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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is this the ultimate anti-cancer fruit?

Cancer Defeated Publications

This Could Be the Ultimate Anti-Cancer Fruit

    Pomegranate juice has been one of the hit new products of the last few years, and not just because people like sweet drinks. It's also thanks to the juice's cytotoxicity (meaning it's toxic to cancer cells), as demonstrated in lab tests on several different cell lines. Pre-clinical lab studies show when an animal is fed pomegranate extract, the growth of lung, skin, colon, and prostate tumors slows down.

    Because of these promising results, 10 new clinical trials were recently registered with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), all with an aim to study pomegranate extract as a cancer treatment. Nine of those studies focus on prostate cancer and the last one will focus on follicular lymphoma.

    That's just the beginning of the exciting news about this cancer killer. Keep reading. . .

The Hidden Ingredient that Packs on Belly Fat…
    Which of the following foods triggers your body to store layers of fat most quickly:
  1. choking down an entire tablespoon of PURE table sugar,
  2. snacking on a cup of low-fat yogurt, or
  3. delighting in a cup of delicious ice cream?
    Shockingly it's actually the cup of low-fat yogurt that's triggers your body to pack on the flab the fastest of these three... even more quickly than just plain old table sugar.

    I know this seems hard to believe, but it's all because of this dangerous ingredient that's hidden in virtually ALL of the foods you eat.

    But there are two particular types of foods that are by FAR the biggest offenders — foods that nearly ALL of eat EVERY day -- that are literally "infested" with this hidden ingredient and pack on flab the fastest:

    ==> Avoid These 2 Foods At All Costs (and Eat These 5 to Flip on Your Fat Burning Switch)...

    The researchers have already seen success in a Phase II prostate cancer trial, where pomegranate extract seemed to prompt a longer PSA-doubling time. PSA, or prostate-specific antigen, is something doctors look at to see if prostate cancer is progressing.

    The doubling time for a man's PSA number is an indicator of how fast a prostate cancer tumor may be growing. If it takes six months for your PSA to double, you're better off than if it takes two months.

    One study showed men who drank eight ounces of pomegranate juice every day for two years significantly increased their PSA-doubling time.

    If you're a regular reader of this newsletter, you know that while ONE isolated PSA test is not very significant, the trend in your PSA number over a series of tests IS significant.

    So if pomegranates still sound like an exotic fruit to you, it's time you made their acquaintance. Pomegranates come from a small tree native to Asia. But you see them cultivated all over the world these days, mainly because the sweet juice from the arils (the bright ruby pulpy part around the seeds) is in high demand.

    But now we know good taste may be the least of their benefits. Pomegranates are rich in antioxidant and anti-artherosclerotic properties. (Don't be fazed by the big word. It means this fruit helps prevent plaque in your arteries.) Those properties are the main source of the anti-cancer benefits seen in this fruit.

    My personal doctor, an integrative M.D. who was on the faculty of a major medical school, recommends pomegranate juice for enlarged prostate.

    And he also alerted me that there are very good pomegranate supplements for people who don't want to drink the juice every day. That would include me — I find the juice much too sweet.
Pomegranates wipe out breast cancer
    There's also a new study on the ability of pomegranate to inhibit breast cancer metastasis (i.e. the spread of the cancer from the original site to other sites in the body). Researchers involved in this study were so taken by the results, they said pomegranate juice may even be effective as a general cancer treatment.

    Some research also suggests that pomegranate juice may slow the growth of breast cancer. Researchers at the University of California, Riverside, applied different concentrations of pomegranate juice to two separate breast cancer cell lines. They found that a one percent juice concentration completely stopped cancer cell growth in both cancer cell lines. A five percent juice concentration not only stopped growth, it also killed large portions of the cancer cells.

    Both concentrations also seemed to suppress the metastatic process of cancer. Part of this was observed after cancer cell adhesion ramped up (meaning the cancer cells stayed clumped and didn't spread to other tissues). Researchers also noticed the usual chemical attraction of cancer cells toward bones seemed to decrease.

    But impressively, similar tests with different concentrations of pomegranate juice on normalbreast cells didn't have any of these results. Only the cancer cells are harmed.

    Another promising study showed the combination of pomegranate juice and genistein staved off growth of MCF-7 breast cancer cells. Genistein can be found in soy, as well as in supplement form.

    And yet another positive result of applying pomegranate juice to cancer cell lines appears to be the suppression of pro-inflammatory signaling molecules. Meaning, pomegranate juice helps suppress the inflammation process. This is important, because scientists now understand inflammation can speed the spread of cancer within the body.
The FDA lost its war on pomegranates —
and a good thing, too!
    The last time this newsletter talked about pomegranates there was an uproar going on at the FDA. They were hot around the collar with POM Wonderful, the largest U.S. maker of pomegranate juice. The FDA had issued a warning letter to the company, accusing them of promoting their juice as a healing drug.

    Yet all the company had done was add links to its website. Those links led consumers to peer-reviewed scientific studies that highlighted ways pomegranates may protect against health problems.

    Yes, you heard right. According to the FDA, if you tell customers about an article on the health benefits of a food you're selling, then you're claiming your food is a drug!

    POM got the last word there. In a 335-page ruling that came out in May, the FTC upheld POM Wonderful's right to share links with customers about the scientifically-validated healing properties of pomegranates. Yay!

    Since that ruckus, the new research I reviewed above provides even more proof for the health benefits of pomegranates. And some of the research is so promising, pomegranates may someday play a role as a standard cancer treatment.
A pomegranate a day keeps the doctor away
    Some doctors will tell you all these promising results are preliminary and to wait for clinical trials. I say it's a juice, go ahead and drink it. Or take the supplements.

    It's tough to replicate even the one percent concentration mentioned in the study above, since that means downing over three cups a day. But even if you go with at least one cup a day, you're bound to get some protection against prostate and breast cancer.

    Mention it to your doctor, though. Pomegranate juice is pretty safe, but it may affect the efficacy of a few prescription meds like warfarin (blood thinner) or high cholesterol drugs. Between you and me, I'd keep the pomegranate juice and dump the drugs. There are plenty of good, natural ways to thin the blood or promote heart health. But that's another article for another day.

    In our last issue we covered an exciting drug-free therapy that's completely safe and gets incredible results — not just for cancer but for a wide range of medical problems. If you missed this important news, scroll down and read it now.

The Healing Power of Light
Known for 84 Years,
Ignored by Mainstream Medicine

By Andrew Scholberg and Lee Euler
This is the second of two reports about the Doctors' Symposium of the Cancer Control Society, September 4, 2012, Sheraton Universal Hotel, Universal City, California
    Imagine an inexpensive therapy that would do these things for a cancer patient:
  • Supercharge the immune system
  • Oxygenate tissues
  • Kill viruses and bacteria in the blood
  • Improve circulation and microcirculation
  • Reduce pain
  • Increase the metabolism of cholesterol
    If you think that's too good to be true, think again, and imagine no more. This inexpensive therapy is called ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI). It was the subject of a remarkable speech by Tom Lowe at the 2012 Doctors' Symposium of the Cancer Control Society. Keep reading to learn more about this safe and extremely effective remedy. . .

Continued below. . .

How Carolyn Reversed
Her Alzheimer's by
Disobeying Her Doctor
    An all-natural protein melts away the brain-clogging mineral that triggers memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer's — and cuts brain cell death in half! And yet this Nobel Prize-winning discovery is being ignored by 99% of doctors.

    That's why I'd like to tell you about Carolyn.

    Click here to see how she reversed her Alzheimer's without drugs — and in just a few weeks!

    If you or someone you care about is suffering from memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer's, then you know how cruel these diseases can be. The emotional and physical toll they take on the patient — as well as on the entire family — can be devastating.

    That's why the news of the breakthroughs I'm about to reveal could literally have a life-changing effect on you.

    Best of all, these solutions are available and being used successfully right now — even while most doctors still throw up their hands when it comes to memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer's, using words like "hopeless" and "irreversible." It's hard to believe, I know. . .

    So please click here to see how Carolyn reversed her Alzheimer's with this remarkable discovery!

    Mr. Lowe has become one of the nation's leading experts on UBI. The Cancer Control Society's president Frank Cousineau introduced him as the father of 11 children who has been married for over 40 years. He's a businessman who supplies UBI devices to medical professionals throughout the country.
Alternative doctors swear by this therapy
    Mr. Lowe explained that just five or six years ago, he was a real skeptic about UBI. But the evidence that it works is overwhelming, and he continues to get amazing reports from physicians about the effectiveness of UBI.

    In fact, Tom Lowe invented a new, more powerful UBI device and co-founded a clinic that administers the therapy. While he's not involved in the clinic anymore, he personally saw hundreds of patients go through UBI with incredible results. He describes himself as being "shocked" at how successful the therapy was.
Safe, simple and totally harmless
    You're probably wondering how UBI works. The physician withdraws a small quantity of your blood (from 40 to 60 cc). This tiny blood sample is passed through ultraviolet light and put back into your body. It's that simple. Your blood is optically dense, and the UBI light affects only three percent of it. But that's enough to do the job.

    Ultraviolet light, of course, kills germs. But UBI doesn't achieve such dramatic results by directly killing microbes, since only a small amount of blood is exposed. Instead, it seems to stimulate the whole immune system and provokes a vaccine-like effect against almost any disease you happen to have.

    The treatment is absolutely, completely safe and has NO side effects. It can't possibly harm you, and all the evidence suggests it does many patients a huge amount of good.

    The technology was actually invented 84 years ago by a man named Emmitt K. Knott, who used it to cure a woman who was dying of a septic infection. Further development continued through the 1930s involving a number of researchers at various hospitals and universities, and by 1949 an article in Time magazine was calling ultraviolet blood radiation the wave of the future.

    It was not to be. In the 1950s the medical profession decided that the new antibiotics and vaccines were the wave of the future. Interest in UBI died out almost completely. Tom Lowe says he once met an older doctor who remembered hearing about it in medical school. Then it disappeared.
"UBI can kick shingles in two days!"
    UBI is effective against some 60 diseases, including hepatitis C, Epstein Barr virus, multiple sclerosis and HIV. In his talk, Mr. Lowe quoted a case in which a man with early-stage MS was cured in just a couple of sessions.

    If you're worried about ever getting shingles, here's something you'll find useful. Mr. Lowe declared, "UBI can kick shingles in two days." I've never had shingles, but I've heard it's incredibly painful. If I ever do get shingles, I won't hesitate to use the UBI cure!

    But please know that when it comes to cancer, UBI isn't a "silver bullet." Mr. Lowe says UBI should be viewed as an adjunct, not a mainstay, cancer therapy. It should be used along with other effective treatments. UBI helps battle cancer by creating more oxygen, reducing pain and inflammation, and killing infections that are often found in conjunction with cancer.

    When someone has cancer, you can be sure the immune system is weak. Boosting the immune system through UBI and other therapies enables the immune system to return to duty and kill cancer cells right and left.

    Because UBI improves circulation and micro-circulation, Mr. Lowe said it also helps with Reynaud's Syndrome, a circulatory disorder of the extremities. He added that the physicians who use UBI report excellent results with auto-immune diseases.

    Mr. Lowe said that four treatments are usually the minimum. He has a network of physicians around the country who offer UBI therapy. Many doctors who offer UBI also offer ozone treatment and view the two as sister therapies. See Issue 226 for more information about ozone.

    To see medical studies that back up the effectiveness of UBI or to find a practitioner near you, check out You may contact Mr. Lowe at
Even Quackwatch doesn't criticize it
    Tom Lowe said that — unlike most alternative therapies — you can search high and low without finding a single negative comment about ultraviolet blood irradiation. Even Quackwatch doesn't say anything negative.

    The reason is simple. The treatment is FDA-approved for treating at least one cancer, T-cell lymphoma. Even the American Cancer Society says UBI "is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for treating T-cell lymphoma involving the skin. Clinical trials look promising for the treatment of immune system diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, rejection of transplanted organs and graft versus host disease."

    This mainstream version of UBI, first developed at Yale, is now owned by Johnson and Johnson and available at roughly 200 centers around the world. It costs $2,500 to $4,000 per session with a minimum of ten sessions.

    You don't have to spend anything like that amount of money. The versions of UBI offered by alternative doctors cost a couple of hundred dollars per session, at most.

    Now here's another exciting development we learned at the Cancer Control Society's annual meeting. . .
A new state-of-the-art cancer test
    When someone undergoes cancer treatment, it's essential to know whether or how well the treatment is working. One way to find out is through Dr. Efren Navarro's HCG Urine Test, which I describe in the Special Report I wrote with Bill Henderson: How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day. (Click here if you'd like to learn more.) One advantage of the Navarro test is that it's so inexpensive.

    A new test that's even more accurate is now available, thanks to the brilliant research of Dr. Emil Schandl, Ph.D. Dr. Schandl spoke about his breakthrough Longevity Profile Test, which includes his new Cancer Test (called "The CA Profile"). You'd never guess from Dr. Schandl's humble and mild manner that he has such a fascinating story.

    Growing up under Communism in Hungary, Dr. Schandl experienced a life-changing event at the age of 13: a priest gave him some practical advice to do a few push-ups every day. He actually followed the priest's advice and became strong. He added other exercises and became stronger. The Communists eventually noticed his athletic potential and started grooming him to represent Hungary as a wrestler in the Olympic Games.

    But Emil got into trouble with the government for participating in the 1956 Hungarian Uprising. When the uprising failed, he fled Hungary across the Austrian Alps and eventually made his way to America.

    As an American, Dr. Schandl has become a distinguished scientist. He's still in top physical condition and has earned a 4th degree Black Belt in karate as well as a spot as a swimmer at the Senior Olympic Games. To keep himself in peak health, he regularly takes his own Longevity Profile Test. This test, which includes Dr. Schandl's new Cancer Test, gives him a snapshot of his current state of health. Although he has never had cancer, he takes the Cancer Test because it can detect cancer at the earliest stage.
Cancer patients should repeat the Cancer Test
    He recommends that cancer patients repeat the Cancer Test from time to time during their treatment to find out whether or not the treatment is working. If the test shows that a course of treatment isn't working, the patient can switch to a different course of treatment. Every cancer patient needs to know whether or not the treatment plan is working in order to make any mid-course adjustments that may be necessary.

    According to Dr. Schandl, his cancer test is more comprehensive and accurate than the Navarro HCG urine test. The Schandl cancer test may be ordered separately or as part of his comprehensive Longevity Profile Test, which he says everyone should get once a year.

    The Longevity Profile Test also checks hormone levels, osteoporosis, coronary health, homocysteine, cholesterol, and so on. Whether you have cancer or not, this test is helpful. And it also alerts you VERY early if any cancer is present.

    If you want to order one of Dr. Schandl's tests, instructions are available at his website,

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