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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Startling new discovery about chronic pain

Cancer Defeated Publications

A Startling New Discovery about Chronic Pain:
It May Often be Caused by a Microbe

    Whether pain is caused by cancer or a less dangerous condition like arthritis, the main thing people want when they're dealing with it is RELIEF. Today, I want to tell you about a startling new claim about the causes of some kinds of pain, and a solution, too. It might be worth a try.

    This new theory targets a variety of other causes of pain besides cancer — for example, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease and lupus. I'm not sure it will be useful for cancer pain at all. But it bears a striking resemblance to some theories about what causes cancer, and that was enough to make me sit up and pay attention.

    If these folks are onto something, it could be an important medical breakthrough. Keep reading and I'll explain. . .

Continued below. . .

Why Most Health Foods are a Waste of Money
By Lee Euler
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    There’s more: It’s one of the most popular pain relievers in Germany, used by that country’s Olympic team to help athletes get rid of pain and accelerate healing from sports injuries. It outperforms prescription blood clot drugs — in my opinion, patients should take this supplement instead of blood-thinning drugs like warfarin. And it even helps 9 out of 10 autistic children. The mother of a 7-year-old autistic child starting giving him this supplement after reading my Special Report The Missing Ingredient — and he started speaking after having been nonverbal his whole life!

    How can ONE supplement possibly do all this? Just ask yourself: What if you were getting NO vitamins in your diet? You’d be very sick. This nutrient is just as important and you’re getting almost none. Read more here about The Missing Ingredient, and consider trying it yourself.

    Most cancer doctors' answer to pain management is simple:
    The World Health Organization's pain management plan recommends starting with acetaminophen or aspirin for mild pain.

    But if pain is more severe, they encourage doctors to prescribe stronger drugs like methadone, morphine, and oxycodone.

    Naturally many folks worry about the prospects of becoming addicted to prescription painkillers.

    And there are also other sickening side effects such as:
  • Breathing problems
  • Constipation
  • Kidney failure
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sexual dysfunction
    As if that weren't scary enough, sometimes doctors will prescribe more drugs to take with the pain medication to make it more effective.
Who else wants a dose of PAIN with their painkillers?
    According to the National Cancer Institute, some drugs that may be added to painkiller prescriptions include antidepressants, anticonvulsants, bisphosphonates, corticosteroids, local anesthetics, and stimulants.

    NCI admits that side effects often result from doubling up the prescriptions. This is not rare; it's a common occurrence. For example, using bisphosphonates may cause chills and fever.

    What's more, after several days of use, patients may even experience severe and sometimes disabling pain in the bones, joints, and muscles!

    Imagine that—one of the very drugs used to enhance the painkillers actually CAUSES new pains to develop.

    Fortunately, drugs are not the only option for pain management. A team of health professionals thinks they may have a non-invasive pain treatment remedy that could be helpful…

    It's called the Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT) and is named for its originators:
  • Carolyn Jaffe, D.Ac., Dipl. NCCA is a board certified doctor of acupuncture and a doctoral candidate in Naturopathy. She holds certifications in allergy elimination, enzyme therapy, herbology and many other techniques.
  • Judy Mellor, RN, is a doctoral candidate in nutrition and has twenty-five years of Western medicine experience as a critical care nurse. She is a certified Oriental medical herbalist with certifications in numerous other modalities as well.
    Their treatment technique is designed to address chronic degenerative disorders such as Crohn's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, lupus, Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, trauma-related and post-surgical pain disorders and more.

    Many of these are autoimmune disorders—those caused when your immune system turns on itself and begins to attack its own tissues.

    A compromised immune system can leave you wide open to cell-damaging free radicals.

    Jaffe and Mellor said doctors treat nearly all autoimmune disorders with drugs that often suppress immune system function. This is not too surprising, when you consider these problems are caused by an overactive immune system.

    These drugs are commonly prescribed in a three-tier approach:
  1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as ibuprofen
  2. Disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDS)
  3. Experimental drugs, which can include anti-cancer drugs like Methotrexate
    The originators say the Jaffe-Mellor Technique is a revolutionary way to significantly reduce pain… stop the body from attacking itself… and resolve symptoms associated with many autoimmune conditions.

    If you're wondering how this could be—read on!
A three-step, drug-free approach to pain management!
    Jaffe and Mellor found some common factors in patients with arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.

    For starters, they all had tiny bacteria in their bodies that Jaffe and Mellor called external pathogenic factors (EPFs). They also noted that these EPFs could easily invade bodies with compromised immune systems.

    Finally, they noticed that the immune system launched frequent and continuous attacks on body areas where EPFs were located.

    They theorized that many chronic, degenerative diseases result from EPFs' ability to hide from your immune system.

    Because your immune system can't find these bacteria to eliminate them, they are always in attack mode. This causes the tissue destruction and pain that are common to chronic inflammation disorders.

    JMT proposes this three-pronged approach to eliminating autoimmune diseases and chronic pain:
  1. Deactivate the pathogen.
  2. Desensitize the immune system to healthy tissue.
  3. Stimulate repair.
    Jaffe and Mellor thought about the energy signature associated with these bacteria. This refers to the energy frequency or vibration that is unique to each pathogen.

    Their treatment plan suggests that these energy signatures can be imprinted into vials of water. Practitioners can use different pathogen vials along with manual muscle testing techniques to identify the specific pathogen causing problems.

    Once a practitioner has pinpointed the problem, treatment involves chiropractic and acupressure techniques to treat the body's negative response to that pathogen.

    The JMT website says you don't need a specific chronic disease diagnosis to benefit from the technique.

    Because some pathogens can reside harmlessly in your body for years before triggering immune system attacks, JMT can help destroy these bacteria before they cause chronic disease and pain.

    And some anecdotal evidence suggests JMT provides a powerful pain management tool as well. For example, the JMT website reports the following positive cases:
  • A chiropractor suffering with severe osteoarthritis received JMT treatments at a seminar in 2001. Within a week of the first of two treatments all knee pain was gone, and has not returned!
  • A 21-year old male college basketball player with an injured knee continued to experience pain after two years of conventional medical treatments. He even tested positive for osteoarthritis and was restricted from playing basketball.

    After receiving JMT treatments, he noticed a remarkable decline in pain almost immediately. By his the fifth and final treatment, the young man was completely pain free and even resumed playing with his basketball team!
    The JMT founders don't specifically promote the technique as a cancer treatment. But it does use some acupressure techniques that many cancer patients have embraced as an effective pain management method.

    And because it can help diagnose bacteria that may be lurking in your body to cause future health problems—you might think it's worth a second look!

    I find it fascinating that so many aspects of the Jaffe-Mellor technique resemble the theories and treatments of "fringe" alternative cancer therapies like Rife. The Rife theory holds that cancer is caused by a microbe that modern, mainstream science has failed to identify. By targeting and destroying the microbe, Rife advocates claim you can destroy cancer.

    And likewise, the notion that you can "imprint" water with the energy signature of the bacteria that cause pain. Regular readers will see a resemblance to homeopathic medicine.

    I don't want to make too much of these coincidences. We need to know far more. One day, I hope some fraction of the billions of dollars that are poured into mainstream medicine will be made available to alternative medicine so we can see what's the scientific basis for the success some patients enjoy with homeopathy and Rife.
Cancer Defeated Publications

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