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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Are you eating this "laundry detergent" ingredient?

There’s no way you’d sit down and drink laundry detergent in your pursuit of “good health,” right?
And yet, for the millions of men and women who take or consider taking prescription osteoporosis drugs, they have no idea that hidden in that little pill is an ingredient also used in common laundry detergents.
Men and women with serious problems are being fed the same thing used to wash clothing!
And that’s just one of the nasty “secrets” most people don’t know about prescription osteoporosis drugs.
Researchers have discovered that osteoporosis medicines can actually make bones more fragile. So while pharmaceutical companies continue marketing their products as “life savers,” these drugs can end up making the problem even worse.
And they know it. In fact, it was revealed that the maker of one very popular osteoporosis drug socked away $48 million dollars to deal with future lawsuits related to the product.
I’m writing to tell you about something new that can help you strengthen your bones, in just 15 minutes per day.
It’s not a drug, it’s not a diet. And it’s not something you’ll ever hear the pharmaceutical companies discuss.
They’d rather you didn’t find out about this... because it’s cheap... and they can’t patent it!
The best part about this is you can start benefiting from it just minutes from now. Osteoporosis is serious. And osteoporosis is scary.
But now there is a way to beat it without putting yourself at risk.
P.S. One in 3 women over the age of 50 will fracture a hip, wrist or spine because of osteoporosis. The same is true for 1 in 12 men.
The worst part is that the majority of the people who suffer this fate have no idea they have a problem, until it’s too late.
Don’t let that be your story. Take control and get on the path to stronger bones, fast.

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