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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cancer remedy heals brain injuries, even dementia

Cancer Defeated Publications

The cancer remedy that can
even heal brain injuries

This is the second of two reports about the Doctors' Symposium of the Cancer Control Society, September 3, 2013, Sheraton Universal Hotel, Universal City, California.
by Andrew Scholberg

    Author Archie Scott astonished the audience in his speech about "DMSO: The Latest Update on a Proven Therapy." DMSO has long been a favorite therapy of alternative/holistic/integrative cancer doctors because it calms inflammation, gobbles up free radicals, and boosts the effect of cancer-killing therapies such as high-dose vitamin C and laetrile.

    In fact, one of Mexico's top cancer doctors, Gilberto Alvarez, M.D., used only those three therapies -- DMSO, laetrile, and vitamin C -- to cure the inoperable, terminal cancer of a two-year-old toddler from Pittsburgh, Jeremy Snyder, nearly 30 years ago. Jeremy not only survived, but grew up, graduated from college and is now married.

Continued below...

Why are these doctors
canceling colonoscopies?
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    This video is not for the faint of heart--but if you're over 50, and especially if you're over 65--this is new information could save your life.

    Scott did admit there's one problem with DMSO: the smell. As you may know, DMSO makes people smell like garlic. There's no way of getting around that, but chlorophyll can reduce the smell. Parsley may also help.

    Most importantly, a temporary smell is only a small disadvantage for something that can help save your life. (For those who really can't tolerate the garlic smell after using DMSO, another substance known as MSM offers similar benefits without the smell. MSM, however, isn't as powerful as DMSO.)

    Scott is convinced that every cancer patient should be on DMSO, period -- even patients who choose conventional treatment. A Russian study found that 25 cancer patients who took DMSO before chemotherapy and radiation avoided nausea and internal burns, in contrast to a control group of 25 others who didn't take DMSO before chemo and radiation.
Near-miraculous reversal of brain damage
    Incredible as it sounds, Scott claimed that DMSO even repairs DNA double-strand breaks. And he added that DMSO is being used as the principal therapy to reverse the brain damage suffered by retired professional football players after scores of minor brain traumas suffered in practice and during games. One retired football player said after his first DMSO treatment: "This is the best I've felt in years." According to Scott, that was 10 months ago. "Now he has no sign of any brain damage."

    Scott said that anyone who suffers brain trauma or a stroke should get DMSO as soon as possible to soothe and repair the damage right away. A lady in Eugene, Oregon, had been in a coma for three months when her husband started giving her DMSO. She snapped out of the coma, left the convalescent hospital, and went home.

    Three years later, Scott visited her and found that she was back to doing her normal household duties. She still had a slight speech impediment, but she had a sharper memory than her husband, who'd never had a stroke. Scott asserted, "We can practically eliminate Alzheimer's disease with DMSO. Anybody can use it."

    How do you take DMSO? Holistic doctors give it intravenously, but you can put a half teaspoon of DMSO in a glass of water and drink it. You can also apply DMSO on the skin, but Scott said that "90 percent is the highest concentration you should use for topical use."

    Regarding topical use, Frank Cousineau, the president of the Cancer Control Society, gave this caution: "Don't put on polyester clothing after applying DMSO to your skin." Frank added that if a loved one is unable to take DMSO by mouth, it can be poured over the loved one's head. "Instruct your family members how to pour DMSO over your head," he recommended.

    Where do you get DMSO? Apparently, it's available at feed stores. Frank Cousineau said DMSO comes from two sources: petroleum and wood. He recommended DMSO from wood only. He said people should avoid DMSO from petroleum because it can cause nausea.

    Archie Scott describes himself as a "DMSO Specialist" and has a website at He has provided consulting services on the use of DMSO to many doctors and hospitals in the course of the last 40 years.
Cancer Defeated Publications
"X-rated" diagnostic therapy beats mammograms
    Ironically, mammograms increase the chance of breast cancer because of the trauma to the breast. Dr. Vicki Hufnagle, M.D., presented a safe diagnostic alternative to mammograms that gives a very early warning of atypical pre-cancerous cells long before these cells turn into a cancerous lesion. It's called HALO.

    What does the HALO machine do? Dr. Hufnagle said it collects the nipple aspirate fluid lining the breast ducts. The machine does this by sucking the breast, which is why she calls it "X-rated." She said, "You put the machine on, it takes five minutes, and the fluid is sent to the pathologist for assessment." It doesn't hurt at all because lidocaine spray is applied to the nipple before the test, eliminating any discomfort. Unlike a mammogram, this procedure doesn't traumatize the breast.

    Only a slight amount of fluid is needed: just enough to smear across a slide to be examined. If the test comes up completely dry, that means it's even less likely that any cancer is starting to develop, according to Dr. Hufnagle.

    But mammograms will likely remain the standard diagnostic tool because physicians normally buy mammogram machines on the installment plan and need to sell mammograms to meet their monthly payments.
Some cancer patients need meat!
    You may have heard that a vegetarian diet cures or prevents cancer. That's not so, according to Dr. Amin Nezami, M.D., of the Pacific Medical Center of Hope in Fresno, California.

    Dr. Nezami told the audience, "A vegetarian diet doesn't cure or prevent cancer. Some cancer patients improve on a vegetarian diet. Some should avoid a vegetarian diet. One size doesn't fit all. Nutrition is important, but it has to be customized."

    In fact, Dr. Nezami believes just about everything in cancer treatment needs to be customized, including DMSO, high dose vitamin C, and low-dose chemo. To find out how much of these substances is optimal, Dr. Nezami tests the patient's genes with epigenetics. Epigenetics involves gene expression — and what influences it -- as opposed to actual changes in the DNA. The result of this testing is a new method of treating cancer that Dr. Nezami calls Multi-Molecular Targeted Epigenetic Therapy (MTET).

    Surprisingly, Dr. Nezami said that iron-deficient cancer patients should avoid iron. Even if the cancer patient is anemic from iron deficiency, he said that adding iron is the worst thing you could do because iron promotes angiogenesis, the formation of blood vessels that help feed cancer tumors.

    If a cancer patient has too much iron, it's not necessary to donate blood or to go to a doctor for a phlebotomy (blood-letting). Dr. Gary Gordon, M.D. of Arizona pointed out that vitamin C, Wobenzyme (a proteolytic enzyme manufactured in Germany), and EDTA can overcome iron overload.

    Dr. Nezami usually sees cancer patients after conventional cancer therapy has failed and their immune systems have been damaged from the harsh chemotherapy and radiation. His treatments also include hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He has some impressive video testimonials from cancer patients on his website.
The hidden culprit in cancer deaths: copper
    Helayne Waldman, the author of The Whole Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors, addressed the audience on nutritional testing. She said one thing doctors should look at is the patient's level of copper because too much copper -- like too much iron -- promotes angiogenesis, which feeds tumors. If a patient's copper level is too high, she said it can be brought down with a chelating agent called TM, a treatment that has taken some Stage Four cancer patients into long-term remission.

    Most often, cancer patients suffer from deficiencies in minerals they need to be healthy. For example, Waldman said zinc and magnesium are two incredibly critical anti-cancer minerals: "Magnesium is my favorite mineral in the world. It's responsible for several hundred enzyme processes. It affects the permeability of cell membranes. Without this permeability, nutrients can't get in, and waste can't get out. Cellular health is critical to a healthy body. Magnesium also helps remove heavy metals. Stress depletes magnesium."

    Waldman said iodine is especially important for breast health, and she gives patients a urine test to measure iodine levels. One of the most important things cancer patients should get tested is the level of inflammation. Inflammation can be addressed with natural substances such as turmeric, ginger, and fish oil.

    Waldman has no difficulty interpreting the various tests and giving patients a nutritional roadmap to better health, but she can't order certain tests because she's not a physician. She partners with physicians for the benefit of patients.

    She recommends avoiding GMO (genetically modified organism) foods such as corn, soy, canola, and sugar beets, which have become ubiquitous in the food supply. Waldman said, for example, that 95 percent of sugar beets are genetically modified. Sugar from GM sugar beets is "frankensugar, which is even worse than sugar," she said. For that reason, cane sugar is better than beet sugar.

    Waldman warned against eating animals that were fed an unnatural diet. For example, she said a cow that eats soy is a frankencow. A farm-raised fish that eats soy is a frankenfish.

    To improve her patients' colon health, she strongly recommends eating fermented foods such as raw sauerkraut, which are jam-packed with healthy, beneficial bacteria. "You can't get enough fermented foods. Otherwise, go on probiotics," she advised.

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