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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dunkeroo Ladies Style?

Let me begin with this statement.  I have a cousin who is a VERY big fan of the WNBA.
We were having a discussion about whether the rim for the WNBA should be lowered by 4 - 6 inches, and it surprised me that we disagreed on this subject.  I think it should be, and she thinks that it should stay the same.  My main reason for lowering the rim is to add excitement for the fans.  Her main reason for keeping it the same is that some people will think women are not as atheletic as men.
Looking strictly at the WNBA and NBA rules, there are already some differences:
                                            WNBA                                 NBA
1.  3 point line                       20 feet 6 inches                    23 feet 9 inches
2.  Ball circumference            28.5 - 29 inches                   29.5 - 29.875 inches
3.  Ball weight                       18 - 20 ounces                     22 ounces
4.  Time per quarter               10 minutes                           12 minutes
5.  Backcourt violation           8 seconds                            10 seconds
There are probably other differences, but these are the only ones that was highlighted on each page that I researched. 
The only difference I think is due to male vs. female is the ball circumference, which makes me believe that if the rim was lowered more women would be willing to attempt to dunk during games, thus making the games more exciting.  I personally know and have seen at least 5 former or current WNBA players dunk on a 10 foot (regular height) basket. 
Lisa Leslie is the first woman to successfully dunk during a WNBA game in 2002, the only woman to dunk twice in one season is Candace Parker in 2008, the most recent dunk is July 2009 by Sylvia Fowles, and there are only 4 women total who have dunked in a game.  Of the 4 women that have officially dunked in a WNBA game, none are the 5 I mentioned.  There is nothing anyone can say that will convince me that only 9 former or current WNBA players can really dunk, because I know it is not true.  Michelle Snow, who dunked 3 times as a player at Tennessee, has not dunked once in the WNBA in her 9 seasons. 
Lower the rim to make the game more exciting for the fans.  Why would it make women look inferior to men?  When I go to a basketball game I want to see something that is going to make me jump out of my seat and cheer.  I'm not talking about just seeing a woman dunk like in the past, but seeing a woman attempt to dunk ON someone. 
There is no LOSS of Integrity of the Game when there are already other differences.
What do you think?

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