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Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Truth About Cancer Featuring: The Healing Power of Forgiveness and Forgiveness Affirmations

In this video from The Truth About Cancer, discover the power of forgiveness for emotional clearing and personal growth and development. 

Watch this short clip and discover the benefits of forgiveness (and the benefits of forgiving yourself). In order to find release and move forward from past wounds, it’s absolutely vital to learn how to forgive those who’ve harmed you and let it go. 

The Bible describes this process as “turning the other cheek,” which involves not only treating others how you wish to be treated (even when they treat you wrongly!), but also recognizing that we’re all flawed and in need of forgiveness.

 Remember: it’s not about justifying someone else’s bad behavior against you, but rather releasing all the negative energy that it sent your way in order to find peace. This, in turn, will help your other relationships, promote spiritual and psychological wellbeing, reduce stress and blood pressure, boost your immunity, and help bring lasting joy and happiness into your life.


By: Erick Streit 

There is a little chorus that I used to sing, years ago, in Sunday School. Perhaps you'll remember it too.
Zacchaeus was a wee little man And a wee little man was he. He climbed up in a sycamore tree, For the Lord, he wanted to see. And as the Savior passed that way, He looked up in that tree And He said, Zacchaeus, you come down! For I'm going to your house today, For I'm going to your house to stay.
The story of Zacchaeus is found in Luke 19:1-10. He was a tax collector; in fact, Luke 19:2 tells us a chief tax collector. Not only did this man pad his own pockets by ripping people off, he supervised other tax collectors who did the same. Scriptures tell us, that he was very rich and very much despised!
One day, he heard that Jesus and many of His followers were to pass through the town of Jericho. Zacchaeus really wanted to see this man called Jesus. No doubt, he had heard many things about Him. But there were a couple of obstacles - one was the fact that the crowd was large, and secondly, Zacchaeus was little of stature (very short). So he found a sycamore tree by the road that Jesus would be travelling and up it he went! When the Lord walked under the tree, He looked up and said, Zacchaeus, make haste, and come down; for today I must abide at thy house. And the Bible says that he quickly came down and received Jesus joyfully (Luke 19:6).
I believe that Zacchaeus became a child of God at this moment! The crowd murmured about the fact that Jesus went to the home of this sinner. But Zacchaeus rejoiced because of his salvation and his new found Friend! And you know, salvation had brought about a radical change in the life of this tax collector. He told Jesus that he intended to give half of his goods to the poor. Imagine that! One of the best proofs that a person has been saved is a changed life!
Now from this little story, may I share some simple truths:
1. JESUS CAME TO WHERE ZACCHAEUS WAS. I'm so glad for the day that He came to where I was and saved me! Happy day, happy day, when Jesus washed my sins away! And friend, He can do the same for you.

2. EVEN THOUGH ZACCHAEUS HAD AN UNGODLY LIFESTYLE, JESUS WAS SO WILLING TO FORGIVE HIM AND SAVE HIM. Friend, no matter what you've done nor what you may be doing, if you're willing to repent of your sin (turn from sin) and turn to Jesus, trusting Him as your own Personal Savior, He will save you.
3. JESUS BEGAN A RELATIONSHIP WITH ZACCHAEUS! A relationship! That's what Christianity is all about! A relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. You see, that's the thing that makes Christianity so vastly different from all the religions of the world. Christianity is based upon a living Savior and a relationship with Him!
4. AND ZACCHAEUS'S LIFE CHANGED...PROOF OF HIS SALVATION. I've known way too many people who have said that they were Christians, but their lifestyles were anything but Christ-like. None of us are perfect - except Jesus Christ - but according to the Bible (I John 3:1-3), there must be some changes.
And you, my friend, can also meet the Master as Zacchaeus did so many years ago. Although he had plenty of this world's goods, he was miserable and searching for real contentment. And real contentment is ONLY FOUND IN JESUS CHRIST! If I can ever help...feel free to call. May His richest blessings be yours.

 Preacher "Bud" Owen

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