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Friday, January 17, 2014

Yummy, gluten free snack recipe (how-to video)

These Real Healthy Granola Bars are my favorite snack food recipe!
It can be difficult to find a truly healthy, gluten-free snack to take on-the-go. Most of the 'healthy' gluten-free snacks you find at the store are filled with refined cane sugar - which sets you up for a big sugar spike and then that dreaded energy crash.
That's why I created a wholesome, at-home recipe for baking cane-sugar free granola bars that are packed with nutritious ingredients. 
The grain-free ingredients in my Real Healthy Granola Bar Recipe are:
1)    Almond Butter - this nutritious, creamy ingredient helps to stick the bar together and adds flavor and tenderness to the texture.
2)    Unsweetened Coconut Flakes - whenever you purchase coconut flakes be sure to get the unsweetened ones. Coconut flakes have their own natural sweetness and really don't need added sugar.
3)    Pumpkin Seeds - these tasty and nutritious seeds add texture and antioxidants to the mix.
4)    Sliced Almonds - I really like the addition of sliced almonds because it mimics the size and texture of the oats in traditional granola bars. While oats are often thought of as a health food, this refined grain is filled with 48 carbohydrates per raw cup compared to 20 carbohydrates per cup of sliced almonds.
5)    Roasted Sun Flower Seeds - these crunchy, tasty seeds are filled with vitamin E, which protects your body against free radicals.
6)    Mini Soy-Free, Diary-Free Chocolate Chips - the addition of tiny dots of chocolate really brings up the yumminess-factor of these granola bars! If you prefer a more bitter-sweet flavor, then feel free to chop dark chocolate (73% cocoa content) and use that in place of the chocolate chips.
I've posted a video for you, showing exactly how to make these tasty granola bars, along with the typed instructions for the recipe.

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