What you spend your time on is what you prioritize in life. Most coaches list Faith, Family, and Football, in that order, but their time commitment is the reverse. This course is for coaches who are looking to streamline their game planning and gain time back to devote to their other priorities in life.
In this course you will get:
  • Advice on being effecient and effective on the weekends.
  • Thad's Scout Checklist that his coaches fill out on the weekend to form a game plan.
  • Thad's Weekly Checklist of everything that must be done each week.
  • Thad's Life Schedule, which can be used to keep you on task and focused every day.
  • Thad's Itinerary Template for planning gameday minute by minute.
If you're looking to be more efficient for yourself and the people involved in your program then this is the course for you. Book this course.....

Note: All files can be used as either Google Sheets files or Excel files.
Scout Checklist Sample

Weekly Checklist Sample
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Itinerary Sample