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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Independence from your digestive problems

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The complete digestive system breakthrough!
You’ve got a shelf full of digestive remedies. You’re eating better. And yet you wonder...
Why Your Tummy
Still Hurts
Stop putting temporary Band-Aids on your digestion problems!

Instead, stop your digestive troubles by strengthening your entire digestive system. This simple yet comprehensive solution is so effective and far-reaching that many patients report that joint pain, allergies and other health problems also improve — and in some cases disappear!

For years, whenever a patient came to me with digestive problems, I gave them the best treatments available. I’d prescribe probiotics, enzymes, diet changes…

Do You Have a Weak Digestive System?
Do you have a weak digestive system—one that could lead to (or be causing) serious digestive and other health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, and blood sugar problems?
Here are some common overlooked signs of a weak digestive system:
Symptom: You feel tired after a meal — When your digestion is weak you can’t push food through your digestive tract effectively. Your body reacts by stealing energy from other parts of your body to get the food down. With less energy circulating throughout your body, you feel tired.

Symptom: You get cold easily — When you don’t produce enough digestive enzymes or acid to break down food into small enough bits to absorb its nutrients, your body senses this lack of nutrients. It compensates by diverting circulation from less vital body parts (such as your hands and feet) to supply more crucial parts (like your brain and heart). With less circulation to your extremities, you get cold more easily.
Symptom: You experience declining memory or “brain fog” — Weak digestion can lead to digestion-related food allergies—a leading cause of “brain fog.” In addition, your brain and your digestive system are intimately connected neurologically. And so when your digestion is weak, it affects your brain, clouding your mind. It can even eventually lead to dementia.
The good news is, your digestive system can heal itself—once it’s strengthened. Keep reading to find out how.
Sure, their symptoms improved slightly — as long as they made the changes I suggested (some of which were quite restrictive). But they continued to complain about stomach pain, gas, constipation, or diarrhea.
Some still couldn’t eat certain foods. And some still bloated so badly they had to unbutton their pants after a meal.
I knew how frustrated my patients were because I’ve had a sensitive stomach myself for most of my life. Fatty foods made me tired. Salads often gave me gas. Other foods caused bloating and other discomfort.
Well, no more. I’m happy to say I finally found a single digestive remedy that really works for me, for my patients, and for thousands of people with digestion problems around the world.

New digestive remedy provides all-over vitality
In fact, as you’re about to discover, it works so well that many patients report other health problems improving — and even vanishing — as their rejuvenated digestive system delivers new health and vitality throughout their entire bodies.
This remedy is not like anything you have ever tried before. Because it doesn’t just work on one part of your digestion. And because it doesn’t just mask your symptoms while leaving the root causes of your problems untreated.
Instead, it strengthens and balances your entire digestive system. Because once each part is balanced and strengthened, your entire system can run the way it’s supposed to — as it did when you were younger. Free from digestive problems and free to supply your body with the nutrients it needs.

And that is why it’s the only digestive remedy I now recommend to my patients.
I’m Dr. Nan Kathryn Fuchs. I’ve been a nutritionist in private practice for over 31 years, and authored eight best-selling books on nutrition and health. I’m also a well-known health writer and the editor of a popular alternative health newsletter.
I want to tell you more about this amazing new discovery in a moment. But first, let’s look at why what you’ve been doing to relieve your digestive problems probably hasn’t worked. And why without a truly healthy digestive system, you’ll never achieve the good health — and freedom from health problems — that you desire. And deserve!
Stop treating symptoms—
treat what’s causing them

Most digestion remedies don’t work because they only treat your symptoms, not the root cause. So your problems keep coming back. It’s like trying to cure a cavity with a shot of Novocain. The pain goes away (temporarily), but the cavity is still eating away at your tooth.
In no branch of medicine is treating symptoms rather than root causes more common than when it comes to digestive problems. For example:
Taking antacids may temporarily soothe your painful stomach. But antacids don’t balance your acid production, which is what keeps your stomach calm. When there’s food in your stomach, your body needs to produce enough acid to digest it and make sure it’s broken down efficiently and completely. That’s what eliminates gas and bloating. (Most people, as they get older, actually produce too little acid. This causes an acid “imbalance” and acid gets produced when there’s no food in your stomach — eating away at your stomach lining.)
Ingesting enzymes if you’re low on them is a good temporary solution. But you have to take them all the time, with every meal, and make sure you’re getting the right ones for the foods you eat. Wouldn’t it be better if your digestive system was healthy and strong enough to produce the enzymes it needs on its own?

Relying on laxatives can make you more regular. But why isn’t your digestive system strong enough to push what you consume through more speedily on its own? You want food to get through quickly and be broken down efficiently and completely — so it doesn’t sit around and “putrefy,” and so you can get the maximum benefit from it.
Until you strengthen and balance your entire digestive system, your problems are likely to continue to worsen. And unfortunately, the rest of your health is likely to deteriorate right along with your digestive health!
But the good news is that strengthening and balancing your entire digestive system is now as easy as taking a single dietary supplement.
Remember when you were a teenager
and could eat anything?
Online Publishing and Marketing
My search for a better way to treat digestive problems led me to Dr. Isaac Eliaz, a renowned healer and researcher who heads a team of scientists at EcoNugenics — a leading research lab right here in the U.S.
The EcoNugenics team has formulated what I think is the best digestive remedy available anywhere today — at any price. It’s called Integrative Digestive Formula™. I’ve tested it thoroughly. I’ve seen it work on my own body. And I see it work on my patients every day.
Now when my patients return for a follow-up visit, they no longer tell me they still have digestive problems. Instead, they excitedly tell me what they can eat again, how much lighter they feel, and how they can stay out all day without worrying if there’s a bathroom nearby.
Many tell me they feel as if they’ve gotten their lives back. Like 53-year-old JoAnn, who battled chronic constipation since she was young.
For JoAnn, waiting days between each painful bowel movement wasn’t her biggest problem. Nor was it the bloating, stomach cramps or acid reflux it caused. It was the chronic exhaustion.

JoAnn constantly struggled to muster enough energy to get through simple chores such as doing the laundry or dishes. It took every bit of willpower to go to work everyday. JoAnn recalls,
“It was hard for people to understand how physically drained this made me. I kept telling my husband: ‘I’m so exhausted.’ And he’d say: ‘What are you talking about? You slept 10 hours!’”
Before long, her exhaustion affected her emotionally. She obsessed about when her next bowel movement would come. And she was constantly stressed from not having enough energy to do what she needed to do.
Over the years, JoAnn tried detox regimens, cleanses, acupuncture, drugs, supplements and diet changes. But they gave her only temporary relief — or none at all.

Yet within a few days on Integrative Digestive Formula™, JoAnn’s bowel movements came regularly and easily for the first time in decades. As she said in her own words:
“It’s not like a laxative where it’s a quick fix just for the moment. I can feel this moving more energy into my stomach. It regulated and balanced my system so now, I never think about my bowel movements anymore.”
As JoAnn’s digestion strengthened, her health improved as well. Her weight dropped, her acid reflux healed, the painful bloating vanished, her energy levels soared and she sleeps soundly throughout the night. She even takes fewer vitamins and other supplements now that her stronger digestion is better able to absorb the nutrients from foods.

But that’s not all. For years, JoAnn lived with a constant, sharp pain from cysts in her chest. Doctors told her there was nothing they could do about it. And since JoAnn’s family has a history of breast cancer, you can imagine how much she worried about those chronic cysts.

But after JoAnn’s digestion strengthened, her cysts disappeared — and haven’t returned since!
Lower cholesterol and blood sugar — even lose weight!
As I said, I take Integrative Digestive Formula™ myself.

Since childhood, I couldn’t remember a day when my stomach felt “normal.” But now, foods that used to give me gut-wrenching cramps don’t bother me anymore. And I even stopped taking enzymes. For me, that’s a big deal because I relied on enzymes every day for 18 years!
It’s exciting to have finally liberated myself and so many of my patients from digestion troubles. But what really thrills me is how their bodies heal as their digestion strengthens. Blood pressure often normalizes. Cholesterol may go down. Blood sugar levels often decline. And, in some cases, years of illness actually reverse!
Here’s another wonderful “side-effect” of stronger digestion: It can help you lose weight by helping you digest carbohydrates and sugars, reducing sugar cravings, and improving your metabolism.
And because skin conditions and allergies are both affected by the quality of your digestion, don’t be surprised if your skin clears up and your allergies disappear.
How can one pill do so much? Integrative Digestive Formula™ is a unique blend of herbs, medicinal mushrooms and other ingredients that work together to not just relieve your symptoms, but to strengthen and heal your entire digestive system. (That’s the only path to real, long-term relief of your digestive problems.)

Chinese and Tibetan herbs ignite your digestive fire
Integrative Digestive Formula™ is based on the understanding of Eastern medicine that a digestive “fire” (or energy) burns in your belly.
When your digestion gives you trouble, Eastern doctors say your fire has cooled down too much, making your system sluggish. So they prescribe “rekindling” herbs that support your digestive functions.
This might sound odd at first, but if you think about it, rekindling your fire really does make sense. After all, your stomach acids really do burn and break down the foods you eat. Enzymes work by melting down fats, proteins and carbohydrates so you’re able to absorb and utilize them.
When the rekindling herbs fire up your digestive functions, your system can really do the job it’s meant to do and start working at closer to its full potential speed. This relieves the strain on your digestive system, so it can finally begin healing itself.
For example, the rekindling herbs in Integrative Digestive Formula™ stimulate your stomach to provide healthful digestive acids when you need them. Other herbs trigger a stream of active enzymes into your small intestine to break down fats.

But a strong fire must be contained in a strong system. That’s why Integrative Digestive Formula™ works to strengthen your intestinal walls — the musculature that supports all your food-processing activity and keeps things moving.
Strong intestinal walls help push food and waste completely through the long 30-foot trek down your GI tract. Faster movement prevents toxins from building up in your intestines. This is important because toxins signal your body to produce inflammation to fight those toxins.
As you may know, many medical professionals now believe inflammation is at the root of many of today’s health problems — from allergies and joint pain to more serious problems. That’s why, as your digestive system heals and your inflammation calms, you may see many of your current health issues begin to reverse. In addition, many doctors believe that reducing your “inflammation load” can protect you from more serious health problems later in life.
With all this extra support firing up your digestive system, it can begin working quickly, efficiently, and smoothly again. And this is when the real magic happens…

Turn your digestive system into a self-healing machine
Did you know that your digestion — just like other parts of your body — is designed to heal itself? It’s just like the way your skin naturally heals from a small cut on your finger.
The trouble is, most digestion remedies actually prevent you from healing.
We talked earlier about how most remedies focus on your symptoms, not the cause. The only way these remedies give you relief is by dumping a boat load of an ingredient into your system — like psyllium fiber (for constipation) or an antacid such as sodium bicarbonate (for heartburn) — and hoping it does the trick.
Your digestive system gets so much “help” that before long, it stops trying to work on its own. It ends up relying on the remedies and they become a crutch.

So your digestive system continues getting weaker. Before long, you need a bigger crutch (a higher dose) for even slight relief. Less and less seems to work anymore until one day, nothing seems to work.
Integrative Digestive Formula™, on the other hand, contains just enough of each ingredient to kick-start your digestive processes. And once it gets kick-started, your body naturally takes over:
For example:
  • Your intestinal walls fire up with renewed energy, pushing out impacted waste and eliminating it like clockwork (no more constipation or diarrhea)!
  • Your newly fortified intestinal walls prevent toxins, viruses and parasites from entering your bloodstream. So inflammation begins to vanish and other health problems begin to disappear!
  • Your stomach floods with healthful enzymes and acids to quickly and completely digest anything you eat. Your body gets the nutrients it needs. And you may find yourself enjoying foods you’ve stayed away from for years!
What’s more, modern life constantly beats up your digestion with unavoidable stresses such as pollution, chemicals, and psychological and physical stress. But with Integrative Digestive Formula™, your digestive system will have the strength to resist those attacks. So your digestion can work smoothly and begin to heal.
To speed up this healing process — both in your digestive system and throughout your body — Integrative Digestive Formula™ also contains....
Medicinal mushrooms that super-charge
your immune system
When you have a weakened digestion, the toxins building up in your body are doing more than triggering inflammation. They also attack your immune system.
These toxins travel through your bloodstream, killing off healthy cells — making you vulnerable to illness and disease. In addition, when digestion is weak, your intestines can become “leaky” — allowing large molecules to get absorbed into the blood stream, damaging organs and tissues. A strong, healthy gut creates a healthy barrier and protects you.
That’s why Integrative Digestive Formula™ supports your immune system with a “dream team” of powerhouse medicinal mushrooms: Hericium, Maitake and Poria. Their immunity boosting secret? High doses of immune-boosting beta glucans activate your body’s own disease-fighting immune cells.
Once activated, these immune cells roam every nook and cranny of your body, busily gobbling up toxins, viruses and bacteria. They also recognize mutated cells — destroying them before they can multiply and cause serious problems.

These extra beta glucans turn on so many immune cells that your entire immune system is soon rebuilt and refortified — protecting every cell in your body, and helping you stay (or get!) strong and healthy.
You aren’t what you eat…you are what you absorb
You’ve probably heard the old saying, “you are what you eat.”
But I tell my patients that we really should say: “You are what you eat, digest and absorb.” After all, if you can’t extract the nutrients out of what you eat, then eating the healthiest foods in the world won’t do you much good.
That’s why an important benefit of Integrative Digestive Formula™ is that as your digestive system begins to strengthen and heal, it gets better and better at doing its job: absorbing the nutrients from the foods you eat (as well as from any vitamins and supplements you take).
In addition, digestive enzymes play an important role in breaking down your food so it can be readily absorbed. Unfortunately, as we get older, we produce fewer enzymes. That’s why Integrative Digestive Formula™ includes a wide array of digestive enzymes to support the healing process of your digestive tract. (Even while it’s encouraging your system to produce more enzymes on its own.)

With these extra enzymes, you’ll absorb more of what you eat and you’ll get more out of any supplements and even any medicines that you take.
Now you’re truly on the road to better digestive health—and better overall health as well!
With so much packed into each capsule, it’s not surprising how quickly your digestion strengthens. But what might surprise you is how quickly your other health issues can improve:
Online Publishing and Marketing
  • That “foggy-headed” feeling may finally clear. You may find yourself feeling like your old self again as thoughts come faster, you recall names more easily, and don’t waste time searching for lost glasses or a misplaced key. This is because your digestion-related allergies will begin to clear, and they’re a major factor in brain fog and brain aging. In addition, scientists now know that important chemicals that enable brain cells to communicate with each other (neuropeptids) are actually produced in the digestive tract, and strengthening your digestive system can enable you to produce more of them.
  • As the inflammation in your body begins to disappear, you may find that you’re no longer limited by stiff, painful joints. Instead, they’re flexible and virtually pain-free. So you can spend hours enjoying your favorite hobbies again.
  • Healthy digestion means better energy and resistance. As your immunity strengthens, you may find that you can stay healthy through the cold season — even when everyone around you is coughing and sneezing.
  • You may find yourself more energized — not in jittery surges, but consistently all day long. You can get more done without worrying about “overdoing it” or feeling exhausted the next day. (Doesn’t it make sense that if the furnace that burns the fuel that powers your body is operating at maximum capacity, you’ll have more energy?)
  • And you may find yourself sleeping like a baby once again — deeply and soundly, without waking up through the night. In the morning, you’ll feel refreshed and well-rested. Thanks to better digestion leading to better energy production, less or no heartburn, and fewer swings in blood sugar and insulin levels.
With a strong digestion, many of my patients tell me they feel “alive” again — that they enjoy life more now that they aren’t restricted by nagging health issues and slowed by aches and pains.
And for many, that’s just the beginning. Because reduced inflammation means better circulation and more oxygen getting to every cell in your body. That can be a big help with your vision problems (your eyes depend on nutrients getting to them), blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cholesterol.
Significant, lasting relief—even when
other remedies have failed—GUARANTEED
For so many people who have suffered for years with digestive problems, what astonishes them most about Integrative Digestive Formula™ is how quickly they found significant relief.
Other remedies make you wait up to two weeks before you feel the slightest improvement. Instead, Integrative Digestive Formula™ goes to work quickly, because it addresses the root causes of your problems while it gives you immediate digestive support.
Within the first day or two, you may find, as other have, the knots in your stomach relaxing…finally putting an end to that nasty burning sensation in your chest, or your constant trips to the bathroom, or your lack of regular bowel movements.
Fast relief also shows how quickly your digestion is strengthening. That’s great to know because the sooner that happens, the sooner your other health issues can start fading away, and the sooner you begin protecting yourself from more serious health problems later.

I can go on and on about Integrative Digestive Formula™ — how it changed my life and how it has dramatically helped my patients. But what really matters is how it can help you.
To find out, why not try a bottle yourself? It’s absolutely risk free because Integrative Digestive Formula™ is guaranteed to erase your toughest digestion problems — even the ones that have haunted you for decades.
That’s a bold promise. But it’s what I and my patients have experienced ourselves.
So get some to try today. If you don’t feel it’s working — starting to rid you of your toughest digestion problems, as it did for my patients and me — then simply return the bottle — even if it’s empty! We’ll refund every penny you paid.

Why spend another day letting your digestion get worse — and your overall health along with it?
You can get a month’s supply of Integrative Digestive Formula™ for only $34.95. That’s a full month of heightened immunity and digestive support for less than the cost of a nice dinner out!
I’m confident you’ll notice a difference in the first 30 days. (As I said before, many people tell me they feel better in just a few days!)
Once you see how much better you feel and how much easier it is to digest the foods you love, you won’t want to miss a single day. And you’ll want to keep taking it to fully heal your digestive system.
So I recommend you stock up so you don’t have to keep reordering.  When you do, you can:

Buy 3, Get 1 Bottle FREE
Try a 3-month supply of Integrative Digestive Formula™ for just $104.85 plus shipping and handling. And you’ll receive a fourth bottle FREE. That’s a $34.95 savings off the regular price.  Plus, you’ll also receive …
FREE Gift #1: What You Need to Know About Supplements BEFORE You Buy (a $9.95 value).

Many of my patients call me and say, “Dr. Fuchs, there are so many supplements out there … what should I really be taking?” You’ve probably read about almost every nutritional option out there … but you may not know which ones can help and which ones can hurt. Get the real story on what to buy, what to avoid, and what really works. Without wasting your money or risking your health.  You’ll discover …
  • How to take fewer supplements and feel even better. Why mega-dosing isn’t always best.
  • Why popular one-a-day vitamin formulas are a waste of your money. And what to take instead.
  • How to select high-quality nutritional supplements. Once you know these tricks, you’ll never be taken again.
  • The juice you should never drink when taking zinc to fight a cold. Cancels out the zinc!
  • The truth about coral calcium. Is it really healthier and more absorbable than other kinds? Here’s the answer based on scientific research.
  • The right way to take CoQ10. If you leave this important step out, you’re not getting all the nutrients you need.
I’ll be happy to send this report to you as soon as possible.  It’s your FREE with the Buy-3-Get-1-Free Savings Pack.  That’s a combined value of $149.75 for only $104.85 — a total savings of $44.90!
But if you’re really serious about keeping your digestive system in top-notch form for the long run — and saving the most money you can — you should …

Buy 6, Get 2 Bottles FREE
This is by far the best value. Try a 6-month supply of Integrative Digestive Formula™ and get the lowest price per bottle—a savings of $69.90 off the regular price. It’s like getting 2 bottles free, plus you receive both of these free gifts:
FREE Gift #1: What You Need to Know About Supplements BEFORE You Buy (a $9.95 value).
FREE Gift #2: A handy digital pedometer (a $9.95 value).

As you free yourself of digestive worries, you’ll get back the freedom and energy to do what you want.  You’ll become more active.  A terrific way to measure your success and keep yourself motivated is with a pedometer.
You can use it to keep track of all the miles you walk in a normal day.  Then watch that number climb as you get outside and exercise!
It’s yours free when you get the Buy-6-Get-2-FREE Savings Pack.  That’s a combined value of $299.50 for only $209.70 — a total savings of $89.80. 

And it gets even better, because …
The shipping’s on me if you respond
by Friday, January 27th
Integrative Digestive Formula™ is not available in stores.  There’s no other way to get it unless you order it by mail. 
And that means incurring shipping and handling charges.
In fact, you’d normally have to pay $6.95 for shipping and handling of your Integrative Digestive Formula™.  (I’m told this barely covers the cost of packaging your bottle for safe, fresh, secure arrival. Especially if you order a six-month supply.)
But I’ve arranged for you to receive FREE shipping and handling when you request Integrative Digestive Formula™  by midnight Friday, January 27th.  That’s right!  You won’t pay a single penny.

Why have I done this?  Because I want you to get this powerful formula into your hands as soon as possible — so it can start improving your digestive health right away. Consider it my friendly little nudge to get you to act now.
Remember, you can only get free shipping if you order Integrative Digestive Formula™ by midnight January 27th. So why not do it now, while it’s still fresh in your mind?  After all, you're fully protected by my down-to-the-last-pill guarantee.
There’s no reason to spend another day living with your digestive problems (as in “you’ll just have to live with them”). Not when you can try Integrative Digestive Formula™ risk-free.

You have nothing to lose — except the pain and suffering you endure now. And ordering couldn’t be easier. Just click here or call 1-800-791-3395 and they’ll rush your supply of Integrative Digestive Formula™ to you right away. The friendly health consultants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Yours for total digestive health,
Nan Kathryn Fuchs, PhD

P.S. Modern life constantly beats on your digestive system. Stress, medications, pollution, eating on the run…all weaken your digestion so it can’t do its job. It’s no wonder why over half of us suffer from digestion troubles. But you don’t have to be one of them anymore. Try Integrative Digestive Formula™ risk-free. Click here right now or call 800-791-3395 today for your rushed shipment.

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