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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

eFax®: Top 5 Reasons to use eFax® for Business Communications

As you are well aware, online faxing is a much easier and efficient way of faxing these days. What you might not be so privy to is that online faxing can be a much safer way to share important business documents than other forms of communication. Here are the top five reasons to use eFax® for business communications: 
  1. Virus Threats: Faxes are delivered as a Portable Document Formats (PDF), which unlike emails are less likely to harbor viruses.
  2. Spam Filters: Faxes do not get blocked like emails by spam filters.
  3. Data Privacy and Encryption: Faxes are natively encrypted and can't be hacked or decoded. Emails on the other hand can be intercepted and read if not encrypted.
  4. Legal Acceptance: Email and file attachments can be great for every day communication but are not generally accepted for legal documentation because attached files do not provide a time-stamped image of a document.
  5. Flexibility with File Size: It is easier to send large files through online fax than email because online fax dos not fall under any file size caps put in place by email hosts.
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