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Saturday, October 30, 2021

500 Rep Challenge: Arms | Joe Andrews and 4 Exercises For Bigger And Stronger Arms Using Pull Up Bar

 👉🏼 4x10 - each arm!

Standing Dumbbell Over Head Extension: 👉🏼 4x10 - heavy! Cable Reverse Curl: 👉🏼 4x15! Tricep Cable Underhand Pulldown: 👉🏼 4x15! Straight Bar Curl: 👉🏼 4x12/15! Unilateral Cable Kickbacks: 👉🏼 4x25! Standing Single Arm Cable Crucifix Curl: 👉🏼 4x10 - each arm! Seated Bench Dips: 👉🏼 2x50! Follow Joe Andrews: Instagram: ► BodyFit Training Programs: ► Shop Bodybuilding Signature Supplements:

4 Exercises For Bigger And Stronger Arms Using Pull Up Bar

  • Author Anh Bui

Do you want to build those awesome big biceps? If your answer is yes, then you are in the correct place! We’ve limited it down to main 4 practice varieties for your most amazing outcome!

There are many people who think that biceps are directly targeted by the curls and the heavy weights. And body weight exercises like the chin up is an indirect method to hit your biceps and triceps. But it isn’t the case. As it has far more effect than could meet your eyes. Here are some of the moves that target tons of your arms muscle fibers and you will see that your arms pick up that attractive shape that you’ll always wanted.

To get the most out of your chin ups, you need to concentrate on the negative portion of the activity and perform it gradually and intentionally. Negative chin ups are the piece of the movement where you bring down your body and your muscles extend. Slower developments put more strain on your muscles, they likewise prompt more noteworthy muscle development. Ensure you keep up an appropriate shape all through the activity and adjust the activity to your wellness level to maintain a distance from any kind of damage.


This workout combines pulling movements with various varieties of grips and a bit of directional change to hit every area of your arms. . Do each activity consecutively, then rest for 2 to 3 minutes, and finish four aggregate rounds.

Weighted Chinups, 6 reps

Take 3 seconds to bring down your body and 1 second to draw yourself up. To include weight, secure a plate to a weight belt, or utilize a weighted vest.

V-Grip Pulldowns, 12 reps

Connect a V-hold connection to the lat pull down station. Sit at the station with your middle almost upright and your arms straight. Get a handle on the handles with your palms confronting each other. Without moving your middle, pull the bar to your trunk, keeping your elbows near your body. Take 1 second to pull the weight and 3 seconds to return it to the position in the beginning.

Commando Pull ups 6 reps

Pull ups done with a wider, overhand grip work your biceps a little less than chin ups. Hence, it’s suggested that you do the commando pull ups where you do an overhand grasp with one hand and underhand hold with the other. Be mindful so as to do an equivalent number of reps while rotating the underhand and overhand grasp between hands to keep away from uneven muscle improvement.

Once more, attempt and concentrate on the descending bit of the development, performing it gradually, for best outcomes. Likewise with jaw ups, venturing up onto a case or a stool will help you do this.

Inclined Pull ups 12 reps:

The inclined pull up is a extraordinary exercise since it works the biceps and enables you to effortlessly alter it to your wellness level, by lifting or bringing down the bar level or the tallness at which you position your feet. Also, it puts no weight on your lower back so it’s an incredible contrasting option to a portion of alternate activities out there (simply ensure you keep legitimate frame all through the development!). On the off chance that you don’t have a bar near to, you can utilize the edge of a table to bolster yourself, the length of it doesn’t move and is sufficiently secure to bolster your weight without breaking.

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