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Friday, May 8, 2009

Okay so now you hate Manny?

Nate: So you feel betrayed by Manny?
Blog Reader Baseball Fan (BRBF): No not really
Nate: Don't you feel like many of the baseball writers and journalists that Manny has shamed baseball?
BRBF: Well....No
Nate: Many L.A. area baseball writers feel that the Dodgers must get rid of Manny what do you think of that?
BRBF: Uh...they don't sign the checks and cash the checks from the season ticket holders.
Nate: So if you were a Dodger fan would you 'Love' Manny
BRBF: Look! I loved Pamela Anderson! I love my brand new puppy! I love my family! Manny may help the Dodgers get to the World Series. I don't want him preaching at my church to the youth group.
Nate: Do you know of are you aware of what kind of PE's Manny was taking?
BRBF: Yeah something to help him have babies and hit home runs.
Nate: So what do we do now that it seems that all if not most of the top performers in baseball and possibly other sports are juicing? What do you say to the kids?
BRBF: Well I will tenderly say to my son or daughter "If I catch yo' A$$ touching any F*&^ing Juice I as you father will lovingly kick the living S&%t out of your F)*&ing butt and you better hope you are strong enough to survive it! and I love you very much!"

Okay so we went a little overboard on the last part, so let's get serious for a moment. I would like to challenge all of my fellow strength coaches, personal trainers, and fitness consultants to convey to at least one young athlete that there are natural alternatives to anabolic steriod illegal use and abuse. Many of my colleagues feel that I am waisting my time in trying to use my personal expertise in trying to tackle this problem at where I see the root. Obviously Bob Costas, Tony Kornheiser, Mike Tirico, and the scores of baseball writers out there cannot offer any alternatives. I do not hold any journalist to blame here, they are just doing their job. I also am going to do mine:
Many of you considering going on the juice will not want to read this but sorry 'Gotta' do it: (The linked text opens to a resource on the subject)
If you are not training and eating right you are waisting your time and syringes
Once you are training and eating right, there are safe and effective nutrtional supplements containing no illegal ingredients on the market today that can help you slowly catch up to and surpass the 'roiders'

I hope I am not the only strength coach putting this information into the right hands. I certainly welcome your debate and arguments. Anything before this minor drug problem catches up to the bigger problems of coacaine, meth, heroin, and many others.

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