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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This superstar nutrient just keeps getting better

Co-enzyme Q10 is Not Just
For Your Heart Anymore

    If you believe in good nutrition you're probably familiar with co-enzyme Q10, or CoQ10 for short. This is a popular nutritional supplement for folks who want to ensure that their hearts continue to beat longer and stronger.

    CoQ10 is actually part of every cell in your body. It works deep inside cell mitochondria — the tiny "energy factories" you have in every cell. CoQ10 helps your cells produce the ATP molecule that is required for muscle contraction — in other words, you can't move without it.

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Cancer Cells Killed by Eating This...
    There is a nutrient in your kitchen, right now, that acts like a "smart bomb" against cancer cells.

    It's one of the main phytonutrients in a specific type of food. Researchers are hailing it as a breakthrough that offers real hope for preventing and defeating cancer.

    A new research study has shown how it can selectively target and kill cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells alone. The findings are breakthrough for its potential use in cancer prevention and treatment.

    But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There's also:
  • A natural cholesterol fighter that brings bad levels down 30%;
  • An effective method to lowering your blood pressure without harmful drugs;
  • A fruit that can fight Alzheimer's Disease;
    Dr. Victor Marchione, aka the Food Doctor is revealing this and 16 other amazing "healing foods" in his newest report that you can see here.

    And since your heart is an extremely important muscle in your body that contracts all day long for years on end, you can see why CoQ10 supplements would be a natural choice for anyone trying to improve heart health!

    When University of Texas cardiologist Dr. Peter Langsjoen used CoQ10 to treat congestive heart failure, he described the improvements he saw in the patients' health as "nothing short of dramatic."

    But long-time readers of this newsletter know it's more than just a heart supplement. CoQ10 is a potent cancer-fighter, too!
Even establishment doctors admit
CoQ10 is the real deal
    According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, CoQ10 is also a powerful antioxidant that can help strengthen your immune system and protect your cells from free radical damage.

    Even some mainstream medical establishments such as the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society give this nutrient "two thumbs up" as a first-rate immune system booster. And it's not often that these groups recommend nutritional solutions.

    Because free radicals also can damage your DNA, some researchers have linked these harmful molecules to the development of certain cancers. But ongoing research seems to point to CoQ10 as a free radical's worst nightmare…

    As early as 1961, researchers noted that some cancer patients had lower-than-normal amounts of CoQ10 in their bloodstream. In fact, patients with cancers of the breast, lung, prostate, pancreas, colon, kidney, and head and neck have all been shown to have low blood levels of CoQ10.

    Is this just a coincidence? Probably not!

    In 1993, University of Texas biochemist Dr. Peter Folkers, PhD, took note of these amazing CoQ10 benefits when he followed six cancer patients who took CoQ10 for congestive heart failure.

    When he tracked the progress of the four lung cancer patients and the other two breast cancer patients—he found that ALL of them experienced remissions! Dr. Folkers was convinced that this was due to CoQ10.

    And he is not alone in championing the benefits of CoQ10 treatments…
International studies show CoQ10 provides
natural chemotherapy benefits!
    Although the American medical establishment prefers to push cancer drugs, radiation and surgery as the best cancer treatments—the global scientific community is far more open to researching CoQ10 as a complementary treatment, i.e. a treatment that can be used alongside drugs, radiation, etc.

    Researchers have noted that the effects of chemotherapy drugs actually have beenstrengthened when doctors add CoQ10 as a supplement.

    Because chemo drugs are so toxic, doctors have to limit the dosage they can administer. The problem is that high dosage chemotherapy treatments damage both cancerous and healthy cells.

    What's more, chemotherapy can suppress a person's immune system permanently—leaving the patient open to other harmful and deadly infections.

    But international studies are demonstrating the benefits of adding CoQ10 to traditional chemotherapy treatments. Here are some examples from around the world...
  • Italy—researchers treated children with leukemia or lymphoma with either the chemotherapy drug doxorubicin combined with a CoQ10 supplement, or chemo treatment alone. Doxorubicin is known to cause damage to the heart muscle.

    Scientists observed that the CoQ10 supplements appeared to provide "a protective effect" on cardiac function.
  • India—a team of biochemical researchers at the Post Graduate Institute of Basic Medical Sciences in Madras conducted studies to prove that CoQ10 and other vitamins could help manage cancer even before chemotherapy was administered. Their studies indicated that CoQ10 prevented healthy cells from undergoing malignant changes.
  • Japan— researchers at the National Cancer Center Research Institute in Tokyo used the deadly chemical azoxymethane to induce colon cancer in rats. Some animals were fed a diet containing CoQ10 while another group received an unsupplemented diet.

    When investigators saw first signs of colon cancer, they found that rats who received CoQ10 had less than half the cancers seen in the unsupplemented group. The scientists chalked it up to CoQ10 providing chemopreventive benefits.
What IS a co-enzyme, anyway?
    If you read these articles regularly, you already know I'm a big fan of enzymes. And what's not to love?

    These proteins help jump start many important chemical reactions that help power up your body and sustain your life.

    The enzymes in your body increase the pace of these natural chemical reactions to help you:
  • Balance your cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Digest foods properly
  • Enhance your brain function
  • Maintain a healthy metabolism
  • Purge unwanted viruses from your bloodstream
  • Shed unwanted pounds
  • And much MORE!
    In order to facilitate these reactions, enzymes must attach themselves to molecules (for example, a molecule of an apple you just ate) to "unlock" their energy. In order to get a good fit—a related protein called a co-enzyme steps up to assist.

    CoQ10 is the most well-known nutrient in this category. I won't be surprised if more important co-enzymes are identified in the future.
Get the BEST form of CoQ10
    The evidence about CoQ10's health benefits is convincing. And while investigators continue their studies, you don't have to wait for this remarkable food to be approved by the medical bosses. You can reap the benefits by taking CoQ10 supplements that are widely available in health food stores and on the Internet.

    Ubiquinone is the common form of CoQ10, the one that's found in most supplements. However, the most powerful form of CoQ10 is ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is more expensive than ubiquinone, but it's worth it because it packs 8 times the punch.

    I've heard of heart and cancer patients taking as much as 3,000 mg. of the cheaper ubiquinone to get the desired result. With the more potent ubiquinol you won't have to do that.

    But if you don't have heart disease or cancer at this time, and you're strapped for cash, you don't need 3,000 mg, and the less expensive form of CoQ10 may be just fine.

    It certainly can't hurt to boost your body's supply of a safe, natural nutrient known to fight dangerous free radicals… protect yourself from mutant cancer cells… and energize your body from the inside out!

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