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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

US Sports Psyche: Get rid of the "If only" mindset


  • Author Robert Stewart

A lot of people wait for some circumstance change in their life before they will be happy as if their happiness is dependent on their circumstances. Happiness does not depend on your situation but rather is your attitude despite what is happening in your life.

Get rid of the "If only" mindset

Being the person you want to be is not a license to being happy. Unless you are happy with where you are at then you will not be happy once you acquire the thing which you thought you needed in order to be happy.

What I am saying is that joy does not come from external circumstances but rather from within.

Here is a list of stuff which people think you make them happy:

"If only I...

"Won the lottery."

"Got married."

"Owned a new car."

"Lived in a better house."

"Went for an overseas holiday."

"Owned the latest model smart phone."

"Lost a lot of weight."

Do you know what drives these wants?


Other people always seem to have what we want.

This leads some people to be resentful to those who they think have it all together.

The use of social media has enabled the sin of covetousness to flourish as so many young people display the best of their lives online.

Others see all this stuff on facebook and others have got the perfect life.

One can understand someone who feels that their life is not going the way they would like it to be but having a go at those who have what they desire is not going to improve your lot in life. On the contrary jealousy and covetousness are negative attitudes which repel the very thing you desire and that includes achieving your ideal weight goal.

My point is this. Be the best YOU can be within your capabilities and not focus on others.

"Your attitude belongs to you and you alone; nobody can make you have a bad attitude if you don't want one."-Joyce Meyer

Losing weight is a multi billion dollar per year industry so it is fairly safe to say that there is a lot of people who are prepared to pay a lot of money for products and services which will assist them to lose weight. Being content with who you are will go a long way to helping you become the person you desire to be.

That is not intended to be a contradiction or patronizing, but rather to encourage you to be the kind of person which others enjoy being around.

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