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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You're probably missing the most important supplement


Are You Taking a Pile of Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants — Yet Missing the Most Important of One of All?

    Do you take vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants — and yet you're still suffering from the health problems you were hoping these pills would get rid of? It could be that you're missing a whole category of supplements that are just as important — and almost always overlooked.

    Hardly anyone knows about these critical nutrients — even America's most famous natural health advocates. Many alternative medicine doctors in the U.S. don't even know about them. Or they do, but they don't consider them very important. This is probably the most underrated group of nutrients on earth.

    The natural nutrients I'm going to tell you about in this issue can make the difference between sickness and health, cancer or no cancer… and so much more. They even help autistic kids recover normal function. I believe they are absolutely essential to every cancer patient. Yes: EVERY cancer patient should be taking them.

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Foods You Should Never Mix
With These Popular Supplements.

    I need to tell you something very important about the vitamins you're taking.

    Something so controversial, so potentially dangerous, that there are those who are trying their hardest to cover it up.

    More importantly, it will affect you personally if you're currently taking vitamins or supplements. And that's because...

    What you could be mixing with your vitamins might actually be making you sick!

    Even worse, it could be killing you.

    But there's a Medical Doctor who is widely considered to be an expert on the dangerous and hidden pitfalls of today's most popular supplements, who is dedicating himself to blowing the lid off this dangerous cover-up, starting withthis revealing video you have to watch now.

    The stakes are high and there's no telling when the powers-that-be will take this video down. Click here to watch it before it's too late.

    These tiny little warriors could go to work for your health in a dramatic way. Because it's how your body was made to function. You need enzymes if you expect to be healthy.

  • Are required for every single chemical reaction in your body.
  • Are responsible for destroying viruses and bacteria. They can also break down the walls of cancer cells, allowing your immune system to get at them and kill them.
  • Are most likely absent from your diet, almost totally. The standard American diet (SAD) contains almost none.
  • Were first proposed in 1906 by Scottish embryologist John Beard as a major defense against cancer. (So why haven't you heard of them?)
  • May be the missing piece of the puzzle if you take antioxidants, vitamins and minerals… and you are still not well.
Enzymes help shrink tumors and kill cancer cells
    In 1902, Dr. John Beard made a groundbreaking discovery.

    He was an expert on embryos, and he observed something interesting about the placenta, the organ that forms soon after conception, attaches itself to the wall of the mother's uterus and, through the umbilical cord, provides nutrients and oxygen to the developing baby.

    Dr. Beard realized that the placenta had many similarities to a tumor — both exhibit virtually uncontrolled growth. The placenta grows unchecked until the baby's pancreas begins secreting enzymes. At that point the placenta stops growing. This led him to believe enzymes might also inhibit the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells.

    He first tested his concept on mice, and found that when injected with a pancreatic extract full of enzymes, the tumors shrank. Beard proceeded to test it on human patients, with positive results.

    In the end, however, the medical establishment 'disproved' his theory with false and faulty research and rejected enzyme therapy. Beard died in 1924, angry and discouraged.
Fortunately his work was rediscovered
    About 25 years later, Dr. Max Wolf decided to research enzymes as a possible treatment for cancer. He eagerly sought information from medical libraries all around the world, and eventually came across Dr. Beard's carefully documented book.

    Dr. Wolf experimented with enzymes and cancer cells in test tubes in the United States, before returning to his native Germany to conduct research with human patients. He achieved remarkable results.

    The oral pill he created, Wobenzym, can still be purchased in the U.S. It's a very popular pain reliever in Germany, because — as I mentioned earlier — protein-devouring enzymes target inflammation much like pharmaceutical NSAIDs. However, Wolf's research has been largely ignored by the U.S. medical community. Wobenzym is not a drug. You can purchase it in some health food stores and on the Internet.

    There are many other brands of enzymes, all easily available. I wrote a Special Report on enzymes and enzyme therapy called The Missing Ingredient for Good Health. If you're not up to speed on these important nutrients — and especially their role in cancer therapy, my report is a good place to start.
Types of cancer that enzymes can treat
    Although most natural and alternative medical doctors hardly give enzyme treatments a second thought, alternative cancer doctors know and use them widely in their treatments. Because of the fierce persecution of alternative cancer doctors in the United States, there actually isn't much flow of information between general practitioners of alternative health and those few who ARE willing to stick their necks out and treat cancer. That's one reason so little is known about the importance of enzymes.

    Dr. Nicolas Gonzales, a New York physician who's well-known in the alternative cancer treatment world, is probably America's leading expert on enzyme treatments. But most alternative cancer doctors at least include enzyme supplements in their protocols. And, of course, most also recommend enzyme-rich raw foods.

    I'm personally convinced that enzymes improve survival rates for various types of cancer. A few examples out of many:
  • From a group of 107 women who underwent mastectomies for breast cancer, enzymes almost doubled their five-year survival rate.
  • A different breast cancer study showed a 5-year survival rate of 91% for Stage I patients and 58% for Stage III patients taking Wobenzym — much better than the control groups.
  • In a study of patients with pancreatic cancer — usually considered an 'automatic' death sentence — 30 survived for more than two years, and some survived five to nine years.
What enzymes are, and why you should care
    I'll quickly define the three types of enzymes — and more importantly, what they can do for you.

    An enzyme is a catalyst. It either causes a chemical reaction or speeds it up. Enzymes are a type of protein made up of amino acids.

    Scientists have identified more than 3,000 enzymes in the human body.

Continued below. . .

Ty Bollinger Launches New Weekly Radio Show

    My good friend Ty Bollinger just started a new weekly Internet radio show at Tens of thousands of people reading this newsletter have bought Ty’s book Cancer — Step Outside the Box or his Special Report, The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure, so I’m certain you’ll want to check out what he has to say on his new program.

    And if you haven’t bought Ty’s books you should check out the free radio show anyway because he’s one of the country’s top experts on alternative cancer treatments.

    Digestive enzymes break your food down, bit by bit, piece by piece… reducing it to its smallest and most basic elements. Your body then uses these basic elements to build bone and tissue, repair damage, or burn them for energy.

    As you can imagine, this is a complex process and things can easily go awry. In fact,enzyme deficiencies are either the main or secondary cause in a long list of illnesses.

    Whether you have enough enzymes for true health may depend largely (but not totally) on this one thing…
Is your food dead or alive?
    If we lived in a perfect world, everyone would eat fresh, raw foods and we'd seldom need an enzyme supplement. Raw foods are naturally high in enzymes and full of other vital nutrients as well.

    But the vast majority of Western foods are cooked and processed, which effectively kills all their enzymes. Anything that's been heated above 117 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit is essentially dead. There's nothing alive in that fast food meal you had for lunch. But even home-cooked meals can contain all-dead foods, at least in terms of enzymes.

    Some rather shocking studies have shown the effects of eating a diet of cooked foods.

    Rats eating raw foods lived approximately 50% longer, and had higher brain weight and lower body weight than their cooked-food-diet counterparts.

    Does that make you wonder what an enzyme-free diet is doing to you?

    I recommend a diet of at least one-fourth raw fruits, vegetables, and grains for optimal health. But there are some respected health experts and raw foodists who recommend you eat a 75 percent to 100 percent raw diet.

    Frankly, a 75 percent raw food diet is hard to achieve. But it's a benchmark to aim for. And one-fourth (25%) should be the minimum you aim for.
Cancer Defeated Publications One more thing you need to understand about enzymes
    All digestive enzymes are split up into three main groups: (1) Fats are digested by enzymes called lipases, (2) starches are digested by enzymes called amylases, and (3) proteins are digested by proteases, also called proteolytic enzymes.

    A deficiency in any of the three can cause serious health issues. For example, this is the root cause of lactose intolerance—victims are deficient in the enzyme (lactase) necessary to break it down. Lactose, for those who don't know, is a type of sugar found in milk. People suffering from lactose or milk intolerance usually find they can tolerate it just fine when they start supplementing with the enzyme, lactase. They go from being desperately sick to just fine.

    Meaning: The answer to "food allergies" may not be giving up everything you like. Instead, it may be providing your body with the enzymes it needs to digest them. The same is true, by analogy, for many other "mystery" illnesses that don't go away no matter what you do (and if you have one of these mystery illnesses you know what it's like to try one thing after another). It's certainly worth trying enzymes to see if you get better.

    But I can't fill in all the details on "the right enzyme for the right health problem." I tried to do that in my Special Report, The Missing Ingredient for Good Health.
Why even alternative doctors are
often clueless about enzymes
    The medical bias against supplements is the main reason most mainstream doctors don't believe you need enzymes in your diet if you want to enjoy a healthy life.

    But why are alternative doctors so in the dark about enzymes? I see a large number of books and newsletters — not to mention ads — about every alternative health topic under the sun. But it's not all that common to see an article about supplements.

    One problem may be that compelling evidence for enzymes was discovered and then buried about a hundred years ago, long before vitamins and antioxidants were discovered. These days, enzymes definitely play second fiddle to the numerous, and more recent, discoveries of potent antioxidants and new knowledge about vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and more.

    They're recommended from time to time to help with digestion. And proteolytic enzymes — the ones that break down proteins — have caught on in a big way as pain killers. But I still don't think enzymes get the attention they deserve. And — this is important — the typeof enzymes you need for cancer and the way you take them are different from the enzymes you merely take for good digestion or pain.

    Those doctors and other experts who support supplements will tell you to take vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbs. But enzymes? Rarely — and then only a weak digestive enzyme.

    In an ideal world, if you ate only fresh, organic raw foods, and you were young, you'd get most of the enzymes you need. Youth is important because the older we get, the fewer enzymes our bodies make.

    But with the Standard American Diet, and with even 'healthy' foods nearly always being cooked, few of us get the enzymes we need from our diets. And the standard diet of cooked and processed foods actually degrades the body's ability to make its own enzymes. We literally wear out our pancreas — our main organ for producing digestive enzymes.

    We destroy our enzyme-producing capacity by working the pancreas to death, as it tries to compensate for the enzymes we're NOT getting in our food.

    When you're twenty, you thought nothing of downing Big Macs and Big Gulps, and probably you didn't notice any bad effects on your health. A young person can handle the abuse because the body can produce its own enzymes. But then somewhere along the road it catches up with you…

    Even if you do eat nearly all raw and organic foods, as you age your enzymes slow down. This may be the hidden link that explains why people get more diseases as they age — heart disease, cancer, arthritis, dementia and diabetes — to name the most familiar ones. As I mentioned before, many people see remarkable results when they start adding enzymes to their diets and supplements.

    If you don't eat nearly 100 percent raw organic foods in the form created by God, you should take enzyme supplements to make up for the lack.
Remarkable for autism, heart disease and arthritis as well
    The potential benefits of enzymes go far beyond cancer. Some of the most astounding results relate to autistic children. In one study, a whopping 91% of a group of 260 autistic children improved when using enzymes. More than one third described this improvement as "very great or impressive".

    Because enzyme therapy was the ONLY treatment being used with these children, this dramatic improvement can be attributed to nothing else, unlike cancer, in which doctors use multiple therapies at a time.

    More concerned about heart disease than autism? We've got you covered.

    A Spanish doctor reported stunning results in just weeks for his blood clot patients, reporting that nine out of ten got completely well. Why couldn't you, too, correct this common 'disease of aging'? It's well-established that proteolytic (protein-eating) enzymes thin the blood. If you're taking blood-thinning medications like warfarin, it's quite possible you can replace them with enzymes and be infinitely better for it. I've also seen feedback from people who experienced dramatic drops in cholesterol after starting proteolytic enzymes.

    If arthritis or an athletic injury has you moving slowly and painfully, you'll be encouraged to know that 90 percent of 1,004 rheumatoid arthritis patients got better using enzymes. And a double blind controlled study showed that athletes healed and were back in play in less than half the time of those treated with placebos.

    Lastly, if you've ever had digestion problems or food sensitivities, enzymes may be the secret to getting past those roadblocks. It stands to reason that if you have trouble with digestion, you're probably not utilizing all the nutrients you're taking either, whether in high quality organic foods, or supplements. But — to make the point again — the enzymes you take for good digestion are different from the enzyme therapy for cancer, pain and other conditions. My Special Report The Missing Ingredient for Good Health goes into this in detail.
It sure can't hurt to try them
    Enzyme supplements are completely harmless and there's no known toxicity at any level. Some cancer therapists prescribe enormous amounts of enzyme supplements. The only side effects I've heard of are digestive upset, for some people, and perhaps a feeling of being "wired" or over-energized. Digestive upset is a commonly reported side effect for almost every pill on earth including placebos, so you'll have to make up your own mind on that one. The wired feeling may be bounceback in people who were desperately undernourished before they started enzymes.

    Over the past century, doctors using enzyme therapy have achieved some astounding results with their patients. Many of these studies, along with individual stories, are published in medical journals.

    While no doctor says enzymes alone will cure cancer, those who've used them testify that enzymes are a powerful but largely forgotten weapon against cancer and other debilitating diseases.

    Those who are in the know say it's clear that enzymes should not be considered secondary supplements… they're just as important as vitamins, minerals, herbs, and antioxidants.

    Isn't it time to bump this simple, inexpensive, at-home preventive / treatment to the head of the supplement line to fight many battles for your good health?

    If you already use enzymes, and have seen a health spike from them, please go to and share your experiences with our alternative health community on Facebook.

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