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Thursday, September 28, 2017

The importance of stretching before a run.

Don't get caught without a proper warm-up Athletes and Warriors! 
All US Sports Online Strength and Conditioning Client programs include proper warm up and post workout stretches for maximum benefit and performance. So read on my flexible Soldiers of Fitness!

It's always a good idea to begin any aerobic workout, especially a run, with a light bout of walking or light jogging to allow muscles, tendons and other tissues to warm up gradually. Some fitness experts believe that's all you need to do to prepare for a workout--that stretching serves no useful purpose. However, limited joint mobility can predispose you to injury and taking a few minutes to increase flexibility in muscle groups that might be overused cannot hurt. In fact, Research by Peter and Lorna Francis support the use of appropriate flexibility exercise before and after a walking or jogging workout.
There are several types of stretching but they can be placed into two main categories: passive stretching and active stretching. During a passive stretch, the elastic components of the muscle are usually relaxed, and the portion of muscle most likely to be loaded is the connective tissue. The static stretch method is an excellent example of passive stretching. Active stretching has greater effects on the elastic components of the joints. It requires muscle contraction through a range of motion and prepares the muscles, tendons and joints for the functional activities at hand.
Regardless of which stretch you choose to use resist the temptation to rush through the stretching phase of your warm up. Stretches performed improperly and in haste are of little value.

Triathlon Program

The 12-Week Triathlon Programs focus on developing muscular endurance and strength. The program begins with lower weights and higher repetitions to create a solid conditioning base for the muscles. Then, a transition from this conditioning base into strength by using heavier weights and less reps as the weeks progress will occur. It is ideal to take 48 hours of rest between each weight training session. However, if scheduling makes this hard to do then simply choose the Consecutive Day Plan. With these Triathlon Programs, training with any combination of days is easy!

Throughout the length of the Triathlon Programs, the manipulation of the sets and repetitions for each exercise will be based on periodization concepts that involve changing the intensity and the volume of the workouts.

The starting point of the program is based on an initial fitness level. With feedback, the actual progression of the program will follow the body's unique adaptation process to exercise. Fine tune the program to include all the exercises that feel the best.

Select a Program

3 Day Triathlon Program
View a Sample Workout of this Program (Below)
3 Day Triathlon Program - Consecutive Day Plan
View a Sample Workout of this Program (Ask me to see a sample)
Week 1 - Day 1 (Monday) Your Sample ProgramWeek Difficulty: Medium
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Click on an Exercise Name to view a description of that exercise 
Exercise Descriptions are Available to Fully Registered Clients. Click Here, Fill Out the Fitness Profile Form To Get Started Today!

SelectExercise NameSet and Rep Combinations
Warmup and Stretch
8 minutes 
Leg Press (45 Degree)
20 reps @ 280 lbs,20 reps @ 280 lbs 
Machine Leg Extensions
20 reps @ 75 lbs,15 reps @ 80 lbs 
Machine Leg Curl
20 reps @ 60 lbs,15 reps @ 70 lbs 
Med Ball Overhead Throw (kneeling)
12 reps,8 reps 
Med Ball Side Throw (standing)
12 reps,8 reps 
Dumbbell Bench Press
15 reps @ 45 lbs,15 reps @ 40 lbs 
Dumbbell Military Press
15 reps @ 30 lbs,15 reps @ 25 lbs 
Dumbbell Lateral Raise
15 reps @ 15 lbs,10 reps @ 14 lbs 
Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise
15 reps @ 12 lbs,10 reps @ 11 lbs 
Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension
20 reps @ 15 lbs,15 reps @ 15 lbs,
10 reps @ 15 lbs 
Seated Toe Press
20 reps @ 50 lbs,15 reps @ 55 lbs 
Hanging Bent Knee Leg Raises
18 reps,18 reps 
Theraball Cable Rope Crunches
15 reps @ 40 lbs,10 reps @ 35 lbs 
Cross Crunches
26 reps,26 reps 
Please consult a physician before engaging in any exercise or fitness program. 
Click here to get your custom program today!

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