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Saturday, February 29, 2020

NCAA Basketball: GCU Men vs UT Rio Grande Valley and Fitness Amateur Of The Week: Kelli Turned Athletic Skill Into Strength!

GCU Men's Basketball hosts UTRGV on February 29, 2020 at 6pm in GCU Arena. Pregame coverage begins at 5:30pm. (7:30 EST)

Fitness Amateur Of The Week: Kelli Turned Athletic Skill Into Strength! From

Kelli chased fitness to fill a competitive void when college basketball ended. See how this born athlete ambushed the field to win her first bikini competition with stunning beauty!


I was very athletic growing up and sports were ingrained in my life. I started playing basketball with boys at age 4 and went on to play every sport possible including volleyball, golf, basketball, softball, and track and field. I was determined to be the best at every sport.
Unfortunately, my dream of being a multisport athlete was halted before my sophomore year of high school when doctors said I needed back surgery. I couldn't give up what I worked for, so I convinced my surgeon to let me focus on one sport (basketball), which he allowed.
I pushed myself to get better, stayed after practice to take extra shots, and was in the weight room at 6 a.m. every morning on summer vacation. I wanted to be the best. I built a great work ethic, battled through two spinal surgeries in high school, never missed a game, and competed at the collegiate level.
My college career was sadly cut short due to continuous back complications, but I still craved a competitive edge. I graduated with a degree in kinesiology and marketing and moved from my small, Midwest town to South Florida, where I found a new passion for fitness after joining a kickboxing gym. I looked forward to the gym daily. I loved working with a trainer and putting on the gloves to hit the bag.
I was in shape but missed a major aspect of fitness: proper nutrition. I ate clean but wasn't eating enough calories to support the amount of energy I burned. I certainly wasn't eating enough protein to support my muscle either.


I work with my trainer, Brian Beauvais, three days per week, focusing on legs, shoulders, and back. I focus on arms, chest, abs, and cardio on my own and do a full-body boot camp on Sunday. I do 45 minutes of cardio five days per week on the stepmill and treadmill.



Being fit has always been a big part of my life. It wasn't until I decided to compete last year that I really saw the results of my hard work. I spent countless hours lifting and doing cardio before but never saw a change in my figure. When I met with my trainer, he helped me through the options for my body. Through the support of my trainer and family, I stuck to a strict regimen of eating clean and training. My passion to compete was sky high and I never felt better. I saw changes in my body weekly which drove me to reach my true potential.


I'm motivated by the way I look and feel when I train for a competition. Being comfortable with myself is the best motivation. The difference between how I felt before and after my competition was unbelievable. I ate clean and trained hard for 12 weeks. One night of splurging on pasta and ice cream after the competition was enough to know that I never want to feel like that again.


I go to "Fitness RX" and "Muscle & Fitness Hers" when I need inspiration. I always have them in my gym bag. If I ever feel like going home rather than hitting the stepmill or weights, one look through those magazines gets me fired up.


Training for my first bikini competition was amazing. I loved eating clean and training daily and can't wait to compete again. Competing at the pro level against amazing athletes will be an experience of a lifetime. It's my dream to make fitness my career.


My favorite fitness quote is: "There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results."
Being fit is a lifestyle and a true commitment to yourself. The only person you can do it for is you.


My favorite bikini athlete is Amanda Latona. I admire her physique and incredible muscle tone. I will strive to continue improving the way she does for every competition.


I use BodySpace to track workouts, diets, goals, and struggles. It holds me accountable and lets me see how others work toward their goals. It's motivating during prep to know there are athletes with the same goals as me.


  • 2013 OCB Midwest States - 1st Place Overall
Nate Peterson of NP Design Photography

Thursday, February 27, 2020

NCAA Basketball Live on US Sports Net Presented by Beast Sports Nutrition Featuring: GCU Men's Basketball vs New Mexico State

GCU Men's Basketball hosts New Mexico State on February 27, 2020 at 7pm at GCU Arena. Pregame coverage begins at 6:30pm (8:30pm EST)

by Andre Coelho
Top 5 Fitness and Bodybuilding Books to Get You Quick Results

I want to start off by saying there are MILLIONS of fitness and bodybuilding books out there on bookshelves today. If you think I went and read them all to compile this list… well, you’re nuts. However, I have had my hands on hundreds and wanted to share with you some of my top picks that you can utilize to help you reach your goals.

The list below containing the best fitness and bodybuilding books is in no particular order. Along with the book title, I have provided a little snapshot of what the book is about and how it can potentially help you. Each book is linked to where you can purchase a copy if you are interested. So, if you like to read, you’re in for a treat. Let’s get into the list.

Honestly, this is a CLASSIC. If you look at the cover of this book, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It is the black and grey cover with the image of Arnold Schwarzenegger flexing.

This book is probably on the top list of fitness and bodybuilding books for many health and fitness enthusiasts. It talks about everything bodybuilding relating but can easily fit into the general population in terms of how to effectively work out while focusing on your nutrition to achieve success.

The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding was written by both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Dobbins. It’s a best-seller on sites like Amazon for good reason – it’s an amazing book. This is absolutely a must-have on our list of fitness and bodybuilding books. It’s literally “The Bible of Bodybuilding.”

What’s the one thing you hear time and time again in the fitness and bodybuilding industry? “Abs are made in the kitchen.” You have probably also heard things like, “You can’t out-train a poor diet” or “You are what you eat.” And all of those statements are absolutely true.

One area where many of us fail is with our nutrition. Heck, I like food as much as the next person but that tends to be our downfall and what holds many back from seeing progress from their training and efforts. In this book, IFBB Pro Erin Stern breaks down 100 delicious yet healthy meals to help you build muscle and burn fat. Also included are some meal plans that you can utilize during your journey.

If you want to get big, ripped, lean, and enjoy the process without eating chicken and broccoli at every meal, this book is definitely for you and deserves to be on our top fitness and bodybuilding books.

Regardless if you want the body of a massive bodybuilder or one that resembles a Greek God, this book by Michael Matthews is a must-read. With nearly 4,000 reviews, a 4.5-star rating, and over 500,000 copies sold, it’s no wonder this book is a #1 best-seller.

Muscle-building, fat loss, strength training, you name it – this book has it. Not only does this book have it but there is science that goes behind all of the principles. This book is a great no-nonsense guide that any man should pick up and put in his collection. Not having this book on our list of the top fitness and bodybuilding books would be disrespectful. THAT’S how good this book is.

I’m of the mindset that you need to understand the WHY of what you are doing. Understanding human anatomy and musculature is important when it comes to the mind-muscle connection. When you complete every single rep of a workout, you want to be completely dialed in with contracting each muscle fiber of a muscle in order to effectively and efficiently break it down so it can be rebuilt, repaired, and come back bigger and stronger. This process is known as “hypertrophy.”

Frederic Delavier, in my opinion, has one of the all-time best fitness and bodybuilding books for achieving a greater understanding of your muscles and the exercises you can do to hit them hard. I understand there are people who just want to go through the motions in order to get results but if you’re reading this article, I have a feeling you would like to go to a deeper level – and this book is for you!

OK, OK… this is a shameless yet selfless plug. As you may know, I have over a dozen published books that revolve around health, fitness, and business. Get Fit NOW! is my book to give back to everyone who enjoys my content as well as help people springboard their health and fitness results.

In this book, I wanted to provide you with a ton of free value regardless if you are a beginner or a veteran of the iron. If you don’t have the means to purchase any of the books above, I implore you to download this free book I have to offer.

You will find information such as obstacles you will be faced with during your journey and how to overcome them. You’ll learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and change poor behaviors. You’ll learn about proper nutrition as well as exercise protocols – AND MUCH MORE! And most of all, you’ll learn to take charge of your life and health. And did I already mention I’m giving it to you for free? (free offer has expired)

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

BBcom Featuring: How to Build MASSIVE Biceps | Mark Bell

So you want to add some size to your arm by building bigger biceps? Mark Bell shows you how altering your rep scheme is one way to jump-start your arm gains. ► Shop Mark Bell's Sling Shot and Accessories: ► BodyFit Training Programs:
| Build Bigger Biceps By Changing Your Reps | Altering your rep scheme is one way to jump-start your training, because it hits the muscle fibers with a novel stimulus. Let's say you're stuck at 105 pounds on the EZ-bar curl, a weight you can handle for 10 reps. Rather than try another set with 105 pounds, load 125 pounds onto the bar. You might be able to lift it for only 5-6 reps with good form, but don't worry; you've just applied an altogether different stimulus to your biceps with a heavier load! Sets done for reps of fewer than 6 normally are usually better for gaining strength than size, but as you become stronger, you can take those heavier loads and work toward doing more reps, which is how you build bigger arms. One common, proven method to building strength is a scheme called 5x5, meaning 5 sets of 5 reps. This protocol was popularized in the 1970s by the late Bill Starr, a legendary strength coach. You shouldn't use the 5x5 technique with barbell curls, however; it's more effective with multijoint exercises than single-joint exercises. Instead, we'll choose the weighted chin-up, which uses an underhand grip and stimulate the biceps tremendously. The goal is to take a given weight and complete 5 sets of 5 reps, resting 2 minutes between sets. The best place to start in terms of load is with your 6RM—that is, a total weight (body weight plus added plates) that allows you to complete just 6 reps. Your 6RM should equal 85 percent of your 1RM. The right load is one that lets you complete the first 2 sets of 5 reps—but not the third. (Do just 5 reps, even if you can do more.) Adjust the load accordingly if that's not the case. Over time, once you're able to complete all 5 sets for 5 reps, add 5-10 pounds to the load and start again. Even a scheme like 5x5 can become stale over time, so there are other options to consider. Choosing a weight at which you fail at 8 or even 12 reps also offers a marginally different training stimulus. Concurrently adding a fourth set to increase the training volume allows you to vary the stimulus even more.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Chris Beat Cancer Featuring: Black raspberries are an anti-cancer superfood and Make Flavanoids Part of Your Daily Diet

Prepare to have your mind blown on the amazing anti-cancer benefits of black raspberries in this interview with Steve Dunfield of BerriHealth.

CHRIS BEAT CANCER (the book) is a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly Bestseller! Get it on Amazon here: Available in hardcover, e-book, and audiobook, read by yours truly. :)

Make Flavanoids Part of Your Daily Diet
By: Linda Byers

Flavanoids are polyphonic compounds that have a huge impact on our health.

A flavanoid is a natural compound which helps protect our bodies against disease. They also provide vitamins and enzymes, so they are just packed full of nutritional benefits!

They are found in fruits, vegetables and beverages like tea, coffee, beer wine and fruit drinks.

Flavanoids are very beneficial for our health, as they have antiviral, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and contain antioxidant properties.

Flavonoids function in our body as antioxidants.

They neutralize oxygen-containing molecules called free radicals that cause severe harm and injury to the cells and tissues within the body, and increase the body's vulnerability to diseases. Flavanoids are a group of plant pigments that are extremely potent, and effective free radical destroyers. Free radicals are the primary cause for abnormal growth in the body.

In other words, a flavanoid helps protect our bodies against disease.

They contain nutritional benefits and also provide our bodies with vitamins and enzymes.

A few things that flavanoids do for you body..

Help Prevent:

General inflammation in the body/joints

1.cancer 2.heart disease 3.strokes 4.asthma 5.hay fever 6.eczema 7.rheumatoid arthritis 8.gout 9.fibromyalgia

Signs of low levels of flavanoids:

1.Easy bruising 2.Frequent nose bleeds 3.Excessive swelling after injury 4.Frequent colds or infections

Foods that contain flavanoids:

Fruits and veggies! Flavanoids are found in the flesh of the fruits and in their skins.

Just a few of the flavanoid rich foods: apples apricots blueberries pears raspberries strawberries grapes oranges black beans cabbage onions parsley pinto beans tomatoes

Just a word about moderation:

Dark chocolate maintains the highest level of flavanoids. When it comes to chocolate,think the same way as you do about fruits and vegetables: dark is better. Just remember, dark chocolate is a good chocolate. BUT, it's still a high calorie food that needs to be eaten in moderation. There is no serving size established in order to obtain the health benefits it offers so use some common sense and know yourself.As far as I'm concerned, I can't have one chocolate. If I have one, I will eat the entire box!

Grapefruit juice and green( contains exceptional amounts of flavanoids) or black tea, and also red wine have a high content of flavanoids. Red wine can reduce the chance of heart attack in middle aged people if women consume one glass per day and men consume two. Again, moderation is the key-1 glass = 4 ounces.

You can also get extra flavanoids into your diet by taking supplements like grape seed extract, green tea extract and vitamin capsules.

Flavanoids are a great preventative nutrient, best from fruits and veggies if you can but quality supplements are always an option.They fight inflammation and glue you together; they help all connective tissues in the body resist aging.

Linda Byers, a nurse who has seen the ill effects of weight gain.

The NHL On US Sports Net Featuring: Pageau scores in Isles debut and Hockey Training From BBcom

Newly acquired forward Jean-Gabriel Pageau collects the puck off a fortuitous bounce and puts the puck in to score in his debut for the New York Islanders
For the latest hockey action, get the NHL App
The NHL App on Amazon

Ice Hockey Training ARTICLES from 

  • Hockey Workout—Train Like An Elite Hockey Athlete
    Even if hockey isn't your favorite sport, these workouts will make you slap-shot ready. Improve your core and explosive strength with this hard-hitting workout!
  • Off-Season Strength Training For Ice Hockey!
    Here is a list of hockey-specific exercises to prepare you for the upcoming hockey season! Printable workout logs included!
  • A Solid Program To Get You Solid For Hockey!
    For hockey performance, it is most important to build strength and flexibility in the 'speed center.' Here we will share a training program that will surely get you back in shape for Hockey. Check it out!
  • Hockey Tryouts: What You Need To Know!
    Here is a list of helpful hints to remember before and during tryouts.
  • Gladiator Training: Part 2!
    Ryan Foster continues his foray into the theory and practice of hockey training. Part 2 focuses on the second phase of his excellent periodized hockey program, the strength phase.

The MLB On US Sports Net Featuring: Workout with one of most ripped players in MLB! (We go inside the weight room with Michael Lorenzen)

We spent the day with Michael Lorenzen in the weight room, as he showed off his amazing workout routine to us! Lorenzen combines a ton of stretching and flexibility exercises on top of some intense lifting with Mets' pitcher Noah Syndergaard! Check it out for yourself.

Baseball training ARTICLES from

The NBA on US Sports Net Featuring: NBA's Best State Farm Assists from Week 18 | 2019-20 NBA Season

Check out the best assists from around the league in Week 18! Including crazy passes from LeBron James, Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo!
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Tower Of Power: Lifting Helps Bulls Center Joakim Noah Rule The Paint from

Joakim Noah has all the genetics a man could want, but this Chicago post player is still
one of the hardest-working men in the NBA.

Tower Of Power: Lifting Helps Bulls Center Joakim Noah Rule The Paint

You are an NBA shooting guard, and this is what you live for: final seconds, tie game,
the ball in your hands. You pass on a jump shot and beat your man off the dribble into
 the paint, looking to dunk. The center slides over and you envision him on a poster.
Seconds later, you realize the error in your judgment as 6-foot-11 Joakim Noah sends you
and the ball crumpling to the floor, stuffed. Size matters in the NBA, but Noah doesn't just
block those shots because of his height and wingspan, both of which are immense.
The New York native is renowned for hustle, hard work, and an uncanny knack for finding
the ball.

Professional Pedigree

Noah isn't just another big body who developed a talent for rebounding. Athleticism and
 physical genetics can be traced back generations in Noah's family. His father, Yannick
Noah, won the 1983 French Open.
His mother, Cecilia Rodhe, was named Miss Sweden 1978 and placed fifth in the Miss
Universe pageant. Joakim's grandfather, Zacharie Noah of Cameroon, led CS Sedan
Ardennes to the Coupe de France in 1961. They weren't just all competitors—they were
all winners.
Noah seems to have been destined for stardom, and basketball gave him his biggest
chance to shine. He was born in New York, lived in France for a decade, and then
moved back to the Big Apple, where he starred in prep hoops. Colleges took note.
He accepted a scholarship to Florida and helped lead the Gators and coach Billy
Donovan to back-to-back NCAA titles in 2006-07. Joakim was named Most Outstanding
Player in the 2006 Final Four. Three players from those teams were drafted in the top
10 of the 2007 NBA Draft. Noah went ninth that year to the Chicago Bulls.
2013 was Noah's best season as a pro. He was named to the All-Star and All Defensive
 teams. In one monster game against Philadelphia, he tallied 23 points, 21 rebounds,
and 11 blocks, joining a list of NBA Hall-of-Famers (Olajuwon, Abdul-Jabbar, O'Neal)
as the only players to record that particular triple-double.

Championship Conditioning

Noah's Arc

  • NCAA Champion 2006
  • Final Four Most Outstanding Player
  • NCAA Champion 2007
  • 9th Overall pick 2007 NBA Draft by Chicago Bulls
  • NBA All-Star 2013
  • Plays for French National Team
How do basketball superstars stay in elite condition year after year? It takes more than
hundreds of shots taken each day. With the help of his trainer, Alex Perris, Noah commits
to training year-round. The pair has worked together since 2007, Noah's rookie campaign.
During the season, Noah must stay flexible due to the rigors of games and road trips.
"I switch around my training routine a bit," Noah says. "I still hit the weights, but not as
hard. I do lots of core training and stretching, plus I work with a specialist who keeps me
 flexible and limber."
In season, Noah makes it a point to do some sort of training 5-7 days per week. He trains
with weights twice per week, focusing on compound movements. His cardio is taken care
of since he already practices or plays several times each week. He does corrective work
with team trainers and practices yoga for flexibility—a top priority for basketball players.
He also hits his core 5-7 days per week.
After the 82-game season—or more if the Bulls reach the playoffs, and they have every
season since 2009—is over, Noah takes a brief break to recover. Then he settles in to a
more consistent six-day split under the watchful eyes of Perris. Perris makes sure no two
 weeks are the same.
Noah's body has no chance to adapt to anything and it keeps the program from getting
boring. Noah does pool workouts with big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton, as well as core,
yoga, and of course basketball training.

The weights get heavier each offseason, allowing Noah to improve his size and power,
so that he can bang under the boards with the NBA's other giants. "This past offseason,
we laid down the foundation with classic compound movements such as deadlifts, squats,
bench press, power cleans, clean and press, and military press just to name a few," Perris
"For conditioning we did a lot of jogging, sprinting, jump roping, and on-court basketball
workouts. There are also hill workouts, sprinting with bands, and biking. The results were
 outstanding. Joakim gained 15 pounds of lean muscle and his strength increased

Joakim's Six-Day Split

  • Morning: Basketball
  • Evening: Weight Training/Core
  • Morning: Pool Training
  • Evening: Yoga
  • Morning: Basketball
  • Evening: Weight Training/Core
  • Morning: Pool Training
  • Evening: Massage
  • Morning: Basketball
  • Evening: Weight Training/Core
  • Yoga
  • Rest

Joakim's Sample Workout

When Joakim lifts weights with his trainer Alex Perris, the focus is getting in and out the
gym in fewer than 45 minutes.
They keep the workouts fast paced and the weights heavy. The workout consists
of four supersets, followed by two abdominal exercises.
Upper Body/Core Workout
Dumbbell Bench Press
4 sets, 8-10 reps
+ 5 more exercises
Nutrition And Supplementation
Training is only part of the overall equation. The biggest piece of the muscle puzzle is what
 you feed the body after your training or game is over. That is the most important moment
 for your body to take in quality nutrients. Noah relies on Perris to handle both his training
and nutrition.
Endurance is vital to ballers. If your tank is empty in the fourth quarter, victory will not be
"Joakim has a healthy and balanced diet," Perris says. "Joakim will eat 6-8 meals per day
with 2-3 of those meals as protein shakes. Protein and good carbs are always high, while
fat and sugar remain low. We prepare a lot of fish, chicken, steak, greens, fresh fruit, and
veggie juices. For the most part he eats clean, but he occasionally splurges on a cheat
Joakim and Alex both rely on BSN supplements to back up their training and to assist
 with their overall nutritional intake. "BSN Supplements have been a big help to Joakim
in a lot of ways," Perris says. "Syntha-6 is a staple we use year-round. Protein shakes
are a big part of the diet.
During the season they are a great way to keep his calories up. Whether it is post-training
or at night, he loves the quality and taste. N.O. Xplode has been great for pre-workouts in
the offseason. Cell Mass has assisted his strength gains and muscle addition."
Joakim has to stay strong; he can't wither when the game's on the line. "Keeping my calories
 up is always a concern," Noah says. "Syntha-6 and True Mass have been saviors for me.
With my schedule, getting in five daily meals is sometimes impossible. Having my shakes
handy has been huge!"

Joakim's Stack


Roger Lockridge

Roger Lockridge

Bodybuilding is the reason I am who I am today. I am more confident in
actually looking for the next challenge, and inspiring others.