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Sunday, May 5, 2013

This biological "cop" arrests cancer cells

Cancer Defeated Publications

This Biological "Cop" Makes
Cancer Cells Show their ID

    Cancer cells are masters of disguise. That's one of their greatest strengths, and one reason the disease is so hard to beat. Cancer cells can hide themselves from the body's built-in immune cells that target and kill "bad cells".

    But now you can give your body a secret weapon that strips away a cancer cell's disguise and allows your own immune cells to wipe it out.

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This Cancer Cure Video Circled
the Globe in 31 Minutes
    Every 60 seconds someone dies from cancer -- and every 3 minutes, someone new is diagnosed with cancer. That someone could even be you.

    If you know anyone who's suffering from cancer, you *must* watch this 5-minute video. This is the video that the pharmaceutical industry doesn't want you to watch.

    When this video was first put online, it was viewed by 129,000 people within 31 minutes. Send the link to everyone who has cancer. You might even end up saving someone's life. Watch the video now here.

    Studies have shown that a potent natural compound is effective against a wide variety of cancers including, breast, colorectal and skin cancers. You can safely use it while receiving chemotherapy. So if you want to combine conventional treatments and alternatives, this one is especially good to know.

    It may also be a good supplement for preventing cancer. It makes sense, but researchers don't know for sure yet.

    It's called Avemar, and it's the brain child of Hungarian doctor and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Szent Györgyi.

    More than 100 papers published in prestigious journals have reviewed clinical and experimental results with this extract, and it's now a medically approved substance for cancer treatment in Europe.

    Avemar comes from a patented process that ferments wheat germ with baker's yeast. The result is a supplement that performs three vital functions in the body:
  1. Helps the body regulate metabolism — and more efficiently create energy from the nutrients we eat
  2. Boosts the body's immune system — and helps create stronger T-cells and macrophages (the cells that eat invaders)
  3. Helps the body target "bad" cells and eliminate them — by shutting off the "cloaking mechanism" that tells the body not to kill cancer cells
    To understand how it helps the body exterminate cancer cells, you need to understand how cancer plays a dirty little trick on our normal immune function.

    Your body has a miraculous frontline defense of natural killer (NK) cells. These are the cells that jump on invading bacteria and viruses as well as mutated cells like cancer. An NK cell has receptors that tell it to either kill or move on once it attaches to a potential invader.

    The NK cell is like a cop that stops someone suspicious, demands to see an ID, and asks a few questions. If it decides the target cell is "innocent," it moves on. If not, watch out!

    This means any kind of invading or mutated cell is only able to grow and thrive if it convinces the body's NK "police" that it's a normal cell. Unfortunately, that's exactly what cancer cells do.

    Cancer "lies" to the NK cells, telling the NK's receptors, "It's okay, I'm a good guy." It does this with a surface molecule called MHC-1 that performs the same function as a criminal's fake ID. Once the NK cell "reads" this molecule, it moves on.

    But here's where Avemar comes in. Avemar suppresses the cancer cell's ability to display the "fake ID" and thereby lie to NK cells. Now the immune system can consume the invader and keep it from growing and multiplying. (Okay, a real cop doesn't devour a criminal, so the metaphor kind of breaks down here. But on the whole, I'm glad these NK cops are killers! After all, that's why they're called natural killer cells.)

    There are numerous published findings on successful human clinical trials of Avemar, with more underway as you read this.

    The FDA designates Avemar as a GRAS substance (Generally Recognized as Safe). This allows its use in foods, beverages and dietary supplements. Avemar has the toxicological profile of bread, so it's very safe to consume at the recommended usage levels.

    You can find Avemar in the U.S. under the brand name Avé. It's recommended as a dietary supplement in a once-a-day, instant drink mix. I'm told it's pleasant to drink — I haven't tried it myself. Folks who suffer from wheat or gluten allergies should avoid it, because it's a wheat product. The manufacturer also says to avoid it if you have bleeding ulcers or have received an organ transplant.
Cancer Defeated Publications

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