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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Destroy cancer naturally in 40 days

Cancer Defeated Publications

Destroy Cancer Naturally in 40 Days

    Ancient Chinese medicine is bringing renewed hope to cancer sufferers, all thanks to an herb called thunder god vine. For starters, this herb may make it possible to purge tumors from the body without resorting to chemotherapy or other intense interventions.

    On top of that, early evidence shows thunder god vine could be particularly effective in hindering the growth of pancreatic, colorectal, and ovarian cancers, among others.

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The One Word every cancer patient must know
    Your doctor's reading the results, you know it's the worst news, and you snap out of it just in time to hear him say...

    "I'm going to recommend an aggressive chemotherapy regimen."

    That's when you say one word that sucks the air out of the entire doctor's office.

    It's a new cancer therapy that doctors are whispering about behind closed doors...and doctors will be stunned you know about it.

    $4 billion has already been spent researching it--making it one of the largest research initiatives in medical history.

    And the results are powerful--Tumor shrinkage in 86% of lung cancer patients.

    Once "incurable" brain tumors put on hold. And these revelations are already rushing 374 clinical trials into hospitals.

    But you can't call this new hope therapy "aggressive" like chemo, because there is no poison, there are no toxins.

    In fact, this therapy could have you alive and thriving.
Cancer Defeated Publications
    Find out the one word that will have your doctor asking, "how did you hear about this?"

How this natural remedy quickly slays cancer
    The thunder god vine (Tripterygium wilfordii) is native to Japan, Korea, and China. For more than 400 years, those cultures have celebrated the healing properties of the plant, which include anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive benefits.

    The vine itself is a handsome perennial plant with small, white flowers. To get to the healing compounds, extracts are prepared from the skinned root of the thunder god vine. The leaves, flowers, and skin of the root are intensely poisonous and can cause death if eaten.

    Known as "lei gong teng" in Mandarin, this plant's skinned root has an uncanny ability to stop cancer in its tracks after as little as forty days of use. The speed and efficiency with which it appears to destroy tumors has stunned Western researchers.

    The healing secret of thunder god vine lies in triptolide, an active compound with anti-cancer properties. Heavy doses of this compound are responsible for the vine's therapeutic success. Triptolide appears to work by halting the production of RNA in cancerous cells, meaning the cancer cannot spread.
Researchers were shocked
by its cancer-killing power
    At the University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center, researchers were shocked to find how effectively thunder god vine reduced the incidence of tumors in mice. Even after other treatments were stopped, thunder god vine appeared to fully eliminate the tumors.

    Similar results were found at the John Hopkins School of Medicine, where extracts of thunder god vine were used to eliminate tumors. A professor involved in the research reported that even small extracts of the plant appeared to be effective in halting growth of all 60 of the cancer cell lines tested, and that in some cases the cell lines completely died off.

    Because early studies with mice appear so promising, human clinical trials are expected to begin in the near future. Clinical trials in pancreatic cancer, known for being a virtual death sentence, will likely begin first.

    The only known downside is that side effects can be severe. They include a loss of bone density, infertility problems, hair loss, menstrual changes, and headache. Gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea, indigestion, and nausea have also been reported. Some of those side effects sound serious, and I would like to know more.

    For this reason, the treatment should be used under the guidance of a qualified practitioner, and unfortunately I can give you no guidance on finding one. I hope that some of the cancer doctors who read this publication will see this article and consider incorporating thunder god vine into their protocols. For now, a qualified practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine would be the most likely source of knowledge and clinical experience with actual patients.

    If you're in the U.S., it can be a challenge to get consistent, high-quality thunder god vine products. You may be able to get them directly from China, but be warned there's no process for verifying their safety or efficacy.
Harness the power of this herb
while you can still get it cheap
    Along with being such a potent cancer-killer, early evidence shows autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and multiple sclerosis also respond well to treatment with thunder god vine. It's a potential wonder drug.

    All this is terrific news, as is the fact that thunder god vine treatment is quite inexpensive. But be warned, with big dollars being poured into research on this herb, somebody down the line will undoubtedly come up with a triptolide drug that requires FDA approval and can be protected by patent. Needless to say, that means this low-cost, extremely effective treatment will be turned into an expensive merger between greed and healthcare.

    The unpatented herb will still be available (I hope), but patients will be under pressure to use the pharmaceutical version.

    In fact, the researchers from the University of Minnesota have already isolated a highly water-soluble form of triptolide and dubbed it minnelide, a combo-word of Minnesota and triptolide. They are in talks with the Food and Drug Administration and are currently preparing to launch a Phase I trial.

    Meanwhile, let's hope research on the natural form continues and an increasing number of doctors and patients begin to try it, thereby adding to our knowledge of this exciting discovery (and its side effects).

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