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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Coax cancer out of your body with gentle heat

Cancer Defeated Publications

Detoxification Without Effort:

This Gentle, Warming Treatment
Coaxes Cancer Out of Your Body

    Infrared energy is getting a lot more buzz these days, which comes as no surprise. We've all experienced the soothing effects of bright sunlight on a cold, wintry day. We feel this energy as it gets absorbed by anything it touches. It's comfortable, natural heat with proven regenerative effects.

    That's why infrared saunas are proving to be such potent disease-fighting tools—they combine the best of what we love here at Cancer Defeated: Natural treatment that stimulates your body's built-in immune function. This is a super-treatment — profoundly effective and completely harmless. Keep reading to find out more...

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End Those "Senior Moments" For Good!
    Can't find your car keys for the umpteenth time? Misplace your glasses again? Don't remember names or faces very well? Ever walk into a room and go blank about why you're there?

    Usually we laugh it off as just another "senior moment."

    There's no question that small lapses in memory and concentration can happen naturally as you get older. They're embarrassing. They're frustrating.

    But they're certainly no joke.

    The mental lapses you laugh off today might be red alerts of serious brain changes that can steal away your memory and independence tomorrow.

    Click here to learn how to supercharge your brain and protect your memory...

    What's so impressive about infrared saunas is that they take care of four of the biggest offenders that come with a cancer diagnosis: Toxins, stress, circulation, and pain. Managing all four is essential to a successful treatment/prevention regimen.

    I've talked about infrared saunas before (see Issue #51). They're known to help fight cancer, reduce blood pressure, relieve pain, reverse heart disease, and promote weight loss, plus a host of other health benefits. I think the topic is worth revisiting.
Detoxification: The key to revitalized health
    We're not the first to figure this out. Saunas have been around for centuries, first invented by the Finns. In fact, the word sauna is an ancient Finnish word that refers to the traditional Finnish bathhouse. The Finns used the sauna to promote sweating—and more: It's a place to cleanse the mind and energize the spirit. Even today, saunas are a part of daily life for most people who live in Finland.

    The simple explanation for the rich array of sauna-health benefits is that a heated sauna causes your body's core temperature to rise. Your blood vessels dilate, increasing blood flow throughout your body. The circulating blood spreads heat throughout your body, which moves toward the surface of your skin. This prompts your body to begin sweating in an effort to cool off. Sweat is one of your body's natural cleansing processes. It releases toxins.

    Toxin-release aside, saunas help you look and feel better. They provide a warm and quiet place to relax without distraction, and that relieves stress. The heat relaxes your muscles. The high temperatures also release endorphins, those body chemicals that make you feel happy and bring about general pain relief.

    Saunas also induce a very deep sleep if used before bedtime. When your body temperature rises and then falls, it facilitates sleep.

    Saunas also help improve cardiovascular performance. With regular sauna use, you can strengthen your heart muscles for better cardiovascular output. The sweating and increased heart rate you get from a sauna session actually replicate some of the benefits of a traditional workout.
Infrared vs. traditional saunas
    Traditional saunas use heat to raise the air temperature, which in turn heats the surface of the skin. They generally do this with conventional heat that approaches temperatures as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit or more. The high temperatures induce sweating after a session of 10 to 15 minutes. It's a dry heat though, so most folks also like to toss water on the heating element inside a traditional sauna to raise the level of humidity.

    Infrared saunas, on the other hand, use light to create heat. This means your body gets heated directly without warming the air around you. It's the same as getting in your car on a sunny day in winter and finding it toasty warm. That's the effect of the infrared light from the sun. It tends to be a gentle, radiant type of heat.

    Infrared sauna temperatures range from 120 degrees up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures aren't needed since the infrared panels emit deep, penetrating, infrared heat that goes directly into your body versus the air around you. Humidity levels are similar to those you have in your house.

    The type of heat emitted is due to the type of heating panels inside an infrared sauna. The infrared spectrum consists of three wavelengths (near, mid and far) and are optimized for maximum absorption by body tissue. This means your body absorbs the heat directly and it penetrates deeper—up to 1½ inches below your skin. This targeted approach produces sweat whose content is 15-20 percent toxins from your body, such as heavy metals, sulfuric acid, ammonia, uric acid and fat-soluble toxins. Compare this to sweat from a traditional sauna which was shown to be only 3 percent toxins and 97% water.

    The lower temperatures of an infrared sauna tend to be more comfortable and soothing if you dislike the intense heat of traditional saunas. Now, don't get me wrong: You can raise the temperature of an infrared sauna to 150 degrees, if you wish. But you don't need to because they cause you to sweat more at lower temperatures.

    Energy costs are not significant in either case, though you'll save with an infrared sauna. The average cost to heat a traditional sauna is 30 cents an hour (and heating takes 30 to 40 minutes). Once heated, the energy cost averages 25 cents an hour.

    An infrared sauna averages 18 cents an hour when it first heats up (initial heating takes 20 to 30 minutes), followed by roughly 7 to 10 cents per hour to maintain the temperature.
Infrared sauna as a cancer therapy
    The main question is whether far infrared heat works as a health tool. I think the strongest benefit comes from reducing the load of toxins in your body. Cancers that spread rapidly are hard to manage because their toxic load increases so quickly. That means constant detoxification is one of the most important things you can do, both to prevent and treat cancer.

    But full spectrum and far infrared saunas offer other benefits besides detoxification. They reduce stress, reduce pain, improve circulation, lower blood pressure and boost cell health. These benefits combined make for a priceless boost to your chances of beating cancer.

    There's another hidden advantage: You can burn as much as 600 calories during a 30-minute session. It's like a passive cardio workout.
Tips on buying your home infrared sauna
    I find infrared saunas are more comfortable and seem to penetrate more effectively into my skin than do traditional saunas. The more advanced infrared saunas have been on the market for about 15 years and have clinical data to show health benefits. Full spectrum infrared saunas are the most recent advancement and emit near, mid and far infrared wavelengths for added benefits.

    If you decide to buy one, make sure whatever you buy emits safe levels of EMF (electro magnetic fields). The National Institutes of Health states there's no evidence of risk from EMF exposure, but I'd still take precautions and reduce your risk as much as possible.

    For health benefits, the most important element to consider is the heater emissivity. This determines how efficiently infrared heat is conducted and emitted. Lower-end saunas can be less than 80% efficient at emitting infrared heat. For optimal results, you'll want to ensure it is at least 95% efficient. Higher efficiency heaters give you far better results in less time.

    One final thought: Sauna therapy works best as part of an integrated health program. I'd say one of the best approaches to cancer treatment and prevention is regular infrared sauna use combined with eating fresh, locally grown, organic foods, freshly squeezed vegetable juice, and plenty of sleep.

    If you're interested in learning more about infrared saunas, an excellent, cutting-edge manufacturer is Sunlighten, offering clinically backed full-spectrum infrared saunas. Visit theirwebsite or call 1-877-292-0020. Another reputable (albeit more expensive) brand is TheraSauna. Infrared saunas, with their myriad health benefits, are definitely an at-home therapy option worth checking out.

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