellectually courageous person, will be ready to take up any exam or test in other to keep improving themselves. A person that is intellectually courageous, is not afraid of failing, thus, such person is ready to peak up any tax in other to get what he/she want.

You now know how important courage is in the life of every one of us. most people who have been courageous in the life have had a good life an example is Nelson Mandela. keep reading articles of courage in other to motivate yourself.

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