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Friday, August 20, 2021

Personal prophecy and prophetic counseling


  • Author Wayne Sutton

A Short Outline For The Discipline Of Christian Organizations And Programs And Its Aims.

by Wayne Sutton

Life Coaching and counseling to individuals is still popular today, and it is a very good cause!

Many people are in the stage of their life where they can realize the gaps and needs, and are looking for people who are able to help lead and guide them to secure areas of life.

Now there are many types of life coaching available and the investment in coaching and prophetic counseling can vary as much. Some life coaches are licensed therapists, psychologists, etc. and can offer life coaching as a sideline to their regular career. Meanwhile, some life coaches are experienced ministers and spiritual leaders, and their practice is based on biblical teachings and/or spiritual guidance to guide people in their path of change.

For example, our work is based on the prophetic leadership as part of our Life Coaching program. Using the traditional model of life coaching and Christian counseling, and also heavily relying on the guidance and the teachings of the Bible's prophetic insights and guidance, we specialize in personal life points. Although not as popular as the traditional therapy or counseling, Christian prophetic counseling and advice is highly specialized and personalized to the client.

Life coaching in this method will usually require constant feedback from the client, prayer for and over the client, as well as client assignments. Then as the person begins to see changes in their life and circumstances, they can determine whether to continue with life coaching on a continuous basis, or just periodically counsel with a coach in order to "tune-up" certain areas of their life.

Another advantage that we have with our age of technology is the ability to efficiently communicate by telephone and internet. Life coaching can be done privately by personalized telephone sessions, conference calls, and then followed up by e-mail. If you have any desires for life coaching or counseling, then check out our ministry at or one of the many other ministries that provide life coaching.

A deeper connection with the spiritual element of your nature is possible through personal prophecy and prayer. If you need a prophetic word for counseling or comfort, check out the web pages.

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