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Monday, January 30, 2023

US Sports Net Affiliate Partner Spotlight: Nord VPN

NordVPN - Virtual Private Network

What is wireless keyboard security? Everything you need to know

Tim Ferriss once called a wireless keyboard one of his best purchases under $100. If you often work away from your office or your home, a wireless keyboard can be a great purchase for you too. However, since you would be working surrounded by strangers, you should consider your wireless keyboard security in advance. Here’s everything you need to know about wireless keywords and their security.

Saulius Griškėnas

What is wireless keyboard security? Everything you need to know

What is wireless keyboard security?

Wireless keyboard security involves the measures to protect the signal between your wireless keyboard and the receiving device. Unlike a wired keyboard or mouse, wireless signals travel through air and can be picked up by the surrounding devices. Without proper security, hackers can hijack your wireless keyboard or intercept and decrypt the signal, stealing your data in the process.

How does a wireless keyboard work?

Let’s start with a wired keyboard. You plug it in and everything you type goes directly to your device. Usually, no additional security is needed. Wireless keyboards work in a similar way, but you must take a few extra steps to make sure the wireless signal cannot be intercepted by third parties.

Depending on the connection type (we’ll discuss them later) and the device you’re connecting to, you’ll need to pair your wireless keyboard first. For example, enable Bluetooth on both devices and help them find each other. Or you may need to plug in a receiver (a USB dongle) to help your wireless keyboard establish a connection.

Pairing a wireless keyboard with a device is like building a lift bridge. Both gadgets recognize each other and establish a secure path the signal can travel through. When you turn off one of the devices, the bridge is lifted, so no other signal can use your secure path..........Keep reading...........

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