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Monday, November 2, 2020

US High School Football Presented by Game Planner Pro Featuring: A Package to Help You Win Mid to Late Season & 2020 IMG Academy Football (National) vs. Northwestern (Miami) (Full Game Replay)


A Package to Help You Win Mid to Late Season

  • By Coach Grabowski

With Digital Video, every team has the ability to study your offense, pinpoint your tendencies, and game plan to stop those plays.  

That doesn’t mean you abandon your offense, but it can mean that you can create a package to break tendencies, give them something that they haven’t prepared for, and put something on film that future opponents will have to take prep time away from their efforts in stopping your base offense.

In a perfect world, you started repping a package like that sometime in camp, waiting for the perfect time to pull it out.  Of course, there is nothing perfect about 2020, and we all know preparation time has been limited.

Well, look no further than one of America’s best high school coaches for the answer.  Kevin Kelley’s “Unstoppable Quads Package” provides you with the details and the fire power to attack the opponent’s defense with something they probably have one check for.

In the package Kelley includes Vertical corner, sprint flood combo, a high percentage clearing route, triple post as well as incorporation of RPO.  These are probably things you have somewhere in your offense.

Often times defenses don’t adjust which makes this package easier to move the ball with.  Coach Kelley gives you the game plan to what he feels are the toughest looks.

Of course the singled up backside receiver is available. Coach explains how to utilize this receiver as well explaining how the defense may adjust, which opens things up elsewhere.

Here are some of the highlights and purposes of why coach has built this package. In each play explanation, coach covers all the qb reads and objectives of the play.

Vertical Corner read

3rd and long and 4th and long application


Sprint flood combo 

Opens things up for short percentage short throws

3rd and 4th and short

Has shot potential

Can convert this play to an intermediate variation for 3rd and long

Good for red zone

High percentage clearing

Utilize the outside receiver

Great vs man coverage

Allows for variations for the Y

Isolates a key defender to put the offense 2 on 1

Great RAC opportunity

Triple Post

Run to spots to get a receiver open

Take a chunk out of the defense

RPO, Draws, Screen

Trap-Bubble RPO


For Coach Kelley, this isn’t something he drew up on the white board and is speculating it may work.  He has a large sample size having run this for decades, so when he calls it unstoppable, he's proven that. (Continued below.......)


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(.......Continued........)Coach goes through each concept on the whiteboard and then illustrates the plays on game video.

It was amazing to see the space that coach is able to open up with these plays.

Sure, you can sit around the office and draw a few things up, but having the details, examples, and film to study makes implementation so much easier and takes the guess work out. 

Get it here.

Good luck as the season rolls on!

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