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Sunday, June 2, 2024

Sunday Sermon Featuring: Dr. Myles Munroe speaks on Homosexuality and other vices in our society

In Touch MinistriesMunroe Global Media

A Mosaic of Faith
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Focus determines the trajectory of the mind and heart. So turn your eyes toward Jesus.
Hebrews 12:1-3
Mosaics are among the oldest and most beautiful forms of art. The process involves arranging glass tiles or small pieces of stone to create pictures or patterns. Some of these are quite elaborate, and to take in the full image, we must stand back and observe from a distance. If we step closer, we’ll instead see the individual glass or stone components. In other words, where we fix our eyes determines what we see.

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Consequences are more important than its decisions.
Very brilliant teaching from Dr. Myles Munroe about some teachings we find difficult to discuss in our churches nowadays. How do we discuss teachings like Marijuana usage, homosexuality, racism, prejudice, etc., in our present-day society?
Sit back to learn from this teaching and understand, most importantly, that life is indeed not a game that laws and principles can play with.
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