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Thursday, November 5, 2020

(Do not)Be Afraid , (Do not) Be Very Afraid Take Matters Into Your Own Hands Presented on US Sports Net By Tactical P.E.

(Do not)Be Afraid , (Do not) Be Very Afraid Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

Author Mark Mills

Be safe on the streets. Americans are scared to walk the streets

in front of their homes. Americans are angry because

violent criminals are being let back out on the streets so they

can kill, rape, or steal again.

In america statistics are: one murder every 22 minutes,

one rape every 5 minutes, and one robbery every 49 seconds.

These numbers are astounding and we need to start to take action

against these criminals. Some neighborhoods are setting up

crime watch programs which have been a major deterrent to crime

in many areas. Don't be afraid to write down license numbers

or use your video camera if you see something you feel is wrong.

Individuals are arming themselves with non-lethal personal

safety devices such as pepper sprays, stun guns, and personal

alarms. These products are cheap and offer excellent protection

against an attacker. Pepper sprays (OC-oleoresin capsicum)

is an inflammatory agent made up of natural chemicals, a

derivative of various hot peppers.

When a person is sprayed with OC pepper spray two things

happen instantly. First the persons eyes clamp shut. If they

do get their eyes open they still can't see because the OC

dilates the capallaries and causes temporary blindness. Second

an immediate fit of uncontrollable coughing and difficulty

breathing. Its like being hit with a flame thrower, instant


Stun guns are electronic devices that disable an attacker

with very high volts of pulsed electric current. When used

correctly stun guns are effective in disabling a large man in

seconds and putting him on the ground for 30 minutes or more.

Stun guns are not actually guns. They have two electrodes

that protrude from the end of the device which when pressed

against an assailant and the trigger pulled a pulsed current

causes muscles to work fast, depleting them of needed blood

sugars. The process takes a few seconds and is very painful.

Once the attacker is hit with the high voltage the muscles

refuse to work and he is disabled.

As effective as stun guns are they have one disadvantage.

They must be touching the assailant to be effective. This

means you (the victim) must be close to the attacker. This is a

reason some choose pepper sprays because you can be 6 to 15

feet from your attacker.

Despite the one disadvantage of the stun gun many people

prefer them because they are more comfortable using a device

with such power. Also, the sound of a stun gun being discharged

is very intimidating and will sometimes be enough to scare

off an attacker.

Personal alarms are electronic or aerosol devices that

produce an extremely loud, high-pitched sound. The alarm


an assailant and makes him fearful of attracting attention. This

noise is usually enough to stop most street attacks.

Electronic alarms are activated by either pulling a pin or

pushing a button. They emit an annoying 105 to 130 decibel

siren-like sound. Listening to the alarm for more than a few

seconds is extremely uncomfortable.

The obvious disadvantage of an alarm is it is incapable of

disabling an assailant. The point is that the victim armed

only with a personal alarm really has no control over the


Personal alarms are worthwhile particularly when used with

a controlling device like a pepper spray or a stun gun. If

the alarm doesn't scare off the attacker then the use of an

alternative product will have to be used.

In conclusion these products (pepper sprays, stun guns, and

personal alarms) allow an individual to have some control

over their own life and well being. They enable people to

protect themselves and their families in threatening situations.



MHM Safety and Surveillance Co.

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