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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Doctor gets fired for recommending good nutrition

Who’d have Thought
You Could Get Fired for Telling
People to Eat Healthy?

We’ve often told our readers that a doctor can lose his license for recommending alternative cancer treatments, or virtually any natural treatment. I personally know of at least four cases of doctors who were arrested and tried for practicing natural medicine in the United States.
One went to jail, one saw his internationally famous clinic closed down, and two of them got off after spending a huge amount of money on legal bills. And I know a fifth doctor who was not arrested but was hauled before his medical board and had his license taken away.
Now a doctor just wrote to tell me he got fired for the same “offense.” It makes for interesting reading, especially if you STILL think “my doctor would tell me about alternative treatments if they really worked.” That might be true if your doctor is also planning to go into another line of work. Keep reading. . .
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Hidden Constipation Syndrome --
Have You Got It?
    A recent study reports that more than half of patients – 62 percent – have colons plugged up with layers of filthy, decayed fecal matter. . .
. . .even though 80 percent had bowel movements every day without straining!
Colon autopsies show it and now studies have proven it. Even if you have a regular, daily bowel movement, you may possibly have pounds of hardened, toxic, bacteria-laden waste matter stuck in your intestines!
Breakthrough study results from the prestigious Department of Organ Surgery and Gastroenterological Clinic in Elsinore, Denmark, reveal that millions of people unknowingly have these large “fecal reservoirs” – which back up your entire colon and rectum.
And no synthetic laxatives or enemas can get this toxic, rotting mess out of you!
Click here for a FREE REPORT on how you can get rid of this deadly threat to your health and well being.
Cancer Defeated Publications
To protect his privacy, we’ll call him “Doctor M.” He was a radiologist who performed mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies, and other diagnostic procedures.
Breast radiologists like Dr. M interpret these body images to diagnose and treat medical conditions. You can imagine that he had many opportunities to deliver both good and bad news about what he saw.
Dr. M felt that an important part of his professional responsibility was to give sound advice on preventive strategies to help reduce his patients’ risk for breast cancer.
He found some great websites that he was eager to share with patients—and that’s what he did on a regular basis.
But his fellow practitioners didn’t agree…
Dr. M said other clinicians objected to his sharing tips on nutrition and supplements to help battle breast cancer. They often felt uncomfortable when patients asked questions based on information Dr. M shared with them.
 And then there's the fact that if people listened to his advice and tried some of the cancer-prevention strategies…
…the medical establishment might not have as many cancer victims to slash, poison and burn with their traditional treatments!
So how do you solve a problem like Dr M? You FIRE him!
Take a look at some of the ‘subversive’
information he was spreading…
By now you must be wondering, “What on earth was Dr. M telling people?”
For starters, he was telling them about iodine. This nutrient is found in abundance in the ocean. But it’s not as plentiful in the soil that grows most of the foods we eat.
Many people know that an iodine deficiency can produce thyroid problems. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends 165 mg of iodine to prevent thyroid cancer in the event of a radiation emergency.
But you might not know it can play a key role in maintaining healthy breasts too.
Breast tissue and breast milk actually have higher concentrations of iodine than your thyroid. This is because iodine is critical for the healthy development of a newborn infant’s brain.
Little wonder that several scientific studies have shown iodine helps prevent or treat breast cancer. If you’d like to see the full story on this, check out Issue #9.
In one study, scientists found iodine actually deactivates genes that promote cancer—and turns on genes that promote cancer cell apoptosis (natural cell death).
Iodine also helps regulate your cortisone levels and normalize your immune system. When cortisol levels are out of whack—you may face a higher risk of breast cancer and fibrocystic breast disease.
But the cancer industry would prefer that you not know any of this since they can’t patent iodine. And remember…
Dr. M even told patients how to find out
which foods Influence breast cancer risk
—for better or worse
This rogue radiologist even went as far as sharing a website that, by its own admission, contains:
“…information on how various foods and other factors affect breast cancer risk, prevention and prognosis. The findings are drawn exclusively from scientific studies and updated as new research becomes available.”
The site is called Food for Breast Cancer ( Its goal is to provide information that helps breast cancer patients, those at risk of breast cancer, and survivors prevent and reverse this terrifying disease.
This site even provides articles on what to eat based on a specific type of breast cancer you may be battling. I guess Doctor M’s colleagues were shocked that he’d steer patients to articles like these listed on the site:
What should breast cancer patients and survivors eat during tamoxifen treatment?
What should triple negative breast cancer patients and survivors eat?
Does Type 2 diabetes increase the risk of breast cancer?
Red wine: Should breast cancer patients and those at high risk drink it?
By searching this site, I found out which oils and condiments made the list of recommended foods.
I even learned why avocados and papayas made the list of foods to avoid.
But I think the most shocking thing I saw were the links to dozens of scientific studies to support these food recommendations! My, that Dr. M. had a nerve!
Dr. M’s colleagues thought he was out of line to share this information with people who were seeking solutions for a possible cancer diagnosis.
But Dr. M didn’t stop there. He also told patients about…
The organization that wants people to
Dr. M found a ton of helpful information made available by the Life Extension Foundation (LEF) ( This nonprofit, tax-exempt organization says its goal is to conquer the aging process within the next decade.
That sounds ambitious, but LEF appears to be well on the way, offering a vast collection of information on nutrition, vitamins and supplements to address many of the diseases that wreck people’s health. I buy quite of few of their products myself and I’m a fan of their excellent magazine.
Their website includes discussions on the pros and cons of traditional cancer therapies as well as complementary alternative cancer therapies.
In their discussion on “Cancer Adjuvant Therapy,” LEF cites a survey from The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center stating that of the 99.3% of patients who’d heard of complementary medicine, about 75% (i.e. nearly all of them) wanted more information about these options.
And about one-half of those participating in the survey wanted the information to come from their own physician!
We can only hope that Dr. M’s former colleagues bend to the will of the people and begin to provide this helpful advice. Had they done so sooner—they would still have the talented and idealistic Dr. M to help them out!

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

UDC Women's Lacrosse Announces Inaugural 2014 Schedule; Site of Home Games Moved to Georgetown

February 4, 2014

UDC Women’s Lacrosse Announces Inaugural 2014 Schedule; Site of Home Games Moved to Georgetown

WASHINGTON, DC – Head coach Melynda Brown announced the inaugural University of the District of Columbia women's lacrosse team's 2014 schedule on Tuesday, February 4th. The Firebirds will host four home games which will be played off-campus at Georgetown University Multi-Sport Field.
UDC will play its first game in program history on March 6th on the road at Wilmington University (DE). The Wildcats, who compete in the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACCC), were 4-13 overall last season but closed out the season with two wins, during which they outscored their opponents by a combined margin of 40-18.
The Firebirds then enter into East Coast Conference play with another road game at Queens on March 8th. After a 12-day rest, District of Columbia will host the program's first ever home game on March 20th vs. last year's ECC runner-up, Dowling.
UDC's next three games are on the road at ECC foes Mercy (March 28th), St. Thomas Aquinas (April 4th) and Roberts Wesleyan (April 6th). Following those three games, they host two consecutive games in the nation's capital vs. non-conference opponent, Georgian Court (April 10th) and league-opponent Molloy (April 13th).
On April 19th, the Firebirds will visit the two-time reigning NCAA Division II National Champions, LIU Post. The Pioneers were a perfect 20-0 last season (7-0 ECC) and are ranked No. 1 in the IWLCA Division II Pre-season Poll.
Brown's squad will then visit non-conference opponent Shepherd on April 26th and close out the season at home the following day vs. ECC foe Bridgeport.
For directions to Georgetown's Multi-Sport Field, visit here.

Bulldogs Head Coach Darrell Brooks Selected CIAA Coach of the Week for the Third Time

HAMPTON, Va. - For the third time this season, Bowie State University head men's basketball coach Darrell Brooks has been selected as the CIAA Coach of the Week by the conference Sports Information Directors. Brooks and his Bulldogs seem to have found the needed chemistry, moving into sole possession of first place in the North after huge road wins at Virginia State and Elizabeth City State. Bowie State is currently on a four-game winning streak and will host Lincoln University in nationally televised game on Saturday (February 8th). Tip-off is set for 4 pm in BSU's (Leonidas S. James Complex) A.C. Jordan Arena.

This week in Bowie State U Athletics

This Week in Bowie State Athletics
For complete team schedules, visit

Friday, February 7
Bowling at CIAA Round-Up (Hosted by Johnson C. Smith University)
Charlotte, NC

Track and Field at New Balance Invitational – All Day
New York City, NY

Saturday, February 8
Track and Field at New Balance Invitational – All Day
New York City, NY

Bowling at CIAA Round-Up (Hosted by Johnson C. Smith University)
Charlotte, NC

Basketball* hosts Lincoln University – Women @ 1 pm / Men @ 4 pm (TV Game)
Bowie, MD – Leonidas S. James Complex (A.C. Jordan Arena)
*Alumni Day and HIV Awareness Day
            *$5 Admission for all BSU Alumni w/Valid Alumni Card

WOMEN’S LIVE STATS                  MEN’S LIVE STATS             TICKETS

Sunday, February 9
Bowling at CIAA Round-Up (Hosted by Johnson C. Smith University)
Charlotte, NC

Your support of Bowie State University athletics is greatly appreciated … Have a wonderful week.

Gregory C. Goings
Bowie State Sports Information
Division II SIDA President
Office: (301) 860-3574

Follow Bowie State Athletics on Twitter at!/BSU_Sports_Info

Monday, February 3, 2014

Seven Reasons You Can Still Have Fun Exercising in the Rain

Wet-Weather Exercise Secrets
(Prevention, Aug 1999) � Don't let showers stop your program -- it's only water!
  1. Wear garments that breathe. A plastic slicker may keep the rain out, but you'll get steamy on the inside.
  2. Stick to asphalt and concrete, but avoid the painted lines on roads; they can sometimes be slicker than the road surface. Keep off slippery wet grass too.
  3. Choose leather walking shoes. They resist water better than cloth or nylon mesh. (Also, rippled soles give you better traction.)
  4. Wear bright clothing. You'll be more visible to drivers on rainy days.
  5. Use a hat or visor with a large brim to keep rain off your face. If you're still getting pelted, carry an umbrella: You can still get a brisk walk even if you aren't swinging your arms fully. And walking with an umbrella, no matter how it may slow you, is better than watching TV!
  6. Step around puddles. It may seem obvious, but for walkers who keep to a straight course, standing water may be deeper than it looks.
  7. Stuff your wet walking shoes with newspaper or paper towels to speed drying.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

How chemo causes cancer to grow

More Evidence that Chemo
Makes Cancer Worse

What if the very thing the big-money-medical system developed to stop cancer is actually the thing that fuels its growth?
It’s mind-boggling but true: New bombshell evidence from the prestigious science journal Nature Medicine in the U.K. shows that chemotherapy is not just ineffective, but very likely causes cancer cells to grow and spread. This news is a catastrophe for cancer patients who rely on conventional treatments...
Continued below…

These Doctors Were Forced to Admit
This “Crazy” Treatment Plan Works
    Rev. Cobus Rudolph’s doctor told him, “Congratulations! You’re cancer free!” That was six months after the same doctor had told him his case was hopeless and he should prepare to die. Rev. Rudolph saved his own life, at home, thank to a book by cancer expert Ty Bollinger.
Richard Wiebe’s doctor told him, “You’re a miracle from God!” Just a year earlier the same doctor told Richard he’d be dead in six months from terminal brain cancer. Richard treated himself with the tips and secrets Ty Bollinger recommends.
Kevin Irish’s doctor was shocked. He asked Kevin, “Are you the terminal patient I saw two months ago? You look great!” Kevin saved his own life when he found Ty Bollinger’s book on the Internet and started following the advice.
Frank Woll’s doctor was stubborn: “Well, I know the cancer is here somewhere!” But the doctor couldn’t find Frank’s cancer with a magnifying glass. Only a month earlier, the same doctor had told Frank they’d have to cut off half his ear and part of his neck!
These four men got TOTALLY WELL with Ty Bollinger’s secrets. Now, Cancer Defeated is proud to publish them in a new Special Report. Click here and discover an effective, cheap, at-home plan to get rid of almost any cancer in one month.

Three strikes against it,
Why isn’t chemo out?
Here’s what we know for sure about chemo: Its goal is to kill cancer cells, but it can’t do that without traumatizing normal, healthy cells. That’s why chemo is so hard on the body—it damages the good along with the bad.
Unlike local treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy that act only in one area of the body, chemotherapy is typically a systemic treatment because it travels throughout the body to reach cancer cells wherever they’re located.
Efficacy rates for chemo aren’t that impressive, but side effects are practically guaranteed, numerous, and severe. They range from nausea and other gastrointestinal issues to severe loss of appetite, hair loss, fever, infertility, heart and kidney problems, nerve damage, lung tissue damage, and death. Some chemotherapy drugs actually list “death” as a side effect.
Over a hundred different chemotherapy drugs and drug combinations are used to treat cancer, backed by a drug industry that pulls in billions of dollars a year.
According to Medical Alerts put out by the Johns Hopkins Medical System, one in five cancer patients under 65 years of age delay treatment because of the high cost (65 being the magic age when you qualify for Medicare).
Given the high cost and the serious side effects, chemotherapy is far from ideal. It might be worth it if the success rates were more impressive, but they aren’t – especially for late-stage cancer.
But now this? The possibility that chemotherapy not only doesn’t work well … but actually grows cancer cells? It’s a wonder anybody still bothers with it.
Why chemo promotes cancer growth
and resistance to therapy
Here’s what the study in Nature Medicine says: Once started, chemotherapy makes it harder to stamp out cancer than it would have been if you’d never begun treatment at all.
Up till now, most folks thought chemotherapy drugs were supposed to damage quickly-dividing cancer cells so those cells stop dividing and taking over the patient’s body. And it’s well known that, as part of the chemo process, healthy cells also get damaged. But because healthy cells divide less frequently than do cancer cells, they are thought to suffer less damage.
But here’s where it gets interesting. According to this study, the healthy cells that are damaged often include a type of cell called a fibroblast. Once damaged, the fibroblasts then begin to play a significant role in promoting cancer growth in the area around the tumor, called the tumor’s microenvironment.
The damaged fibroblasts do this by ramping up their transcription of RNA coding for the protein WNT16B by up to 64-fold. This particular protein is a signaling molecule. Oddly enough, this signaling molecule plays a role in the development of cancer (also called oncogenesis).
So when healthy cells produce WNT16B and release it into extracellular fluid, it has a strange effect on the tumor microenvironment. You can think of the microenvironment as the tumor’s neighborhood. The WNT16B proteins “activate” the Wnt signaling pathway. In turn, this promotes cell growth for any cancer cells in the area. So those cancer cells grow and flourish, and they do it with a renewed resistance to chemo.
The study was conducted by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle in conjunction with several other research centers. They found this elevation of WNT16B transcriptions in the stroma (supportive tissue) of prostate, breast, and ovarian cancers that were treated with chemotherapy.
When these same researchers examined prostate cancer patients who received neoadjuvant chemotherapy (treatment given before primary therapy), they found higher post-therapy levels of WNT16B in the tumor microenvironment. In turn, these patients showed an increased chance of cancer relapse.
So chemo doesn’t work… “let’s keep trying it!”
At a minimum, these tests underscore the fact that substances released into the tumor environment by nonmalignant cells have the power to influence cancer growth. They can also affect cancer invasiveness and response to chemotherapy. This helps explain why it’s a nearly universal problem that patients with solid tumors, especially those tumors that have spread throughout the body, become totally resistant to chemo.
What’s even more annoying is that some scientists interpret this study as a way to understand cancer drug resistance and solve it. Rather than seeing chemotherapy as an ultimate failure, they look at its tendency to cause cancer as a problem to be solved on the way to making it work.
Specifically, they want to find a way to block the work of those fibroblasts that crank out the WNT16B protein.
Scientists behind the therapies claim that the real problem with chemotherapy is that the necessary dose to wipe out cancer is lethal to the patient. They claim to be able to “cure” just about any kind of cancer in a petri dish, but can’t replicate those results in humans because the lethal doses required kill a patient’s healthy cells and, if pushed far enough, the patient. Scientists keep looking for a way around this by strategizing more ways to target specific cells with chemo.
Underscores the value of proven
natural treatments, don’t you think?
Here’s the thing. People are not petri dishes full of cancer cell cultures. They’re composed mostly of healthy cells (one hopes). Chemotherapy merely sets up a race to see if all a patient’s cancer cells can be killed off before the patient dies of the collateral damage to his healthy cells. Quite a few patients lose the race. And nearly ALL late-stage patients lose the race.
Conventional scientists, mostly funded by drug companies, put much of their energy into figuring out chemo resistant cancer cells instead of working with compounds that have proven themselves against cancer and are harmless toward normal cells.
They also put a great deal of their energy into researching “targeted” drug therapies that interrupt cancer at the molecular level. Such drugs, if successful, WOULD kill only cancer cells while doing no harm to healthy cells. It sounds like a great idea, and Big Science puts out a steady stream of press releases about progress on this front.
Unfortunately, this strategy is also doomed to failure, because cancer cells mutate very rapidly and adapt quickly to almost any targeted drug. The cancer cells we’re fighting now aren’t the same as the cancer cells we were fighting ten years ago. And as far as that goes, the cancer cells a cancer patient is fighting in his last days of life aren’t the same as those he or she was fighting when first diagnosed. That’s how fast cancer cells change.
For these reasons, most of the billions of dollars spent on cancer research are wasted. The entire thrust of their efforts is misguided and hopelessly off the mark.
Imagine if even ten percent of that money was used to explore the many herbs and alternative treatments we already know hold promise.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bowie State 66 - Elizabeth City State 65 (MEN'S Bb FINAL)

Golladay Layup Lifts Bulldogs to Thrilling 66-65 Victory at Elizabeth City State

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. – Senior David Golladay (Upper Marlboro Md.), scored on wide open layup with eight seconds remaining to lift Bowie State to a thrilling 66-65 division road win at Elizabeth City State. The Bulldogs improves its CIAA record to 5-6 (4-1 North) and set their season mark at 11-11.

Senior Ray Gatling tied his career-high of 26 points to lead the Bulldogs in scoring. Golladay finished with 12 (10 in the second half) to go along with four rebounds and three assists.

The Bulldogs went into halftime with a 34-31 lead using a first half shooting percentage of 52.2 percent. Bowie State made 12-of-23 field goals, which included 4-of-8 beyond the arc and converted 6-of-11 first period free throws.

Elizabeth City State (10-10, 5-5 CIAA, 2-2 North) shot well from the field in the first half as well, making 12-of-24 (50 percent) that included 4-of-7 behind the 3-point line. The Vikings shot 75 percent from the charity stripe (3-of-4) over the first 20 minutes of action.

The Vikings were led by Jeremy Basnight with 13 points while Miykael Faulcon along with Darrell Ward contributed 12 and 11 points respectively.

Bowie State began the second half with an 11-4 run to take a 45-35 lead with just over 15 remaining in the second half.

Elizabeth City State narrowed their deficit to 51-48 on a DeCarlos Anderson layup and a triple by Jeremy Basnight made it a one point game at the 9:50 media timeout. Basnight tied the contest at 51-all after making one of two free throws.

A Dominique Byrd free throw gave the Vikings their first lead (52-51) since the 9:35 of the first half.

A pair of Gatling free throws shifted the advantage back over to the Bulldogs at 55-54 with 5:46 left in the game. Back-to-back field goals by Golladay gave Bowie State a 59-55 lead at the final media timeout.

A free throw and layup by Ward cut the Bowie State lead down to one at 59-58 with 2:19 to go. The Bulldogs and Vikings traded 3-pointers on their next respective possessions followed by a pair of free throws by Ward made it a one-point game again with Bowie State leading 64-63 with 1:06 on the clock.

ECSU’s Faulcon drilled a jumper with 17 seconds remaining to shift the advantage over to the home team at 65-64.

Following a Bowie State timeout, Gatling found an open Golladay in the corner nearest the Bulldogs bench. At that point, Golladay found no defenders in sight, a clear path to the basket and the winning bucket. 

The Bulldogs return to action on Saturday (2/4), playing host to Lincoln in a key CIAA Northern Division matchup. Tip-off is set for 4 pm and will be nationally televised from BSU’s A.C. Jordan Arena.

Bowie State vs Elizabeth City State (2/1/14 at RL Vaughan Center-Elizabeth City,NC)

Official Basketball Box Score


Official Basketball Box Score
Bowie State vs Elizabeth City State
2/1/14 5:00 pm at RL Vaughan Center-Elizabeth City,NC

VISITORS: Bowie State 11-11,CIAA 5-6
                          TOT-FG  3-PT         REBOUNDS
## Player Name            FG-FGA FG-FGA FT-FTA OF DE TOT PF  TP  A TO BLK S MIN
01 GATLING,Ray......... *  9-15   4-7    4-7    1  2  3   2  26  2  4  0  0  37
04 KNOX,Cameron........    1-1    0-0    1-2    0  0  0   1   3  0  2  0  0   9
10 JACKSON,Andre.......    2-7    1-4    0-0    1  3  4   3   5  0  1  1  1  21
15 FREEMAN,Brian.......    1-1    0-0    2-4    0  2  2   1   4  0  3  0  0  13
20 SMITH,Carlos........ *  2-4    1-3    1-2    0  4  4   3   6  2  3  1  1  26
21 WILLIAMS,Zafir...... *  1-4    0-1    1-4    0  1  1   0   3  4  1  0  5  33
22 BECK,Justin.........    1-3    0-1    1-1    0  2  2   3   3  0  1  0  1  22
31 GOLLADAY,David...... *  6-10   0-0    0-0    3  1  4   1  12  3  1  0  0  17
34 CLEMMONS,Joel....... *  2-3    0-0    0-0    1  2  3   5   4  1  1  0  2  22
   TEAM................                         2  1  3
   Totals..............   25-48   6-16  10-20   8 18 26  19  66 12 17  2 10 200

TOTAL FG% 1st Half: 12-23 52.2%   2nd Half: 13-25 52.0%   Game: 52.1%  DEADB
3-Pt. FG% 1st Half:  4-8  50.0%   2nd Half:  2-8  25.0%   Game: 37.5%   REBS
F Throw % 1st Half:  6-11 54.5%   2nd Half:  4-9  44.4%   Game: 50.0%    5

HOME TEAM: Elizabeth City State 10-10, CIAA 5-5
                          TOT-FG  3-PT         REBOUNDS
## Player Name            FG-FGA FG-FGA FT-FTA OF DE TOT PF  TP  A TO BLK S MIN
01 GRIFFIN,Brachon.....    1-3    1-1    0-0    0  0  0   2   3  0  1  0  1  14
02 PATTERSON,Glenn..... *  2-2    1-1    0-0    0  1  1   2   5  3  3  0  2  20
05 SHAW,Kareem.........    0-1    0-0    0-0    1  1  2   0   0  2  0  0  3  10
15 BARBER,Shaquil...... *  2-6    0-0    0-0    1  2  3   1   4  2  2  0  0  18
20 WARD,Darrell........    3-3    0-0    5-5    0  3  3   1  11  1  1  0  1  24
21 BYRD,Dominique...... *  0-1    0-0    3-7    0  5  5   3   3  2  3  0  1  28
22 ANDERSON,DeCarlos...    2-6    1-4    3-4    0  0  0   4   8  4  1  0  1  18
30 FAULCON,Miykael..... *  5-7    2-3    0-0    0  0  0   3  12  0  0  0  0  11
31 WILSON,Nathaniel....    0-1    0-0    0-0    0  0  0   0   0  0  0  0  0   4
32 ALEXANDER,LaShawn... *  2-5    0-0    2-5    2  5  7   2   6  0  4  1  0  28
40 BASNIGHT,Jeremy.....    5-10   2-5    1-2    2  2  4   3  13  0  3  0  1  25
   TEAM................                         4  1  5             1
   Totals..............   22-45   7-14  14-23  10 20 30  21  65 14 19  1 10 200

TOTAL FG% 1st Half: 12-24 50.0%   2nd Half: 10-21 47.6%   Game: 48.9%  DEADB
3-Pt. FG% 1st Half:  4-7  57.1%   2nd Half:  3-7  42.9%   Game: 50.0%   REBS
F Throw % 1st Half:  3-4  75.0%   2nd Half: 11-19 57.9%   Game: 60.9%    4

Lady Bulldogs Down Elizabeth City State Lady Vikings 65-55

ELIZABETH CITY STATE, N.C. – The Bowie State women’s basketball team picked up a good CIAA division victory on Saturdayafternoon, defeating Elizabeth City State 65-55. With the win, the Lady Bulldogs improve their overall record to 8-11, 3-8 CIAA and 2-3 in the North.

Junior Ashley Castle (Brooklyn, N.Y.) paced Bowie State in scoring with a game-high 17 points. Junior Donia Naylor (Washington, D.C.) and graduate student Brooke Miles (Upper Marlboro, Md.) added 11 points each in the win. Miles was the leading rebounder for the Lady Bulldogs with nine.

The first half of play featured a half dozen ties and lead changes. Bowie State trailed Elizabeth City State 27-25 at intermission. Elizabeth City State’s largest first half lead was six (11-5) and Bowie State’s largest first half advantage was three (24-21).

Miles led the Lady Bulldogs with eight first half points and Naylor contributed seven, D.C.). As a team, Bowie State made just 9-of-31 first half field goals (29 percent) which included 4-of-13 beyond the 3-point line.

Jasmine Boyd was the top scorer for the Lady Vikings in the first half with 10 points. Elizabeth City State shot 40 percent from the field (10-of-25) in the first 20 minutes.

Bowie State opened the second half with an 8-0 run before ECSU’s Jadda Jefferies made one of two free throws to stop the run.

Jeffries knocked down her second 3-pointer of the afternoon with 13:03 remaining in the second half to pull the Lady Vikings within one at 37-36.

A layup by BSU junior Ashley Castle (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 41-36 gave the Lady Bulldogs a little breathing room and pushed the lead to 47-41 with 5:27 to play on a baseline jumper by junior Jasmine McIntosh (Bowie, Md).

The Lady Vikings were able to close the gap down to two (48-46), but a 6-0 run was all the momentum Bowie State would need to finish the game.

Four Lady Vikings’ players, Boyd, Jefferies, DaShera Boone and Chelsey Davis scored 11 points respectively. Davis grabbed a team-high nine rebounds and Boone pulled down seven.

Elizabeth City State (5-14, 2-8 CIAA, 2-2 North) had trouble shooting the ball in the second half, making only 8-of-31 (25.8 percent) compared to 15-of-25 (56 percent) for Bowie State.

The Lady Bulldogs will be idle until Saturday (2/8) when they host Lincoln at 1 pm in Bowie State’s A.C. Jordan Arena.