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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Brand-new therapy sends some cancers into total remission

A Promising New Cancer Therapy
That's Under Attack

In 2008-2009, four human studies appeared claiming fantastic results for a groundbreaking new cancer treatment. The studies were conducted Dr. Nabuto Yamamoto, who at the time was a Professor of Biochemistry at Temple University Medical School in Philadelphia. He was assisted by a team of other researchers.
If the results hold up, the new treatment – a natural enzyme found in a healthy human body — could be one of the most exciting new cancer developments ever seen.
In the first study, Dr. Yamamoto supplied the enzyme to doctors treating HIV patients — resulting in complete eradication of the infection. After seven years follow-up, their blood counts remained normal.
In another study, the Yamamoto team treated 16 nonanemic metastatic breast cancer patients with a single injection of 100 nanograms of GcMAF per week for 22 weeks. The treatment resulted in tumor eradication. Patients were well after four years follow-up.
In the third study, all 16 nonanemic metastatic prostate patients were tumor-free after 24 weeks and remained so at seven years follow-up.
In the fourth study, all eight nonanemic metastatic colorectal patients were cancer-free after 48 weeks and remained so at seven years follow-up as confirmed by CT scans.
In short – and astonishing as it sounds -- Professor Yamamoto achieved a 100% remission rate in metastatic cancer patients.
The discovery didn’t happen overnight. It was the product of years of research at a respected mainstream medical institution.

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