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Friday, August 10, 2012

When chemo is the right choice

Is chemotherapy EVER the right decision
when you have cancer?

Dear Friend,
       "Chemotherapy never works." That's what some natural health advocates will tell you.
       This is a touchy subject in the alternative medicine community. And it's a decision you'll have to make if you ever have cancer.
       The fact is, some of the best alternative doctors and cancer clinics in the world use chemotherapy. I'm talking about top clinics in Mexico, Germany, and the U.S.
       But here's the thing: they don't employ chemo the way conventional doctors do. They use low doses, and they have a few "tricks" that make these low doses MORE EFFECTIVE than the massive doses that conventional doctors use. What's more, they COMBINE chemo with the best alternative treatments.
       If I had early stage cancer, I'd probably try the inexpensive do-it-yourself-at-home treatments. That's my take. I'm not a doctor. But if I had late-stage cancer, I'd head for one of these clinics and get a combination of chemotherapy and alternatives.
       The fact is, chemo has a place in cancer treatment -- when it's done right.
       Scroll down and read the message below. You'll see what I mean. You'll also learn about a couple of great cancer clinics we haven't talked about in our other reports.
Best wishes,

Lee Euler

Dear Friend,
It's bad enough that doctors reject at least two dozen safe, effective alternative cancer treatments.
But now I've learned there are mainstream, FDA-approved drug treatments that work far better than those used by nine out of ten cancer doctors - and the medical profession STILL WON'T USE THEM.
How can this possibly be?
I'll tell you how. It's the great oddity of modern medicine:  Cutting-edge treatments exist for even your worst health nightmares, but most traditional doctors either don't know about them or completely ignore them.
That goes double for cancer breakthroughs -- and it's costing people their lives!
Many patients - even those who prefer alternative medicine -- feel they can't turn their backs totally on chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Their doctor, their family, and everybody else insists they submit to the same mainstream treatments other patients get.
The patient may be ready to try something new, but the pressure to conform can be too hard to resist. Your treatment could be failing miserably and the people around you still won't listen. They don't "get it"--and it's your health on the line!
But you're not alone! Even doctors with cancer have to confront this same issue. Take the case of Dr. Elizabeth, for example. . .
"Other doctors had written me off for dead"
Elizabeth was a successful physician and the medical director of her own laboratory. She was in the prime of life. Then disaster struck...hard! She was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of ovarian cancer.
Her oncologists determined that chemotherapy, rather than radiation or surgery, was Elizabeth 's best option.
Then came another huge blow: After two months, she learned that the chemotherapy she was using--the "first choice" of cancer doctors to fight ovarian cancer--was having ZERO effect on the growth of her tumor.
The next chemo drug she tried failed as well. Time was running out and her doctors had resigned themselves: she was close to the end.
Desperate for help, Elizabeth had her tumor cells sent to be analyzed and tested by a visionary doctor. (I'll call him Dr. Bob - you'll receive full details of his amazing new approach in the Special Report CANCER PIONEERS).
Dr. Bob identified a certain combination of chemo drugs to use.  In the laboratory, this custom-designed, personalized combo effectively killed her cancer cells. Elizabeth started taking it immediately.
The result? In just three weeks, Elizabeth 's tumor started to shrink dramatically.
Five years later, she remains completely cancer-free!
You'll find the remarkable details about Dr. Bob's methods, and other breakthroughs from cancer geniuses just like him, in the pages of a new Special Report entitled CANCER PIONEERS.
Medical visionaries like Dr. Bob truly represent...
The "best of both worlds" --
conventional AND alternative medicine
My name is Lee Euler, and I've spent the last four years researching, writing and publishing information about cancer solutions.  I head up a team of passionate, dedicated investigators who sort through all the confusing, conflicting information and find answers to life-or-death cancer questions.
Up to now, my team has focused on dozens of amazing alternative cancer treatments.  They do exist and they do work.
 However, I realize how hard it can be to reject conventional treatments completely, especially if your doctor and family put you under pressure. But now you don't have to anymore, thanks to an extraordinary pair of CANCER PIONEERS.
These amazing physicians offer "best-of-both-worlds" cancer care, straddling comfortably between conventional treatments and alternative therapies. Their discoveries have boosted survival rates for thousands of cancer victims--yet amazingly, their methods haven't gained a strong foothold in the U.S.
But before I tell you more about
   these Cancer Pioneers,
     let me ask you a question...
Did you know that, every time a cancer patient is given a new chemotherapy drug, there's over a 40 percent chance it's the wrong one? It's shocking, but it's true! Oncologists choose the wrong chemo drugs at least four times out of ten.

You might as well just flip a coin. That'show random this process is!
If you're the cancer patient, you're experiencing the unnecessary delay and discomfort of going through chemotherapy with the wrong drug.   Then after a certain period of time, your oncologist realizes that particular chemotherapy drug is NOT killing your cancer.
What's next? I'll tell you what's next: drug after drug after drug - one round of chemotherapy after another (if you live through them) -- as your doctor searches aimlessly for the right drug.  And there are more than 70 different drugs to choose from!
Tick tock, tick tock.
   You're wasting precious time --
  time you just don't have
Obviously you know this, but it bears repeating: When you've only got weeks or months to live, there's no time to spare. And you feel even more frustrated because your treatment is completely out of your hands.
 But now, this tragedy is doesn't have to happen. If your oncologist will just learn about the new discovery and try a BETTER approach to chemotherapy--you could get the right treatment from the very beginning. 
 I've witnessed the suffering of cancer. Many of my own family and friends have experienced the horrors of this evil disease. Too many! And almost every one of them endured failure after failure during their conventional treatment.
I hope you or your loved ones will consider this powerful new "twist" on the conventional approach...
"Personalized" chemotherapy:
   Designed to target your own
    highly individual cancer cells
    Want to know why oncologists administer the wrong chemo drug more than 40 percent of the time? It's because they focus too much attention on overall cancer "statistics" and not enough on each unique individual.
    For example, if you're suffering from breast cancer, most oncologists will give you the "best drug statistically", based on how well it's worked for other breast cancer patients.
Seems like common sense, right? Too bad it fails almost half the time. Your cancer cells are almost as unique as your fingerprints. So here's great news:
I found a doctor who identifies
  the right chemotherapy drug
  for each patient the FIRST time
    Dr. Bob (mentioned earlier) is a highly respected M.D./oncologist who's developed an astonishing cancer test--one that determines from the cancer patient's own cancer cells which chemo drug or combination of drugs will most effectively kill those cells.
"Patients are unique", says Dr. Bob. "Their cancer therapies should be, too."
    Truer words were never spoken! The "personalized" approach to chemotherapy is a revolutionary improvement over normal chemo.  The results prove it: Patients who take this remarkable test before they start their chemo often DOUBLE or even TRIPLE their success rate!
Let me put that another way - a blunt way:  Patients who DON'T have the advantage of this kind of targeted chemotherapy are two or three times more likely to die.
Why is that? Because this doctor's technology chooses the RIGHT drug the FIRST TIME OUT. No more "cancer roulette", hoping to land on the right drug by chance.
    Getting the correct drug right from the that paints a huge "bullseye" on your own unique cancer cells...can save you from months and months of hit-and-miss chemo drugs and the horrible effects that go with them.
It could even save your life when nothing else will...
Mother of three refuses to go quietly
Kathy was a 45-year-old mother of three when she felt a lump in her breast. The diagnosis confirmed her worst fears: Kathy had aggressive breast cancer.
     Her doctors  performed surgery, but things went from bad to worse. The cancer spread to Kathy's liver. At that point, many oncologists would recommend only minimal treatment, to preserve the quality of the time she had left.
    But Kathy was luckier than most patients: Her doctors sent her cancer cells to Dr. Bob for testing. He discovered an effective combination of chemotherapy drugs that killed her cancer cells in the laboratory.
    Was Kathy willing to try the chemo? "Let's go for it!" she said.
    Two years later, as this is written, Kathy is still in complete remission with only minimal therapy. The test--and her "never-say-die" attitude--saved her life.
    Now you might be asking yourself...
Why isn't every oncologist
   using this cancer test
  for every patient?
That's a good question. As Dr. Bob says, doctors can be stubborn as mules. That's why some oncologists resist this breakthrough: They'd rather keep doing what they've always done.
    Other well-meaning oncologists--like yours, maybe--would use the test before starting you on chemo if they knew the test existed. But the word hasn't gotten around as it should. And do you know why? Naturally, it's Big Pharma!
Call me cynical, but I think giant drug companies like things just the way they are. Think about it: When oncologists must try multiple chemo drugs, searching high and low for the one that works, drug companies sell more drugs--whether they work or not.
In other words, the drug companies can multiply their massive profits by keeping you and millions of other Americans sick!
    Do you think these drug companies would welcome a test that slashed their sales to the bone? Don't count on it! Remember, their business is not to save lives, it's to SELL DRUGS!
    But you don't have to put up with this heartless greed. At last, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from cancer and stop relying on the selfish people who line their own pockets while you fight for your life.
Introducing Cancer Pioneers --
the modern world's most advanced information
on the subject of beating cancer!
Dr. Bob is just one of the brilliant physicians and trailblazing scientists you'll meet in CANCER PIONEERS, my brand-new Special Report.
This unique manuscript was compiled by my valued colleague Larry J. Trivieri--editor of Alternative Medicine: A Definitive Guide and co-author of 12 best-selling books on natural health. Larry and I are proud to makeCANCER PIONEERS available to you.
You'll discover case studies of doctors who put their patients first. These unique individuals have developed more effective, less toxic cancer treatments-- including chemotherapy that has fewer side effects and sometimes NO side effects! They've also found ways to combine conventional care and alternative therapies.
Let me tell you about another one of the doctors in this Special Report. He's devoted his entire practice to "integrating" mainstream and alternative medicine. (I'll call him Dr. Keith for now--you'll get full details in CANCER PIONEERS).
Dr. Keith is dedicated in heart and soul to helping patients beat cancer. His dedication saved a patient named Mary.
She never missed a day of work or
even a meal during her chemo
Mary was a workaholic who held two jobs and an exercise fanatic who spent two hours a day lifting weights at the gym. She appeared to be in peak physical condition--until she discovered a lump in her breast.
Even after radical surgery, her doctors told her she would die. But Mary did what she always did: she took action! She began reading everything she could get her hands on about cancer and--by pure chance--stumbled upon Dr. Keith.
Dr. Keith put Mary on his "patient-focused" chemo. This amazing innovation calls for smaller bursts of chemo over time instead of a huge blast all at once. With smaller bursts, the chemo kills more cancer cells and fewer healthy cells.
Mary also changed to a "cancer-preventing" diet...lowered her inflammation...reduced her stress levels...cut back on her intense exercise program (she was overdoing it)...and brought more balance and harmony into her life.
Remarkably, Mary experienced almost no side effects. She would put her chemo in a fanny pack and take long walks on the waterfront while the drugs went slowly into her system. And she never missed a meal or a day of work! 
Mary's been cancer-free for eight years now! Conventional chemo--coupled with alternative therapies --was the "one-two punch" she needed. As her case proves...
You don't have to run
away from mainstream
treatments altogether
    For most people I know, it'd be scary to abandon "the system" completely. But the good news is, now you don't have to! You'll soon discover how it's better to combine your options, drawing from the best of both conventional and alternative.
That's because--make no mistake--chemo doesn't have to be painful, miserable and useless. With CANCER PIONEERS at your fingertips, you and your oncologist can work as a team to identify your best course of action. You might want to ask yourself...
Will this cutting-edge Special Report help
me defeat the scourge of cancer?
Will it help me save a beloved family member,
or one of my dear friends?
I hope so. And if your loved ones are reluctant to try little-known treatments (you know how hard it can be to convince them!), they might just listen if you back yourself up with the scientifically proven information in CANCER PIONEERS.
You could share this astonishing story from one of Dr. Keith's patients, a man named Gary ...
 "If you want to live, call this number!"
Like many generations of his family, Gary raised cattle for a living and found purpose in the long, hard days. He was also a proud meat eater who kept 800 pounds of red meat in his freezer and downed cartloads of cheese, milk and sweets.
Life was good: until one day when Gary noticed he'd developed a huge mass in his stomach. But like many people who don't want to face such problems, he waited six months and dropped 55 pounds before consulting a doctor.
The diagnosis? Kidney cancer that had spread to his other organs. Doctors told Gary to get his affairs in order and prepare to die.
  In a last-ditch effort, Gary dialed a phone number that one of his nurses gave him. It was the number of Dr. Keith, who'd helped the nurse's father defeat his cancer. Gary was looking for the same kind of miracle.
Gary committed to Dr. Keith's program 100%. He agreed to a highly targeted, minimally toxic dose of chemo that stabilized him in just two weeks. And with the help of his family, he changed his diet and lifestyle dramatically.
The results? 18 years later, Gary is cancer-free and loving every minute of his life. He grows organic produce on his enjoying his first grandchild...and tells every cancer patient he meets about Dr. Keith.
And you can find out more about Dr. Keith in the pages of CANCER PIONEERS. Click here to get your copy.
This Special Report could
    truly save your life...
     or the life of someone you care about!
For just $19.95 USD, you'll get this astonishing, up-to-the-minute research on America 's most dreaded disease.CANCER PIONEERS is a "quantum leap" in cancer knowledge for anyone who's been stricken with this unforgiving disease or who worries about getting it.
You'll discover...
  • The noted physician who helped 88 percent of his colon cancer patients turn their cancers around
  • The revered doctor and scientist who astounded the medical community by saving seven out of eight brain cancer patients
  • The cancer expert who multiplied the survival rate for ovarian cancer patients by 500 PERCENT
  • The medical legend who achieved 90% success with early stage cancers
  • The amazing oncologist who DOUBLED the survival rates for both prostate cancer and breast cancer patients
  You'll also discover other important but little-known facts, such as...
  • Where America 's most famous alternative doctor would go if HE had cancer
  • The scary connection between cancer and "concealed depression"
  • How to "reprogram" your cancer cells so they commit suicide
  • The dirty little secret about cancer "survival" statistics
  • 10 simple steps to "cancer proof" your life and enhance your treatment
But by now, you might be wondering...
Why purchase this information when
   it's probably free on the Internet?
Yes, you might find it for free in other places, but as you can imagine, it's a full-time job to figure out which information is valuable enough that it's worth betting your life on.
Would you be able to sift through all the misinformation on the Internet to identify the real gems...those wonderful, talented doctors and scientists who devote their lives to finding answers to your most challenging health problems?
Enter "cancer" in Google and you'll get 22 million listings.  Which ones should you read? Which ones should you believe?
That's where my team comes in.  We've made it our mission to serve you as the source you can trust for reliable cancer information. For this Special Report alone, it took my researchers months to find the health professionals who have solid, proven, breakthrough answers to your cancer questions.
This new Special Report is the absolute latest information--information you must have now, not months from now, if you're in a life-and-death situation.
And even if you're not in urgent need right now, you'll surely want the right information on hand if - God forbid -- you or a loved one gets this disease that's now the number two cause of death in America.
The scary fact is, one out of every two men and one out of every three women in America will get cancer! Will you be prepared?
This Special Report gives you
  a crucial advantage when
   there's no time to mess around
With this Special Report at your fingertips, you can make the decisions you need to make, and make them quickly, when the clock is ticking and every moment counts. That's why it's so important that you get this information ASAP.
That's why I'm offering you CANCER PIONEERS for only $19.95 USD. As you can probably see by now, $19.95 is a good value for this Special Report...all by itself. But I wanted to give you EVEN MORE value.
So I asked the author, Larry Trivieri, to bundle in some FREE Bonus Reports for you. We receive so much remarkable information in our offices about cancer treatment, therapies and prevention--and we wanted to give you as much as possible to complement your copy of CANCER PIONEERS.
    Let me tell you about the THREE FREE Bonus Reports Larry Trivieri selected for you...
Free Bonus Report Number One:
   Switch Off Your Cancer Genes
Did you know it's possible to "switch off" your cancer genes and disarm cancerous cells before they can multiply and spread in your body? It might be hard to believe, but it's helping thousands of patients beat their cancer!
Forward-looking oncologists from around the world have starting using gene therapy to head cancer off at the pass. And now they've developed some truly remarkable treatments--ones you can get access to right here in the U.S.
In fact, this revolutionary gene therapy has been used successfully for malignant melanoma and lymphoma, bladder cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer.
What's more, it's gentle, painless, and completely free of side effects.
For details about this breakthrough gene therapy, send for this unbelievably valuable Bonus Report today. It's YOURS FREE with every copy of CANCER PIONEERS.
Free Bonus Report Number Two:
Cancer and Your Emotions
Let me ask you: have you been angry or depressed lately? Yesterday? Today?
How did you deal with it? Comfort foods? Alcohol? Drugs? Aggression? Or did you just hold it all in?
According to scientists, 99 percent of people who die from cancer suffer from anger, depression or both. That's why it's urgent that you deal with your emotional issues if you want to get healthy--or stay healthy.
If you're skeptical that anger and depression can cause cancer, you won't be after you read this FREE Bonus Report.  I thought this idea was strange myself, years ago--till I saw the proof! The evidence is overwhelming that people who change their attitude survive or avoid cancer at higher rates than those who don't.
In this eye-opening Bonus Report, you'll find an easy-to-use "emotional health" questionnaire to help you determine your cancer risk quickly.
You'll also discover the hotly debated link between cancer and traumatic events such as divorce or a death in the fear, low self-esteem and pessimism can increase tumor growth...powerful mind and body therapies to heal your emotional "triggers"...and much more.
This immensely valuable Bonus Report is YOURS FREE with your copy of CANCER PIONEERS.
Free Bonus Report Number Three:
The World-Renowned Anti-Cancer Diet
The "anti-cancer" diet has probably influenced more alternative cancer practitioners and helped more cancer patients than any other therapy.

     Developed more than 60 years ago by Albert Schweitzer's personal physician, this diet outlines the nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables you must eat to boost your immune system, strengthen your metabolism, and set the stage for optimum health.
By following this astonishing diet...
  • A German woman with a deadly eye tumor saved her vision--and her life--in little more than a year. She was still cancer-free 36 years later!
  • An American girl with an inoperable brain tumor stunned her oncologist when, after 18 months, he could find no evidence of brain cancer at all.
  • An English professor, told that his multiple myeloma would be fatal, cured himself and wrote about it in a highly-acclaimed book.
Healthy eating is the master key to many cures. With this remarkable plan, you can make it a part of your own "cancer-beating" program. Get this Bonus Report absolutely FREE when you order CANCER PIONEERS.
Add it up: you get this new Special Report, CANCER PIONEERS, for just $19.95 USD. Plus, you get THREE Valuable Bonus Reports FREE with your purchase. This is "must-know" info if you want to fight cancer...and win!
Get this vital information in your hands in just two minutes      
        Of course you can receive a printed copy by mail, but. . .
     To make it fast and easy for you, I'm also offering CANCER PIONEERS to you via digital download. No shipping and handling to pay for and worry about. No waiting by your mailbox. Just download it instantly to your computer screen. You can read it right away onscreen or print it out and read it at your leisure.  You can be reading it five minutes from now!
Printed copy OR digital download -- it's your choice.
Plus, when you order CANCER PIONEERS, there's absolutely NO RISK on your part. Why? Because I'm giving you...
My Cancer Pioneers 100 Percent Guarantee:
If you're not amazed and delighted with this NEW Special Report,
you'll get every penny of your money back
I believe wholeheartedly in CANCER PIONEERS and I stand by it completely. So, if for any reason you're not 100 percent happy with this unique new Special Report, you can get a total refund anytime within 12 months.
WHAT'S MORE, if you choose to order a printed copy, you don't even have to return it to get a refund.

PLUS, if you ever do ask for a refund, you can KEEP YOUR THREE FREE BONUS REPORTS, too, with our compliments and our best wishes for your health.
I urge you to get your copy of CANCER PIONEERS immediately. Even one new insight can make all the difference, especially when cancer is involved.  And this Special Report is busting with powerful information.  Click here to get your copy!
Yours for a cancer-free life today and always,

Lee Euler
    Cancer Pioneers
P.S. If you're not ready to walk away from conventional cancer treatments...or if you're just worried about getting cancer someday...CANCER PIONEERS is a "must-have" new Special Report. Inside these pages, you'll meet remarkable doctors who are giving their patients revolutionary cancer treatments--proven to save lives--with few or no side effects.
P.S.S. For a limited time only, CANCER PIONEERS is available for the low price of just $19.95 USD.
Health Disclaimer: The information provided above is not intended as personal medical advice or instructions. You should not take any action affecting your health without consulting a qualified health professional. The authors and publishers of the information above are not doctors or health-caregivers. The authors and publishers believe the information to be accurate but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. There is some risk associated with ANY cancer treatment, and the reader should not act on the information above unless he or she is willing to assume the full risk.

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