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Friday, October 7, 2022

US Sports Affiliate Partner Spotlight: BTCC


Founded in June 2011, BTCC is a cryptocurrency exchange based in London, UK. We are dedicated to making crypto trading reliable and accessible to everyone.

BTCC is a registered exchange in the UK. We also hold crypto licences in the US, Canada, and Europe. Over the past 11 years, BTCC has provided safe trading services with top-notch technology through the ups and downs of many market cycles. As the world's longest-running crypto exchange, BTCC has always put a strong emphasis on improving every aspect of trading, striving to create a fair trading atmosphere for all crypto lovers around the world.

With BTCC’s new app version 6.0.0, users will be able to experience a significant change in the app’s UI—a faster and more convenient deposit, withdrawal, and trading experience that is intuitive to the needs of crypto traders.

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BTCC, a mobile trading platform known for crypto futures trading, recently released a major app update to provide a simpler design for a more powerful trading experience.

Registration and withdrawals made easier and more secure

The most significant change lies in the registration process. The whole flow is redesigned with enhanced app interfaces for a smoother registration—users can apply security settings and complete KYC in one go after signing up for an account.

This new feature allows new joiners to secure their accounts with their email address and mobile number immediately after the sign-up process, allowing for better security which is vital in the crypto world. Users can also opt for Google Authenticator on the Security Settings page afterwards.

In addition, deposits and withdrawals are made available 24/7 in this upgrade, which means users can make a deposit and withdraw their earnings anytime, no matter where they are located.

What makes deposits and withdrawals even easier are the newly-added guides for beginners. Easy-to-view and designed just right for new users, the in-app manuals offer clear and direct instructions to ensure a safe and secure transaction of funds.

Improved app trading performance

The overall trading platform is enhanced, and a few bugs have been fixed. Features including a fully customisable favourites list and an expandable time chart are introduced in this version for a trader-friendly experience.

There are some minor updates to the app as well. Android users will be able to rate the app by using their new in-app Google Play review function. The home page is also redesigned to tailor to the individual user’s needs, i.e. new users can make their first deposit while existing users can access the trading market in one click on the home page.

BTCC’s updated features of a more intuitive app interface are part of the move towards a holistic and straightforward trading experience. With the mission of making crypto trading reliable and accessible to everyone, BTCC plans to introduce more new features and products in the coming months.

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