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Monday, September 23, 2019

The Truth About Cancer Featuring: 12 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Saying "Yes" to Chemotherapy"

While chemotherapy and radiation have long been considered the gold standard for treating cancer, it’s not because they have been proven to cure cancer. Watch the video above to learn more about the dangers of chemotherapy.

 Chemotherapy is not efficient. It is not selective, meaning it kills healthy cells along with the cancer cells. This inflicts serious damage on the body. Plus, chemo kills mostly rapidly dividing healthy and cancer cells − but not all of the cells are fast-growing.

 Cancer stem cells (CSCs), a small population of cancer cells that are slow-growing and therefore resistant to treatment, do NOT die. To make matters worse, the treatment makes these cells even stronger in numbers as the ratio of highly malignant cells to benign cells begins to spiral out of control very soon after chemotherapy treatment ends.

 These cells then take up residence elsewhere where they regenerate treatment-resistant tumors. Chemo also impairs the immune system (chemotherapy side effects are numerous!), thus disabling it from disarming and removing cancerous cells from the body − so the patient is then more vulnerable to the recurrence of cancer.

 It makes no sense to “treat” cancer with a therapy that causes cancer… does it?

The Reasons Why Many People Do Not Survive Cancer

By: Alan Wighton

We are not winning the war against cancer despite what we are being told and more people now are not surviving the disease. The reasons being our medical system is only focused on removing the cancer growths instead of addressing the root cause of the problem which is why these growths first appeared. Unfortunately cancer treatments today are all about profit and the only way you can profit from it is by treating symptoms instead of dealing with the reasons why it appeared.

When somebody is diagnosed with cancer they tend to abandon all common sense and summit to our orthodox medical treatments because of blind faith. While our mainstream health care system is superb for some medical problems but when it comes to degenerative diseases like cancer it mostly fails. There is only one way to approach the cancer problem and that is to correct the reasons why it happened.

While everyone is hopeful for a cure to be found, the facts are if somebody wasn’t trying to make money out of cancer, we would have a cure tomorrow. True cures for cancer involve correcting the reasons why it appeared but no one can profit from that. All you have to do is to remove the reasons why it grew and that will allow the body to self heal through the immune system. This system is effective when someone breaks a bone or cuts a finger and of course it also works for every type of cancer as well.

The cancer rate has been steadily climbing over the last 100 years and it’s still increasing and expected to affect 1 in 2.5 people in the western developed world by 2015. Ten years ago world wide there were 6.5 million people dying of cancer each year and in the year that’s just past that figure has increased to nearly 8 million people. That represents over twenty thousand people a day world wide that our medical system failed to cure.

The reason why people fear the disease is because everyone knows the treatments often don’t work. Until our medical system changes the way they treat the disease those figures aren’t going to change. The conventional approach to cancer is that it is a genetic problem and the best approach is early detection followed by surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. This approach most of the time has been a dismal failure.

Today we only have a medical care system which is profit driven and not a health care system which cares about people’s wellbeing. Why do you think our drugs are synthetic or artificial? It’s because they can then be patented and companies profit from them. That is also the reason why you will almost never be offered ways to overcome a health problem by natural means.

Nature has always had a cure for cancer so all you have to do is to turn to nature to help you with your problem. Cancer is not an isolated problem, it is a reminder telling you that something is wrong with the entire body so it’s time to make some important changes. Cancer will arise in the body when the body’s immune system has been weakened and allowed cells to divide without control and you certainly can’t fix that with a pill.

Cancer is only a modern day problem and it’s caused by the way we are now living. Also we are not being taught what we can do to help ourselves. We are kept ignorant about its many causes so we are forced to rely on the so called experts for treatment.

We don’t have an effective health care system for someone with cancer and our three ways of treating it seldom solves the problem.

Alan Wighton is an experienced natural therapist who has specialized how the food we eat daily is related to the many degenerative diseases that are now common. This article is from a site for those that are facing cancer.

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