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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Heal prostate cancer with junk food?

Cancer Defeated Publications
Heal Prostate Cancer with Junk Food?

It Tastes Too Wonderful To Be Good For You, Yet It's Proving More Powerful Against Prostate Cancer Than Radiation, Surgery, Even Chemotherapy

Dear Friend,
If you've ever known someone with prostate cancer then you know it's a terrible disease. And you also know that the treatments can be nearly as bad—or even worse—than the cancer...
The painful biopsies. Often followed by invasive surgery and its life-changing side effects: dribbling, lost sexual function and uncontrollable urination can leave you in diapers and steal your manhood forever. Toxic radiation and aggressive chemotherapy can chip away at your physical strength until you can hardly stand without help.
Even after all this a man can still die a slow, painful death from prostate cancer. Perhaps this tragedy has happened to someone you care about.
If so, then you'll be glad to hear this happy news...
A small number of pioneering physicians around the country are spearheading a revolution in new and better prostate cancer treatment.
And their medical discoveries are transforming prostate cancer and its detection and treatment into a safer, faster, more comfortable healing experience.
Best of all, their mostly natural solutions are healing men just as well if not dramatically better than the old dangerous treatments like radiation and chemo. Because they're even healing advanced cases of prostate cancer. Cases so bad that most doctors shake their heads and say "there's no hope" or "it's only a matter of time."
That's exactly what John's doctor said to him.

John's Ordeal Began
With A Routine Doctor Visit...

John was worried something was wrong when his PSA blood test results came back dramatically higher than usual. His doctor ordered a biopsy right away. It showed 10 out of 12 prostate tissue samples were full of cancer. John's Gleason Scores, which show how aggressive the cancer is, were a high 6 and 7.
With a concerned look the doctor turned to John and said those words you never want to hear: "There's no hope, I'm so sorry." Flabbergasted, John insisted on seeing a second doctor and then a third. But every doctor told him the same terrible thing...

"Even With Surgery And Radiation,
I Would Need A Miracle To Survive"

But John didn't believe a miracle could happen to him! He also didn't have much faith in prostate surgery or radiation. You see, he'd already watched 7 of his army buddies endure dangerous surgery and stomach-churning radiation for their prostate cancers. Some even had aggressive chemotherapy. Yet they all died anyway.
Sadly, this poor success rate is more common than you might think.
Research shows prostate removal surgery improves your odds of surviving advanced prostate cancer by only 23%. Sure, you can get a highly skilled surgeon or undergo robotic surgery yet studies suggest that it's not the surgeon, it's the surgery...
A study published in the prestigious medical journal Lancet shows cutting into a cancerous prostate is like cutting into a bag filled with sand. Cancer cells spill everywhere, including into your bloodstream! That's very bad news. When cancer cells travel freely through your bloodstream they latch onto other organs such as your colon, liver or lungs.
Fortunately for John he visited a fourth doctor who understood the dangers of prostate surgery. Luckily, this doctor is one of the M.D.'s leading the new revolution in prostate health.
For the first time since John's ordeal began, a doctor gave him real hope. Because this doctor explained how to heal terminal prostate cancer without surgery or toxic drugs.

From Terminal To Top-Notch Shape!

This doctor told John about a non-invasive, natural treatment that attacks only prostate cancer cells instead of attacking your whole body. John gave it a try. And eighteen months later, called his family to exclaim:
"My 'terminal' prostate tumor is shrinking and I feel great!"
That's unheard of with advanced prostate cancer even when it's treated with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. And John's news was about to get even better...
Four years after that, when conventional doctors said he'd be dead, John was very much alive. And without a single sign or symptom of prostate cancer. And without any terrible side effects, or for that matter any side effects at all.
John's only regret? That it was too late for him to tell his army buddies how easy it is to get rid of prostate cancer naturally and avoid painful prostate surgery, dangerous radiation or chemotherapy.
What saved John from terminal prostate cancer? It was no miracle, just the very latest nutritional science.
I'm not talking about supplements, vitamins, minerals or even herbs. No, this nutritional breakthrough tastes too good to be good for you. Yet it's proving more powerful against advanced prostate cancer than any treatment in your doctor's arsenal.

The Junk Food That's Kryptonite
To Prostate Cancer Cells...

What is this great tasting, cancer-fighting wonder?
Sugar. Nothing more complicated or dangerous than that. But you don't eat it!
You could eat sugar until the cows come home and you won't cure prostate cancer or cancer of any kind. You'll probably just gain weight and send your blood sugar through the roof!
But when this pioneering doctor puts a special concentrated mixture of sugar and potent natural compounds into an IV, prostate cancer cells are goners.
Suddenly, sugar is deadly. Or so it appears. But actually, the sugar isn't what kills the cancer. It's just the bait that gets cancer cells to open their big hungry mouths and take in the natural compounds that REALLY kill them. Cancer cells LOVE sugar and you can trick them into committing suicide, if you use it in the right combination!
In fact, studies show "sugar treatment" does to cancer cells what kryptonite does to Superman—it makes them weak and almost powerless. It breaks down cancer cells' defenses so they can be annihilated from the inside out. Meanwhile, your healthy cells stay safe.
It's hard to believe, I know. Even today's leading cancer researchers are shocked.
MD Anderson Cancer Center hired an independent cancer researcher to review this natural discovery, and here's what he said: "This is incredible! How come nothing has ever been done about this before?"
And cancer specialists from the National Institutes of Health were so impressed when they saw the research, they've asked for more. But you don't have to wait for more studies...
This all-natural "sugar treatment" is saving men like John right now. You can find out more about it from the pioneering doctor who uses it, including the place John went to get it.
My name is Lee Euler. I'm the head of a publishing group called Cancer Defeated. For the last 7 years my colleagues and I have traveled the world searching for the biggest breakthroughs in cancer treatment and testing.
When I discovered that one in six men will be diagnosed with a potentially deadly prostate cancer, I knew that I had to tell you what conventional medicine won't: how easy it is to cure most cases of prostate cancer.
This report gives you the very latest discoveries from a handful of pioneering physicians who are changing prostate treatment. You'll get nearly a dozen of their breakthroughs that are safely, effectively and affordably healing prostate cancer.
And you'll learn when each one is most effective, such as, in early- or late- stage prostate cancers. This saves you precious time and money sifting through—or even trying—other alternative treatments that may not work as well for your situation.
For example...

Early Prostate Tumors Painlessly
"Melt Away" With Sound

Conventional doctors often recommend cutting out your prostate if there's any sign of cancer—even if the cancer is still in an early stage. Their motto? When in doubt, cut it out. Studies show that's what happens in nine out of ten cases!
Even if you're not worried about surgery spreading your cancer, why risk losing your sex drive to a surgeon's knife? Especially when you can melt away prostate cancer safely—and leave your manhood intact!
Let me introduce you to a prostate pioneer who couldn't agree more. That's why he traded in his old scalpel for a healing tool on the cutting-edge of medical science...
I'm talking about sound.
This doctor uses acoustic sound waves to generate thermal energy. The energy melts away early prostate tumors Sound Wavescell by cell without harming your prostate or surrounding tissues.

Independent Researchers Verify Discovery Is "Effective In 9
Out Of 10 Men!"

This sound wave breakthrough passed clinical study in the U.S., Germany and Japan with flying colors. Researchers in Japan found men with early prostate cancer enjoyed a 94 PERCENT cure rate, even three years after treatment.
Another bonus: this treatment is also quick and comfortable for the patient. Just ask Gary. He called his treatment a pain-free "breeze" that took only about three hours. Gary felt so good, he "celebrated" getting rid of his prostate cancer that very same night with a buffet dinner.
His doctor is one of the doctors you'll meet in 'Don't Touch My Prostate!' And he's one of only a handful of doctors who have access to this treatment and know how to use it. In Chapter Six, you'll get his contact information.
Safe, successful prostate cancer treatments like these are mostly overlooked or even outright dismissed by mainstream medicine. It's an outrage. Especially when you consider why...
It's not because of doctors. Doctors can only use what's available. Blame the FDA. They've made it very difficult for doctors to treat cancer using anything but radiation, surgery and chemotherapy—which generate millions of dollars a year. In fact, the FDA has a history of covering up alternative breakthroughs that threaten the medical industry's money-making status quo.
After six years of studying cancer treatments, I could tell you about at least a dozen proven, effective cancer treatments that have been forbidden and denied to patients in America. But thanks to these prostate cancer pioneers, a quiet healing revolution is steadily underway...

Herb Thought He'd Whipped Prostate
Cancer, But It Came Back Even Worse!

Stanford University Medical Center doctors couldn't cure Herb's prostate cancer. In spite of undergoing a radical prostatectomy (prostate removal surgery)—performed by some of the best doctors in the country—Herb had prostate cancer again 13 years later.
Herb's not the only one. This happens to many men who've undergone conventional surgery or radiation.
You may wonder, how can prostate cancer come back when you don't have a prostate? Answer: The cancer spreads to nearby tissues and bones. That's exactly what happened to Herb...
His PSA shot up to an unbelievable 135. And positron emission tomography or PET scans confirmed the worst news. In Herb's own words...
"[there were] widespread bone metastases in my spine, ribs, pelvis and right femur."
Herb decided to seek treatment at a reputable alternative cancer clinic. But to his surprise, they couldn't cure him either! Their treatment worked like gangbusters for other types of cancer, but when it came to the metastasized prostate cancer cells in Herb's body their alternative treatment was like throwing pebbles at bullet proof glass.
That's when Herb made a shocking decision...
Forget the doctors.
Herb opted to treat his "hopeless" prostate cancer at home, on his own—even though he knew everyone would call him crazy. His doctors sure did. Some even told him he'd die sooner.
But within two weeks Herb felt stronger and his pain had diminished... Within six months scans showed a dramatic improvement in his cancer...
Within ten months Herb's "hopeless" prostate cancer was gone! And the good news was verified by a PET scan.

Remarkable At-Home Treatment Puts
Prostate Cancer Cells On
A Starvation Diet!

The power of Herb's alternative prostate cancer treatment is amazing. Especially when you consider how easy it is to use on your own, at home.
You see, this treatment doesn't require turning your life upside down, changing your diet, or taking a dozen different supplements. You need nothing more than to drink one amazing liquid that's so safe you can give it to a baby, yet it's such a potent cancer killer that it wiped out nearly 100% of cancer cells within 48 hours in tests at the National Cancer Institute.
How does it work? By targeting cancer cells' ability to feed.
It's a medical fact: when you don't eat, you die. The same thing happens to cancer cells. They literally starve to death. This amazing treatment blocks them from eating.
Find out all about it in 'Don't Touch My Prostate!' A Man's Guide to Curing Prostate Cancer—No Scalpels, Radiation or Side Effects. This liquid comes in two varieties, and you'll discover which type works best for prostate cancer. Chapter Four tells you everything you need to know if you decide to order it.

The Great Prostate Scam...

Before I tell you about more ways to heal prostate cancer, I want to tell you something about our prostates that I found pretty shocking, to say the least...
These prostate pioneers also discovered the best way to diagnose prostate cancer. And it's not the test your doctor's using...
If your doctor suspects prostate cancer, he'll recommend a prostate biopsy. The trouble is, biopsy is painful and there are risks. A large needle is placed inside your rectum to cut a sample from your prostate!
The dangers and discomfort are the reason why so many good doctors delay ordering a biopsy until after your Prostate Specific Antigen or PSA blood test has been high for several months.
But if you've got cancer, don't you want to know right away? Of course. Early diagnosis means early treatment and a greater chance of a cure no matter what type of treatment you choose.
That's why you'll want to see Chapter Eight of'Don't Touch My Prostate!' It's where you'll find a brand new breakthrough that can find cancer better than a biopsy.

Now Available:
"The Ultimate Prostate
Cancer Scan"—With NO Needle!

How does it work? Cutting-edge science has delivered an advanced imaging system that takes a detailed picture of your prostate. This test uses magnetic fields much like a traditional MRI—so there's no dangerous radiation either.
Unlike a biopsy that only tests a tiny sample of prostate tissue from a needle insertion, with this test doctors can examine your entire prostate without a needle.
Best of all, clinical study shows this scan has a higher detection rate than biopsy. In fact, the Chairman of Urology and Surgery at Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center, Peter Scardino, M.D., calls it "the greatest diagnostic test that we have ever had for prostate cancer."
The A-Team
Besides revealing whether there's a tumor in your prostate, this new test can also reveal if your prostate tumor has spread. Since it's painless and risk free you can have this test without delay.
Just don't expect to hear about it from your doctor anytime soon. Recent research shows it can take 17 years for new breakthroughs like these to trickle down into doctors' hands.

Famous TV Action Hero Cures
His Own Prostate Cancer—Naturally!

Do you remember actor Dirk Benedict from the TV show "The A-Team?" He played Templeton "Faceman" Peck, the suave, well dressed member of the team. On TV he battled bad guys, but off screen Dirk was fighting a hidden battle.
When he was in his early 30's at the height of his career, doctors diagnosed him with an aggressive form of prostate cancer. They recommended surgery of the worst kind... castration. Yes, even today they're still using this treatment from the Dark Ages. Surgeons literally remove your testicles and with them your ability to have sex. Imagine that happening to "Faceman!" Not likely.
Well, Dirk thought the exact same thing. But what else could he do? Fortunately, the famous actress Gloria Swanson was a close friend. Besides being a Hollywood beauty, she knew a thing or two about nutrition. And her nutritional secret saved Dirk's manhood and his life.
In seven months Dirk was well—the aggressive prostate cancer WAS GONE and he had no side effects. Today, in his 60's, Dirk's the father of two sons. He's continued working as an actor and director in TV and film.
In Chapter Three of 'Don't Touch My Prostate!' you'll find:
  • Gloria Swanson's simple nutritional treatment that saved Dirk.
  • How to use it correctly to treat cancer—especially in advanced cases like Dirk's.
  • And most importantly, when to use it. Even if you don't have prostate cancer, you can start this treatment now and help PREVENT prostate cancer. It's totally harmless. In fact, it's delicious.

Cure Prostate Cancer With Cheese?

If you've been reading about alternative cancer therapies, you may have discovered the cottage cheese cure for prostate cancer. As silly as it sounds, what you've been reading is true. But only when you use it the right way. Then and only then, the results can be miraculous...
When Bill was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he learned it had spread outside his prostate and into his spine. Sadly, Bill's doctors told him his disease was so advanced that he and his wife should get his affairs in order and prepare for the end. Heartbroken, Bill's wife refused to give up hope.
She learned about a cottage cheese cure and persuaded Bill to try it. He began using it every morning and—lo and behold!—he started feeling better. Everyday he felt stronger and more energetic. He also felt less pain.

Six Months Later Bill Went Back To His Doctor's Office,
And What Happened Next Was Amazing...

The doctor couldn't believe Bill was still alive, much less looking so good. The doctor immediately put Bill through all the ordinary diagnostic tests for cancer. Every single test came back negative! The advanced prostate cancer that had spread throughout Bill's body had vanished! Bill and his wife were ecstatic.
Doctor talking to Happy Couple
Bill is still cancer-free, three years and counting. He's making the most of life with his family. And every day he uses the cottage cheese cure to make sure the cancer doesn't come back.
So what makes cottage cheese such a cancer killer?
People with prostate cancer generally have low levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their blood. It's one reason cancer grows and spreads. Cottage cheese combined with a second natural food in a specific way floods cancer cells with these fats, creating a special chemical reaction that kills them. In Chapter Five of 'Don't Touch My Prostate!' you'll learn:
  • All about the remarkable science behind this discovery and how the doctor who discovered it was nominated for a Nobel Prize.
  • The exact cottage cheese protocol developed by this doctor.
  • The common mistake to avoid. If you don't do this, you risk weakening the treatment's cancer-killing potency.
Man taking blood test

How To Find Prostate Cancer
Up To 19 Months Earlier Than A PSA Test!

By the way, there's something I want you to know before your next annual check-up.
According to the Harvard doctor you'll meet in 'Don't Touch My Prostate!' the PSA test your doctor's giving you is as old and outdated as a cassette tape.
There's a new blood test so sensitive to cancer cell growth that it can help you identify prostate cancer 19 months earlier than it can be felt, seen or even picked up by your doctor's PSA test. It might be the earliest cancer detection test ever discovered.
Studies involving over 4,000 patients with prostate and other cancers show an early- cancer-detection success rate of 95 percent. That means if you've got a prostate tumor—or any other kind of tumor—you'll know you've got cancer silently growing out of control in your body. And you can spring into action right away to get rid of it! Turn to Chapter Eight and learn where to send a blood sample for testing.

Then, Is It Really Prostate Cancer,
Or Something Else?

50 percent of all men with high PSAs actually have a very common prostate problem (and I don't mean enlarged prostate or BPH). The prostate problem I'm talking about is often overlooked by doctors. The good news is, it's easy to treat. Find out how in Chapter Seven of 'Don't Touch My Prostate!'...
But if you do have enlarged prostate—as many men do—you'll find new help for that too. Discover the natural treatment that's gone head to head with the prescription drug finasteride in a clinical study and was proven just as effective! Best of all, while finasteride can leave you with uncomfortable side effects, tests revealed this treatment is side-effect-free!
Plus, you'll discover how to heal painful prostatitis (prostate infection) with a powerful new doctor-formulated supplement. Shown in double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study to reduce prostatitis inflammation by two-thirds!
And I'm just getting started...
When you order 'Don't Touch My Prostate!' A Man's Guide to Curing Prostate Cancertoday, you'll also receive three bonus reports that will help make prostate cancer—or any prostate worry you could face—a lot less scary.

Free Bonus Report #1:
Your Prostate Cancer Action Plan:
What To Do If You Get Prostate Cancer

Your Prostate Cancer Action Plan: What to Do if You Get Prostate Cancer by Lee Euler with Susan Clark
Ask any prostate cancer survivor and he'll tell you that being diagnosed was one of the worst days of his life. Imagine how you'd feel—shocked, scared and just plain confused. That's why I created Free Bonus Report #1: Your Prostate Cancer Action Plan: What to Do if You Get Prostate Cancer.
If your doctor ever says those fateful words "you have a prostate tumor" just open this free report and you'll know exactly what to do. You'll have crucial information right at hand to help you make some of the most important decisions of your life such as:
  • How to choose the right alternative treatment for you.
  • Six crucial questions you MUST ask your oncologist before you consent to ANY conventional treatment.
  • Want to try conventional therapy? How to take advantage of NASA-rated protection against radiation damage! Then...
  • How to double chemo's effectiveness and REDUCE SIDE EFFECTS like nausea and vomiting by almost half!
  • How to keep prostate cancer from coming back after you've whipped it!
  • How to test the effectiveness of an alternative therapy against your tumor BEFORE you try it.
  • And many more life-saving secrets.
Put this report on your bookshelf for safe-keeping in case you, a friend or a loved one is ever diagnosed with prostate cancer. However, when it comes to your second and third free reports, you'll want to start reading those right away...
How To Prevent Prostate Cancer: The Overlooked Tips That Lower Your Risk by Lee Euler with Susan Clark

Free Bonus Report #2:
How To Prevent Prostate Cancer:
The Overlooked Tips That Lower Your Risk

Accurate advice on prostate cancer prevention is hard to come by. Click on "prostate cancer" on the American Cancer Society website and they tell you what you've already known for years: stop smoking, get regular exercise, cut back on fat and eat five servings of fruit and vegetables a day.
While I'm not slamming the recommendations—they're mostly on target—we know so much more about how to successfully prevent prostate cancer that you're not hearing about! But that's all about to change.
In Free Bonus Report #2: How to Prevent Prostate Cancer: The Overlooked Tips that Lower Your Risk you'll learn how to:
  • Separate fact from fiction about what really causes prostate cancer. Your doctor may be trying to get you to lower your levels of this natural compound, but you really need to raise them. Studies show men with higher levels had healthier prostates—they even went to the bathroom less! Get full details on how to easily raise your level of this good-for-you natural body chemical.
  • Slash your risk of prostate cancer IN HALF by taking a tropical vacation. It's true! It's not the relaxation that boosts your prostate health, but something else that's just as enjoyable. Then, take advantage of a simple way to get the benefit at home on your own, without spending a dollar!
  • Block the cancer causing enzyme "aromatase"—the trigger for both breast and prostate cancer. Drug companies are spending big bucks trying to come up with a better drug to block this enzyme, but you can do it naturally, right now for just a couple of dollars a week. Works 8 TIMES BETTER than existing drugs!
  • Slow prostate cancer growth with an all-natural citrus extract. Hailed by the International Conference on Diet and Prevention of Cancer, this fruity supplement slowed the growth ofMan reading labelcancer cells in men diagnosed with prostate cancer. Plus, discover 14 more vitamins, minerals and natural compounds that have been shown to prevent or slow prostate cancer in research studies.
  • Discover the "most effective nutrient" for fighting prostate cancer. Praised by Disease Prevention and Treatment, this simple nutrient has been shown to LOWER PSA BY UP TO 20 PERCENT. What it is and how much you need every week to keep your PSA in check.
Male Plumbing Problems: The Hidden Causes & Surprising Solutions by Lee Euler with Susan ClarkMan reading computer report

Free Bonus Report #3:
Male Plumbing Problems:
The Hidden Causes & Surprising Solutions

You'll also learn how to protect your sex drive and bladder function from other problems that can threaten your prostate and your manhood.
All you have to do is look at Free Bonus Report #3: Male Plumbing Problems: The Hidden Causes & Surprising Solutions. You'll discover the real reason why so many men suffer from urinary urgency and frequency. More important, you'll learn how to take back control of your bladder and your life when you find out:
  • The hidden culprit behind urinary frequency, urgency, and even dribbling. Plus, its shocking link to something men do every single day—change this one thing and watch urinary problems vanish!
  • The all-natural supplement that heals an overactive bladder and problem digestion in one fell swoop! And the surprising reason why it works...
  • Why prescription drugs only reduce frequent urination for a short while. What you must know before you let your doctor give you any drug for your prostate!
  • A foolproof fix for urinary dribbling—many women know about it, but almost nobody knows it works for men, too! No drugs or supplements necessary. It can even strengthen your ejaculation for better sex!
  • Plus much, much more...

Order 'Don't Touch My Prostate' Today—Risk-Free!

I invite you to examine 'Don't Touch My Prostate!' A Man's Guide to Curing Prostate Cancer—No Scalpels, Radiation or Side Effects absolutely risk-free and discover the vital information inside for yourself.
You'll have plenty of time to skim through it, read it and make sure you find exactly what you're looking for to save your prostate and your manhood from the surgeon's knife...
Because I'm guaranteeing you a full refund for 365 days—that's ONE FULL YEAR—if you're not satisfied!
If you're not thrilled with these pioneering physicians' amazing discoveries that are healing prostate cancer and saving a man's sex life and bladder control...
If their power, ease and safety doesn't make your doctor's prostate surgery, radiation and chemotherapy look like dark age treatments...
If you're not amazed at these new diagnostic tools—both simple and high-tech—that can help you and your doctor comfortably diagnose prostate cancer at its very earliest...
If you don't love the latest ways to prevent prostate cancer, plus boost your sex drive and combat urinary dribbling and urgency...
Then just let me know within the next 12 months and I'll be happy to return every penny you paid. Plus, you keep the Special Report and all three bonus reports with my compliments!
It's about the very best guarantee you'll ever see. I'm happy to offer it for one, simple reason: I'm sure you'll be so thrilled with the life-saving prostate cancer solutions inside that you won't want a refund!

Don't Let Prostate Cancer Catch You
Or Someone You Love Off Guard...

Prostate cancer can strike far earlier, when you're far younger, than you'd ever imagine. It's a medical fact:
When coroners autopsied the prostates of men of all ages who died from causes other than cancer, what they found was shocking...
Almost ALL of these men had cancer cells in their prostates—even the young ones!
But you no longer have to sit back and worry that prostate cancer will claim you or someone you love. And you certainly don't have to fall victim to the miserable manhood-robbing side effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation because you didn't know that there are better choices.
Finally! The breakthroughs in 'Don't Touch My Prostate!' A Man's Guide to Curing Prostate Cancer can restore prostate health for you, your family, even your friends, just as they have for John and thousands of others.
See what those men already know: how safely and easily you can beat prostate cancer and enjoy a healthy prostate, powerful sex drive, strong bladder control and the active life you deserve for years to come.
Order your printed copy or digital download right now.
Lee Euler Signature
Lee Euler
Publisher, Cancer Defeated
P.S. When you or a man you care about has just received a diagnosis of prostate cancer you don't have time to waste. 'Don't Touch My Prostate!' A Man's Guide to Curing Prostate Cancer—No Scalpels, Radiation or Side Effects puts the very latest treatments from the country's top prostate cancer pioneers right at your fingertips—so you can get your hands on the best treatments right away. Don't wait until you or someone you care about is diagnosed with prostate cancer to get this life-saving information. Order now!
P.S.S. You'll find some of these treatments and tests are surprisingly affordable. Others may even be covered by your health insurance—details in this brand new Special Report, order now!

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Cancer Defeated Publications

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