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Monday, January 16, 2012

Do not be the last person to die of cancer

Press Release Image
Online Publishing and Marketing
Will You be The Last Person
To Die of Cancer —
Because Your Doctors Didn't Know about These
Remarkable and Proven Cures?
The big-money cancer industry hates these proven alternative treatments. . .But our team of 15 doctors is speaking up now to make sure these breakthroughs aren't hushed up for one more day!
Their maverick approach saved this guy’s life. . .
    In Sunny Isles Beach Florida, a man in his 80s was near the end of the line with B-cell lymphoma. Various treatments had failed him. He was in a hospice, and expected to die.

    But he wasn't ready to give up.

    He called a local MD who had "different" ideas about cancer treatment. This doctor prescribed a low-dose regimen of an off-label drug approved for alcoholism, of all things. The drug has no side effects — no nausea, no hair loss.

    After six weeks of this inexpensive, generic medicine, the elderly gentleman was no longer at death's door. In fact, he was out of the hospice, back at home — and ballroom dancing again!

A miracle? Not at all. This treatment is
stopping cancer around the world!

    In France, this very same drug was taken by a woman who had 4 brain tumors and no hope left with conventional treatments. Seven months later, after taking just 3 milligrams a day, her tumors were gone.

    This is a perfectly legal medication any MD can prescribe for you, yet your doctor probably has no idea of its true cancer-fighting power.

    How can the drug companies keep a proven cancer cure from us? Even a legal, FDA-approved drug, no less!     Click here to watch a shocking video presentation about this cancer breakthrough, the patients it's helped, the handful of doctors who will give it to those who need it. . .and how the drug companies have sat on it because there's no money in it for them!
Online Publishing and Marketing
    This suppressed cure is just the tip of the iceberg. Dozens of proven, effective treatments are being kept from us. But now 15 doctors have decided to break the silence and speak out!

    The cancer industry is hoping you don't watch this video because they'll lose billions if word gets out. What's more, their puppets at the FDA force alternative cancer information off the Internet every chance they get. So watch this while you still can.

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