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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Sports Conditioning Quandry?

I was faced with a very interesting case. I just finished constructing a initial 12 week strength and conditioning program (on the US Sports Online Strength and Conditioning System) for a gentleman in Ireland who plays Rugby, but at the same time in less than a month needs to improve his speed and stamina as he is vying for a position at his local Fire Department.

Here in 'these here parts' Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, and Rajon Rondo, might be considered the most significant athletes in the eyes of the public; but I consider any public servant whose athletic ability, strength, endurance and other factors that have a say in the saving of someone's life much more important. It required some thought and talking to the Big Man through prayer.

The answer became quite simple. I suggested to him that we put him on what is generally called the 3 Day Armed Forces PFT Program This is a program designed to help members of the Military ace there Personal Fitness Tests required of most officers. Also included in the program is speed, agility, quickness, balance, and reaction training that will translate nicely onto the Rugby field as well.

So the morale of the story my strength minions is that whether you are pro or a weekend warrior there are ways to approach your program that can help you not only become a better athlete; but a better public servant. In later entries I will give you updates on how our Rugby/Firefighter is speeding towards success!

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