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Sunday, October 20, 2013

A cancer cure from the sea

Cancer Defeated Publications

Could This Cancer Cure from the Sea
Save Thousands of Lives Each Year?

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, lung cancer kills more Americans than any other type of cancer.

    In the year 2009, it claimed about 158,081 lives. Those unfortunate victims probably didn't know about one of Mother Nature's top-notch cancer killers. Laboratory research indicates that a plant chemical found in certain types of seaweed could have the right stuff to clobber lung cancer cells. Keep reading...

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    It's called fucoidan and is found in edible brown seaweeds such as bladder wrack, kombu and wakame.

    Oriental medicine has a long history of using these plants for curing ailments. Now it appears that Western scientists have discovered their healing value, too.

    Researchers began investigating the health effects of fucoidan in 1970. Since then, the positive benefits have been confirmed by more than 700 studies published in the National Library of Medicine's database.

    For example, laboratory studies have shown that fucoidan can…
Stop cancer cells dead in their tracks!
    Scientific studies have confirmed that fucoidan has anticancer agents that mount a two-pronged approach against cancer cells.

    In one study1, scientists determined that fucoidan stopped the migration of existing lung cancer cells before they invade other parts of your body. Study authors reported that, depending on the dose, fucoidan inhibited cell migration by anywhere from 25 percent to as much as 57 percent after 48 hours.

    They also found that if cancer cells did migrate—fucoidan formed a protective barrier to help healthy cells fight off the corrupting cancer cells.

    But fucoidan provides another form of protection against lung cancer when it…
Causes cancer cells to commit hari-kari!
    Studies have also shown that anticancer agents in fucoidan cause certain types of rapidly growing cancer cells to explode. This natural process of apoptosis is the mechanism your body uses to purge harmful cells from your system. It appears that fucoidan acts like a fuse that sets off the explosion.

    Researchers at Dalian Medical University in China2 mentioned that this reaction has been observed in breast, liver and lung cancer cells as well as in leukemia cells.

    Not only does fucoidan send cancer cells running for cover—but it also has other health-preserving benefits.

    Studies have also demonstrated that this simple seaweed component...
Helps keep your heart beating longer and stronger!
    If you're concerned about keeping your cardiovascular system healthy—fucoidan may be just the thing for you.

    Researchers have found that fucoidan stops smooth muscle cells from increasing rapidly3. This can be especially important for preventing blocked arteries in heart patients who've had stents inserted.

    One study4 confirmed this effect when investigators gave rabbits intramuscular and intravenous injections of fucoidan.

    In another study5 using lamb hearts, researchers deliberately induced heart damage through oxygen deprivation. After exposing some of the lamb hearts to fucoidan, they noticed three improvements:
  1. Better recovery of left ventricular function,
  2. Increased coronary blood flow, and
  3. Improved myocardial oxygen consumption after ischemia
    How does fucoidan manage to do all this? One study6 showed that fucoidan blocks cell receptors called selectins. These receptors help white blood cells (leukocytes) stick to capillary walls. When this sticking occurs, it can cause tissue damage and ultimately cause your arteries to harden.

    By blocking selectin, fucoidan stops leukocytes from migrating to blood vessel walls to cause heart damage.

    Fucoidan also acts as a natural blood thinner, which also could explain its ability to protect your heart… blood vessels… and other vital organs.

    The anti-cancer and heart healthy benefits of fucoidan provide plenty of proof that this is a first-class health healer. But on top of this, fucoidan has also been shown to…
Stamp out killer viruses!
    Fucoidan doesn't cringe when facing nasty viruses. In vitro and animal studies7 show it goes to work on coated viruses such as herpes and HIV.

    It even put the brakes on a type of herpes virus called human cytomegalovirus that can lead to blindness and deadly pneumonia if your immune system is compromised.

    Experiments suggest that fucoidan gives viruses a one-two punch by inhibiting:
  • The initial stages of viral infection, such as attaching to and penetrating host cells, and
  • The later replication stages after virus penetration.
    Fucoidan's ability to inhibit the herpes virus may explain why Japan has a much lower incidence of herpes simplex virus type 2 infections, compared with the west.

    The Japanese diet features a variety of dishes made from fish, rice, the soybean paste miso and seaweeds. Because the Japanese bulk up on these foods, perhaps they enjoy a greater level of protection!

    Before you chalk it up to coincidence—consider that in the Japanese island of Okinawa, residents enjoy low blood cholesterol levels, little to no heart disease and rarely die by stroke or cancer.

    Both scientific and anecdotal evidence seem to point to the fucoidan in seaweed as a simple and nutritious solution to preventing or healing a wide variety of health problems.

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