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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Brian Wainstein Arrested: Axio Labs & Long Arm of Steroid Law‏

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Axio Labs and the Long Arm of Steroid Law Enforcement

Axio Labs owner Brian Wainstein arrested in South Africa
Brian Wainstein, the owner of Axio Labs and GenXXL, was finally arrested in South Africa in mid-January 2013 after eluding international authorities for several years. The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) submitted an extradition request to bring Wainstein back to the States to face multiples counts of steroid distribution. Wainstein's arrest is another indicator that the war on steroids has become more aggressive. International sources should recognize that the long arm of U.S. steroid law enforcement has the ability to reach across international borders and bring major anabolic steroid dealers back to the U.S. for prosecution.

Golfer Vijay Singh Confesses to Doping After Sports Illustrated Deer Antler Story

Vijay Singh Admits Doping with Deer Antler
Golfer Vijay Singh has become the latest target of doping hysteria. Sports Illustrated equated Singh’s use of deer antler spray with IGF-1 doping. Deer antler may contain traces amounts of the banned hormone. But so does cow’s milk. Beef could contain the banned steroid trenbolone. Singh was bamboozled into believing he cheated by using IGF-1. If Singh cheated, so did athletes who consumed trace amounts of PEDs in milk and beef.

Sports Illustrated and the Creation of an Imaginary Steroid Scandal

Sports Illustrated Creates Hysteria with Non-Doping Doping Article
Sports Illustrated has created an imaginary steroid scandal involving NFL football player Ray Lewis and PGA golfer Vinjay Singh accusing them of using IGF-1 in a deer antler spray dietary supplement. Even if deer antler contained IGF-1 and EPO, oral use is not an effective method of doping. While Sports Illustrated was wasting their time investigating a non-doping doping scandal, Miami New Times blew the lid off the Biogenesis of America steroid scandal involving Alex Rodriguez.
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Former Arnold Schwarzenegger Aide Sues Lance Armstrong for Steroid Deception

Schwarzenegger Aide Sues Lance Amrstrong Over Steroids
It s difficult to believe Rob Stutzman is truly offended by Lance Armstrong s deception about his use of testosterone and erythropoeitin (EPO). Stutzman has initiated a class-action lawsuit claiming he never would have purchased Armstrong s book had he known the cyclist used steroids and PEDs. Of course, Stutzman didn t seem to be bothered by his former boss s use of steroids when he was the former deputy chief of staff for communications to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Even Former Crystal Meth User Andre Agassi Angered by Lance Armstrong s Doping Deception

Crystal Meth User Andre Agassi Angry at Lance Armstrong
Andre Agassi was angered by Lance Armstrong s lies about the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). Agassi told reporters at an Australian Open press conference that Armstrong s deception was unconscionable. Agassi knows what it s like to lie about drug use in order to protect his career. While Armstrong was battling testicular cancer, Agassi was getting high on crystal meth. Agassi lied to coverup a positive test for crystal meth and kept it a secret from the public for a decade.

Anabolic Steroids Are Incompatible with Jewish Law According to Rabbi Chaim Friedman

Steroids Incompatible with Jewish Law
Rabbi Chaim Friedman believes anabolic steroids are incompatible with Jewish law based on his assumption that steroids are harmful to the body. In a lecture entitled Winning at all Costs: Steroids in Sport , the South Florida Center for Jewish Ethics addressed the issue of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) on the same day that Lance Armstrong admitted using testosterone and erythropoeitin (EPO) throughout his pro cycling career.

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