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Friday, June 11, 2010

Climb The Agility Ladder For 'Cat Like' Change Of Direction

Watching these amazing athletes that are soccer players during the first day of the World Cup, I can't help but think: "The way they are able to go full speed and stop on a dime, they must do agility ladder drills like it's second nature." Well having trained many a soccer player at many a level I already knew that to be true.

The agility ladder drills can be applied to many sports and the routines can vary. Even though a good 30-60 second routine can be tough and taxing, there is an element of fun that can be incorporated. Really even though I have heard many a theory the agility ladder has its roots in the kids game hopscotch. Incorporate some jumps, hops, spins, and even sprints into your routine to mimic the action that you will using it for. The agility ladder, rings or even a square drawn out on the street with chalk, should be a staple of your speed, agility, and quickness workout.

Which finally brings me to tonight's sample from the US Sports Online Strength and Conditioning System:
#1831 Zigzag in ladder
Speed and Agility (ladder)
Exercise Description:
Zigzag in Ladder
Speed and Agility (ladder)
1. Start by standing with the Ladder to your right and cross over with your left foot into the first square.
2. Step with your right foot behind your left foot so that it lands into the first square.
3. Then step back out of the Ladder with your left foot to land outside the second square.
4. Repeat according to the desired repetitions.
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