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Monday, July 1, 2024

The Indoor Football League On US Sports: Quad City Steamwheelers at Massachusetts Pirates

 Bringing Week 15 to a close on Monday night, the Quad City Steamwheelers (6-6) face off against the Massachusetts Pirates (7-6) in a highly anticipated Eastern Conference matchup. Going into this game, the Pirates are in the third spot with Quad City closely behind in the fourth, as only the top four teams make it to the playoffs.

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5 Core Offensive Priniciples for a Winning Football Formula

  • By Keith Grabowski

When he was 26, Scotty Walden was the youngest head coach in college football.  Now at the ripe old age of 30, and the Head Coach of Austin Peay, he’s still one of the youngest D1 coaches in the country. 

We had the privilege of hosting Scotty Walden as a presenter at Lauren’s First and Goal. He discuss the evolution of his offensive principles, which have led them to three consecutive winning seasons and a conference championshiped them to three consecutive winning seasons and a conference championship. The energy and enthusiasm he has about the game is contagious!

The Five Core Offensive Principles

#1) Ball Security

The first and most important principle is ball security. It's crucial for players to understand that they must protect the football at all costs. Turning the ball over to the opposing team greatly increases their chances of winning, so ball security is paramount.

#2) Tempo

Playing at a fast pace is essential for a successful offense. The team trains to snap the ball every 12 seconds, ensuring that they can wear down the defense and maintain a high level of execution throughout the game. This requires a strong commitment to conditioning and practice, as well as a well-coordinated strength and conditioning program.

#3) Execution

The third principle is all about executing plays at an extremely high level. This means that the playbook must be comprehensive and adaptable, allowing for a wide range of plays to be called quickly and efficiently. The key is to make the game plan as simple as possible for the players while still being complex enough to challenge the opposing defense.

#4) Balance 

A balanced offense is one that can effectively run and pass the ball, regardless of the weather conditions or the specific opponent. This adaptability ensures that the offense can take advantage of any defensive weaknesses and keep the opposition guessing.

#5) Coaching with a Defensive Mindset

Finally, the team believes in coaching offense with a defensive mentality. This means that practices are intense and physical, with a focus on blocking, hard hits, and relentless effort. This approach instills a sense of toughness and determination in the players, preparing them for the challenges of game day.


Developing the RPO Football Game

Coach Walden has also heavily invested in developing their RPO game. Here’s a sneak peek at how they work Quick Side & Decide Side in RPOs and execution in a critical situation:


Coach Walden also talks about the execution of the RPO game and how to make sure your team is firing on game day in the video below.


There’s definitely some takeaways to help create  a championship-winning offensive system. Mastering the five core principles of ball security, tempo, execution, balance, and coaching with a defensive mindset can make a difference in any type of offense.

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