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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Real World Police Video Featuring: Street Racing Crackdown: View From The Sky Presented on US Sports Net by TacFit Survival
 On July 15, 2017 officers from the Auburn, Kent, Renton, and Tukwila police departments joined forces - and then joined forces once again with the King County Sheriff's Office Air Support Unit - in a crackdown on illegal street racing in Washington State.
 The crackdown was primarily intended to curb 'side effects' of the street races, which included stabbings, fights, shooting, collisions and damage to local businesses.
 By the end of the night officers made dozens of arrests, including 40 people arrested for attending an illegal street race, three for the actual racing itself, one for minor in possession of drugs, and one for an outstanding warrant. One stolen vehicle was recovered and a second stolen vehicle fled but was not found.
 Watch as Guardian One orchestrates events on the ground, taking full advantage of HD thermal imaging - also known as cheat mode - to capture one very determined fleeing racer.
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