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Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Truth About Cancer Featuring: How Big Pharma Pays Doctors to Push Chemotherapy

In this video, we follow Ty and the TTAC crew during their Journey Through ASIA as they talk to Doctors Roy and Motiwala about the way money from Big Pharma influences cancer treatments. You can watch the entire episode here:

 While studying to become an M.D., Dr. Roy learned the same thing about cancer that most doctors do. He was told that cancer should be treated with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. But this is all wrong, the doctor says.

 Patients treated this way only have about a 3% chance of total remission. Many patients see a recurrence, or even a new cancer caused by the original “treatments.” Even worse, these treatments indiscriminately destroy the immune system, leaving the body much more vulnerable to disease and illness.

 Dr. Roy says that “overenthusiastic oncologists” will continue to bombard the patient with chemotherapy again and again until the patient dies or runs out of money. He says that pharmaceutical reps are to blame.

Dr. Roy has actually been offered money in exchange for administering chemotherapy treatments! Doctors who prescribe the chemo drug paclitaxel can receive hundreds of dollars for each dose, making it hard to trust that their motives.

 Even though it is illegal for doctors in India to make a commission on their practice and prescriptions. But the pharmaceutical companies have found a loophole. Many of these companies will “hire” a doctor as an employee, pay their taxes, and cut them a check every two weeks – as long as they continue to push the right drugs.

 Don’t miss the bonus commentary by Dr. Sunil Pai and Dr. Irvin Sahni on just how much influence the pharmaceutical industry has over your treatment. Cancer is big business, generating nearly $130 billion dollars every year. Money drives the cancer industry, plain and simple.

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