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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Police Activity On US Sports Net Presented By Tactical P.E. Featuring: Raleigh Police Bodycam Video From Shooting Of Officer & Armed Robbery Suspect

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** Raleigh, North Carolina — The Raleigh Police Department on Wednesday released panoramic, body camera, and dash camera footage from responding officers to the May 13, 2020 officer-involved shooting following the armed robbery of a BP gas station.

 The individual who was shot has been identified as 24-year-old David Tylek Atkinson. Based upon the information currently available to the Department, a preliminary review of the incident provides the following: 

 At approximately 7:18 p.m., on May 13, 2020, an individual called 911 to report that the convenience store located at 2120 New Bern Avenue was being robbed and the clerk was being held at gunpoint. The suspect in this robbery was later identified as Mr. Atkinson. Several officers who were nearby responded to that location. Moments before the first officer arrived, Mr. Atkinson fled the store on foot, heading east toward Farris Court. Senior Officer S.M. Pekich and Senior Officer M.P. Brown, who were in full uniform and riding in a marked patrol vehicle together, were nearby and responded to the call of the armed robbery. As they drove down New Bern Avenue, they were directed to Farris Court by the first officer at the scene of the robbery via police radio. As Officers Pekich and Brown turned onto Farris Court, they were further pointed in the direction of the robbery suspect. Officer Brown saw someone who matched Mr. Atkinson's description in the parking lot. 

Officer Brown got out of the passenger side of the patrol vehicle and ran toward where he had last seen Mr. Atkinson. At the same time, Officer Pekich got out of the patrol vehicle and began to speak with a bystander. Officer Brown saw Mr. Atkinson standing at the rear corner of a white SUV in the parking lot located in the 100 block of Farris Court. Mr. Atkinson drew his weapon and fired at Officer Brown, striking him in the chest. The bullet was stopped by Officer Brown's ballistic vest. Officer Brown, knowing Mr. Atkinson had just shot him, drew his service weapon and returned fire. Mr. Atkinson ran across the parking lot, still pointing the firearm at Officer Brown. Officer Pekich, who was still near the patrol vehicle at the edge of the parking lot talking to the bystander, heard the exchange of gunfire. Officer Pekich recognized that the shots had come from two different weapons. 

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 He then saw Mr. Atkinson running across the parking lot while Officer Brown was pursuing him with his gun pointed at Mr. Atkinson. Officer Pekich fired at Mr. Atkinson, who continued to run from both officers. Officer Brown fired his weapon again and Mr. Atkinson fell to the ground, dropping the handgun as well as the stolen money and merchandise he had been carrying. Officer Pekich secured Mr. Atkinson and called for an ambulance. Officer Brown told dispatch and arriving officers that he had been shot. He then got into a nearby patrol vehicle and was driven to WakeMed, where he was treated and later released. Officers who remained at the scene provided first aid to Mr. Atkinson until an ambulance arrived. Mr. Atkinson was transported via ambulance to WakeMed, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

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