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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Taylor Davie (Dance & Cheer) Recruitment Video Presented on US Sports Net By Game Planner Pro.

Attention Coaches and Recruiters:
Please refer to the contact information on this student-athlete's video for contact information.
US Sports Network has little to no direct contact with the student-athletes profiled.


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Advanced Cheerleading featuring Coach Brandy Corcoran and OJ Williams

by Sportvideos


Learn the essential elements that are necessary to cheer at the advanced level. University of Oklahoma Coach Brandy Corcoran and the Sooner Cheerleaders cover several aspects of advanced cheerleading including: baskets, partner stunts, pyramids and tumbling. This video is a must-have resource for anyone wanting to be involved in cheerleading at the elite level. 32 minutes.

The Coach

University of Oklahoma cheerleading coach Brandy Corcoran has been coaching cheerleading for over 16 years. She has coached at every level of the sport, from beginners to elite athletes. Brandy has worked for the National Cheerleaders Association for the past 15 years. She has coached many National Champions and All-American athletes.

BBcom Featuring: Total-Body Power and Endurance Workout | Mike Hildebrandt

Use this plan to take your fitness to an elite level using max-rep circuits and high-intensity intervals. ► Try the Transformation Training Program: 
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| Your Transformation Stars Here: Volume 3 |
 Complete your transformation with the final installment of simple yet effective workouts to advance your fitness to its highest level yet. Use this plan to take your fitness to an elite level using max-rep circuits and high-intensity intervals. This is the highest level of your transformation program to work every muscle in your body and transform your physique!

 | Simple, Solid, Training for Everyone | Each workout is easy to follow and utilizes movements you'll recognize from Volume 1 and Volume 2, plus advanced bodyweight exercises to take your functional fitness to its highest level yet! Some of the training is gym dependent, but you'll get ideas about how to work around equipment hurdles! 

 | Transform Your Body | This program builds elite strength and endurance while burning calories to complete your total-body transformation. Build more endurance, strength, and power as you advance through the final stage of Your Transformation to reach new levels of fitness.

 | Built-In Progression | As Part 3 of a 3-part series, this program is the final step in a complete body and fitness transformation. Use this final six-week program to build on the work you've done in Volumes 1 and 2, finish this 18-week journey, then start the next journey!

Monday, May 25, 2020

The Truth About Vaccines Featuring: Charlene Bollinger Interviews Sheriff Richard Mack

In this eye-opening interview, Charlene Bollinger talks with Sheriff Richard Mack about the Constitutional duties of Law Enforcement Officers and he shares details of his 1994 lawsuit where he sued the federal government ... and won! Visit for more information on Sheriff Mack.

How the Vaccine Schedule in the U.S. Has Evolved Since the 1950's

Do You Really Need a Flu Shot? New Research Suggests Otherwise

  • Author Isaac Eliaz
The government and pharmaceutical companies would have us believe that many segments of the population must get vaccinated against the flu every year to protect their health. These supposedly "high risk" groups include pregnant women, children less than five years of age (and especially children under the age of two) and everyone aged 50 and older. Is this information truly accurate and based on sound science? Maybe not.
Safety and Efficacy
In recent years, medical experts around the world have been questioning the conventional wisdom of flu vaccines. One researcher who reviewed the studies on influenza vaccines concluded in an article published in British Medical Journal that their effectiveness cannot be confirmed. He also observed that there is inadequate research to demonstrate their safety, stating, "The large gap between policy and what the data tell us (when rigorously assembled and evaluated) is surprising."
Childhood Flu Vaccine Inhibits Development of T-Cells
A newly published study in the Journal of Virology adds additional weight to the case against routine influenza vaccinations. Researchers have found that vaccinating children annually against the flu virus interferes with the development of virus-specific killer T cells. This means that the annual flu vaccine may protect children against the actual viruses in the vaccine, but at the same time makes them more vulnerable to any other virus that they are exposed to.
Support Your Immune System Naturally
As an integrative medical doctor, I believe that you can support your immune system naturally with a combination of healthy nutritional choices and targeted supplements for immune support. It is generally not necessary to introduce viruses, chemicals and heavy metals into our bodies in the form of a vaccination.
Common sense and scientific research tell us that one of the most important strategies for staying well is to wash your hands frequently. Washing with soap and running water for 20 seconds is the most effective way to cleanse your hands of all kinds of germs.
It is also important to get enough sleep (greater than 7 hours per night), get moderate exercise and not overwork (less then 10 hours per day).
Nutritional approaches to a healthy immune system include eating plenty of green vegetables, reducing or eliminating consumption of refined sugars and processed foods, and supplementing with immune boosting vitamins, minerals, herbs and botanicals.
Immune Support Supplements
You can support your body’s innate health mechanisms with certain scientifically-researched formulas and compounds that combine cutting edge science with traditional wisdom. These will offer comprehensive health support whenever you need it most: during the winter season, when under stress, while travelling and for daily protection. Here are some of my top recommendations for supporting immune health during the winter and year round.
One of my top recommendations is a blend of six medicinal mushrooms with additional immune boosting beta glucans. The mushrooms in this formula have been used for thousands of years to promote optimal functioning of the immune system and support overall health. However, this formula is unique because the mushrooms are cultivated in the US on a blend of powerful immune supporting herbs which enhance the mushrooms’ natural immune boosting properties. When combined in a comprehensive formula with additional beta-glucans, medicinal mushrooms are an excellent way to boost your body’s natural defenses and combat infection, especially on a long term basis. Mushrooms are also of great benefit during times of acute stress or infection, as they can be taken in frequent doses with no known side effects.
Another recommendation is a Tibetan herbal formula made with a blend of 19 rare and powerful botanicals that contain a multitude of health-promoting tannins, polyphenols, flavonoids and essential oils. This traditional formula has "cooling" properties that support balanced immune function, increased circulation and healthy antioxidant activity.
Last, but most importantly is Modified Citrus Pectin, the first natural Galectin-3 blocker. Scientists are now finding that blocking harmful excess Galectin-3 molecules in the body is critical in promoting cellular health and long term wellness. In addition to binding and blocking Galectin-3 throughout the body, research demonstrates that regular use of Modified Citrus Pectin offers powerful immune support and also safely detoxifies harmful heavy metals and environmental toxins without side effects.
Integrative medicine treats the whole person, rather than the symptom or illness. As a result, these and other natural health solutions offer powerful immune support while simultaneously promoting overall health and protecting against chronic illness over the long term. And that’s an area where many conventional solutions fall short.

 Dr. Isaac Eliaz, M.D., MS., L.Ac., has been a pioneer in integrative medicine since the early 1980s. He is a respected researcher, innovative product formulator, clinical practitioner, author and lecturer. Dr. Eliaz is widely regarded as the leading expert in the field of Modified Citrus Pectin research and has been using Modified Citrus Pectin in his clinical practice for over 15 years to treat a variety of conditions.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Police Activity On US Sports Net Presented By Tactical P.E. Featuring: Raleigh Police Bodycam Video From Shooting Of Officer & Armed Robbery Suspect

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** Raleigh, North Carolina — The Raleigh Police Department on Wednesday released panoramic, body camera, and dash camera footage from responding officers to the May 13, 2020 officer-involved shooting following the armed robbery of a BP gas station.

 The individual who was shot has been identified as 24-year-old David Tylek Atkinson. Based upon the information currently available to the Department, a preliminary review of the incident provides the following: 

 At approximately 7:18 p.m., on May 13, 2020, an individual called 911 to report that the convenience store located at 2120 New Bern Avenue was being robbed and the clerk was being held at gunpoint. The suspect in this robbery was later identified as Mr. Atkinson. Several officers who were nearby responded to that location. Moments before the first officer arrived, Mr. Atkinson fled the store on foot, heading east toward Farris Court. Senior Officer S.M. Pekich and Senior Officer M.P. Brown, who were in full uniform and riding in a marked patrol vehicle together, were nearby and responded to the call of the armed robbery. As they drove down New Bern Avenue, they were directed to Farris Court by the first officer at the scene of the robbery via police radio. As Officers Pekich and Brown turned onto Farris Court, they were further pointed in the direction of the robbery suspect. Officer Brown saw someone who matched Mr. Atkinson's description in the parking lot. 

Officer Brown got out of the passenger side of the patrol vehicle and ran toward where he had last seen Mr. Atkinson. At the same time, Officer Pekich got out of the patrol vehicle and began to speak with a bystander. Officer Brown saw Mr. Atkinson standing at the rear corner of a white SUV in the parking lot located in the 100 block of Farris Court. Mr. Atkinson drew his weapon and fired at Officer Brown, striking him in the chest. The bullet was stopped by Officer Brown's ballistic vest. Officer Brown, knowing Mr. Atkinson had just shot him, drew his service weapon and returned fire. Mr. Atkinson ran across the parking lot, still pointing the firearm at Officer Brown. Officer Pekich, who was still near the patrol vehicle at the edge of the parking lot talking to the bystander, heard the exchange of gunfire. Officer Pekich recognized that the shots had come from two different weapons. 

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 He then saw Mr. Atkinson running across the parking lot while Officer Brown was pursuing him with his gun pointed at Mr. Atkinson. Officer Pekich fired at Mr. Atkinson, who continued to run from both officers. Officer Brown fired his weapon again and Mr. Atkinson fell to the ground, dropping the handgun as well as the stolen money and merchandise he had been carrying. Officer Pekich secured Mr. Atkinson and called for an ambulance. Officer Brown told dispatch and arriving officers that he had been shot. He then got into a nearby patrol vehicle and was driven to WakeMed, where he was treated and later released. Officers who remained at the scene provided first aid to Mr. Atkinson until an ambulance arrived. Mr. Atkinson was transported via ambulance to WakeMed, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

 Donate to PoliceActivity:

The Rock Almighty Devotional, Praise, and Worship with SLEEPING GIANT and From The Kingdom Of Darkness

From CDM

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ” (Ephesians 1:3).
If we’re in Christ, we’ve been blessed with every spiritual blessing in heaven. We must believe we have received the inheritance that belongs to us.

From The Kingdom Of Darkness

  • Author Agwom Izang Itse
From the Kingdom of Darkness. Col 1:12-14; Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the legacy of the holy people in light: Who hath conveyed us from the intensity of haziness, and hath made an interpretation of us into the realm of his dear Son:
In whom we have recovery through his blood, even the absolution of sins:
Numerous things have occurred in this world, demise goes to the individuals who pause, accidental when nor where nor even how it comes, yet it goes to all. Numerous Ministers, of Gods Testimony, of His Son Jesus, are crying with severe tears for the dead and the loss of numerous who have passed on with no expectation of Salvation through the dismissal of the Blood of the Lamb. Reparation for them is far proceeded to be not, at this point accessible to them, whom have settled on their choice to follow bogus divine beings into time everlasting. These Ministers of the reality of the situation are not to blame for the lost that have kicked the bucket, yet the issue lyes with those that picked haziness as opposed to light. The individuals who have passed on in wrongdoing must likewise be brought up in transgression to be partaker of the judgment of man. There is no flaw in the priests of truth, they have carried out their responsibility to God and man to convey reality.
2Co 4:5 (Wesley) For we lecture not ourselves, yet Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your hirelings for the well being of Jesus. The issue isn't in us, neither in the principle they get notification from us. We lecture not ourselves – As capable either to illuminate, or pardon, or bless you. Be that as it may, Jesus Christ – As your lone insight, honesty, purification. Also, ourselves your hirelings – Ready to do the meanest workplaces. For the good of Jesus – Not for respect, intrigue, or joy. The Father hath made an interpretation of us into the realm of his dear Son. "Translated" has two explicit implications, 1.The interpretation of the body, as noted in sacred text. To shoulder, convey or expel starting with one spot then onto the next. To expel or pass on to paradise, as a person, without death.
"By confidence Enoch was deciphered, that he ought not see demise. Heb 16."

  1. Interpreted as of the soul.
Those hence made an interpretation of as to state, are likewise changed as to character. This is a change from the lustful psyche to the brain of Christ. A difference in mentality an adjustment in your points of view an adjustment in heart.
There are numerous that trust Col 1:12-14, is expressing that Christians, who have been made an interpretation of, are safe to assault by Satan and the powers of Darkness, this is a confusion and perilous conviction. The interpretation referenced here is interpretation of the dead soul to a live soul and not the passing of the body. An interpretation from a realm of untruths and duplicity to the Kingdom of Light and Truth. From being a hireling to Satan to the Servant of the Lord God Almighty. From being a captive to sin to being the Sons of God. Insofar as the Body is alive, it is an objective for Satan and the realm of Darkness. Still don't accept? Take a gander at Paul for instance; 2Co 12:7-10; And in case I ought to be magnified above measure through the wealth of the disclosures, there was given to me a thistle in the substance, the dispatcher of Satan to buffet me, in case I ought to be commended above measure.
For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it may withdraw from me.
Furthermore, he said unto me, My elegance is adequate for thee: for my quality is made flawless in shortcoming. Most happily in this way will I rather wonder in my ailments, that the intensity of Christ may settle upon me. Along these lines I enjoy illnesses, in censures, in necessities, in oppressions, in bothers for the well being of Christ: for when I am feeble, at that point am I solid. Paul was an evangelist to the gentiles, of which we as a whole are. "What's more, in case I ought to be commended above measure through the bounty of the disclosures" this entry is expressing that Paul, to be kept Humble, as we may be, was given a bug, to keep Him in Humbleness. The Word "disclosures" was not the Book of Revelations, yet otherworldly understanding into reality of the Gospel. Paul expresses this twice, "in case I ought to be magnified above measure." Thou we have all insight and information into the sacred writings we are altogether despite everything living in this realm of murkiness. John 17:16 They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. 2Co 4:3-4 But in the event that our gospel be stowed away, it is covered up to them that are lost:
In whom the divine force of this world hath blinded the psyches of them which accept not, in case the light of the superb good news of Christ, who is the picture of God, should sparkle unto them. I wish to take a gander at, 2Co 4:3-4, for a second, particularly the words,"In whom the divine force of this world hath blinded the psyches of them which accept not" "the lord of this world," " is Satan." If we look in the book of Revelations, after the letters to the holy places we see an example that is upsetting. Beginning with part 6 there is no notice of the Church until some other time in the prophecy's. This is upsetting provided that you saw, even thou the prediction's of disclosures are as yet available to all, nobody gives any consideration to them. The Bible is as yet available however man, not quite the same as today, who are fixated on prescience, won't hear any longer of Scripture, or overlooks it. Why? 1. The Church is Gone. The proclaiming of the gospel has changed course from the gentiles to the Jews, hence the 144,000 fixed Jews. The hours of the gentiles has been satisfied. Which isn't to state that the gentiles can't at present atone however that prescience must be satisfied as it is composed. Fire up 11:3 And I will give power unto my two observers, and they will forecast a thousand 200 and threescore days, dressed in rough clothing.

  1. The realm of murkiness has grabbed hold around the world. Fire up 11:10 And they that abide upon the earth will cheer over them, and make joyful, and will send blessings to each other; on the grounds that these two prophets tormented them that harped on the earth.
  2. Everybody is distracted with self protection. Fire up 6:15-17, And the rulers of the earth, and the incredible men, and the rich men, and the main commanders, and the strong men, and each bondman, and each liberated individual, concealed themselves in the caves and in the stones of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and conceal us from the substance of him that sitteth on the position of royalty, and from the fierceness of the Lamb: For the extraordinary day of his anger is come; and who will have the option to stand?
  3. Since man has dismissed reality, God has blinded them, so they can't see. 2Th 2:11-12 And for this reason God will send them solid daydream, that they ought to accept an untruth: That they all may be accursed who accepted not reality, however had joy in corruption.
Fire up 16:9 And men were burned with extraordinary warmth, and reviled the name of God, which hath control over these infections: and they atoned not to give him greatness.
In this statement,"Who hath conveyed us from the intensity of dimness", "power" isn't in the Greek language but instead means, the capacity of, Faculty of the brain, as showed by a specific method of activity; as the intensity of reasoning, looking at and judging; the thinking powers. "give commission" That is to mean, the capacity to control our reasoning, our brain and soul. We have been interpreted from the control of the methods for murkiness to the methods for Jesus Christ and His reasoning. Exemplary nature and Goodness and Truth is the Kingdom of God. We have been conveyed from the ruler of haziness, [Satan] who, by methods for transgression and un-conviction, keeps men in numbness, bad habit, and hopelessness. Has humankind become so visually impaired that they can't see? Have you additionally gotten blinded by the passing and obliteration of the previous hardly any years that Satan has likewise blinded your eyes to reality of Biblical Prophecy? What are you looking for that Jesus can't supply? Consider it.

 I am a digital marketing guru and Gospel preacher

US Sports Radio Live #endthelockdown

Hey There Athletes and Warriors!
 Isaiah 54:17:
 "No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their vindication is from Me," declares the LORD.
As we inch closer to total freedom from this demonic pandemic, I wanted to say thank you for tuning in and I pray you take US Sports Radio with you as we return to dominating and slaying every day!

US Sports Radio Today!
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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Jesse Duplantis Featuring: Look On Us, Part 2 | Jesse Duplantis and God and Love! God's Love Is Gospel Truth Because "God Is Love." Love Creates An Encounter With God

Jesse shares how no matter where you are, always do the works of the Lord, because of who is looking.

God  and Love! God's Love Is Gospel Truth Because "God Is Love." Love Creates An Encounter With God

Roger Himes
With all the sin and wrong in the world, we often struggle with the concept of the love of God. How can God love human beings who engage in so much sin and compromise? But the gospel truth is the fact that God loves us so much that he sacrificed his only Son so that we might enjoy continual relationship, fellowship and connection with him.
God and love go together like a hand in a glove. This is often hard to see in the Old Testament especially, because of all the killing and dying and plagues. God was even personally responsible for some of these!!! But even here, the message was one of God's love. Why? He was pursuing and protecting his covenant people which was Israel, as well as protecting the 'seed' to come, who was Jesus (Gal 3:16, 19). Satan was doing his best, and using other nations, to try to stop the coming seed " Jesus.
God's Love Is the Gospel Truth Because God is Love
This is what I John 4:8 says, and also I John 4:16 says. Love is God's nature. Therefore, everything he does is out of love. It doesn't always seem this way to us because bad things and bad problems happen to all of us (John 16:33). We think God causes these bad things to happen, but he does not.
Because of human free will, and the fallen state of man, and a curse being placed on the earth because of the fall, he does allow bad things to happen. He doesn't stop the boys who entered Columbine High School with guns and killed so many people. This was very close to where I live " plus it happened on my brother Tim's birthday: April 20th, in 1999. There have been many equally bad situations since then.
The Fact Is that God IS Love
Love is not simply a characteristic God has. Instead, it's who he IS. He must love because he IS love. If he did not love, he would be contrary to his own identity. And In Ephesians we are told that we stand before God in love (Eph 1:4).
To entertain and receive the gospel truth that God loves us 'unconditionally,' as the Bible says, is perhaps the hardest thing for us to believe. This is because we don't love others this way. We love based on conditions: "If you do what I want then I will love you more." But this is not God's love. This is human love. Receive the truth that God is in love with you. It's the greatest revelation you can live with daily.
God Loves Us Unconditionally and Forever
This means that God's love does not depend on what I do, or what I don't do. If I do good, God loves me, and if I do bad, God still loves me. He doesn't like what I do (my performance), but he does love me (my person).
This is always true if I am in Jesus. If you are not in Jesus, God still loves you the same way, but he is trying to draw you into his love. If you're not in Jesus you can never begin to experience God's love personally. It's hard enough to when you are in Jesus.
God Loves Us As Much As He Does Jesus
This exactly what the gospel truth says in John 17:23. This is a real mind-blower. Paul says we should be 'rooted and grounded in the love of God.' The whole New Testament is a revelation of God's love for us (I John 4:10, 19).
We must learn to believe and receive God's love for us or nothing else will make much sense for us in the Bible. You see, the Bible must be accepted in faith, and it is God's love that generates faith in us (Gal 5:6). Without love, faith is hard to come by. This is especially true if we live by God's Old Testament law, because the law voids our faith and makes it inoperable (Rom 4:14). Love and faith are linked intimately. You can't have one with the other, and both are the GIFT of God. Neither can be earned or deserved.
The first step to receiving God's love is to forget about our human nature and human love. Our love is conditional, as I said. God's love is unconditional as far as we are concerned, because it's all based in Jesus " because of his death on the cross.
Next time I'll tell you about a legal client I had who taught me more about God's love " before I ever really knew it existed " than anything I could imagine.
Love Cannot Begin in Us " It Must Begin in God
The truth is love cannot begin in us. Most preachers preach that love begins in us, but this is wrong: "Love God with all your mind, soul, heart and strength " and then love others as yourself." Jesus does say this (Matt 22:38-40). But he was preaching the law. In fact, he was responding to a trick question, from a lawyer, about the law.
Jesus says he gave us a NEW command: To love others AS he loves us. Without us truly experiencing the love of God, we can't love others the way we should. Love must begin with God (I John 4:10).
Paul gives a beautiful picture of how love works: "The Lord make you increase and abound in love one toward another" (I Thes 3:12). Note three things: God initiates it, we increase in it personally, and then we abound over toward others.
It is God's agape love at work from him through us. It is not human love at all.

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Friday, May 22, 2020

Andi Almonte - Outside Hitter - Class of 2021 - Volleyball Recruitment Video Presented on US Sports Net By Game Planner Pro!

Andi Almonte
Shock Volleyball Club
Outside Hitter
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Attention coaches and recruiters:
Please use the contact information above or on the video to contact this student-athlete. US Sports Net has little to no direct contact with the student-athletes profiled.


Presented on US Sports Net by Game Planner Pro!
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Engaging Parents in Successfully Training Their Own Kids in Volleyball

by Ruth Nelson


Features and Benefits
  • Learn how to engage parents in training their daughters
  • Use key words to effectively teach and reinforce sound volleyball fundamental skills
  • Teach youth how to analyze each of the skills' mechanics and make effective adjustments faster
In this instructional volleyball course, Ruth N. Nelson introduces her unique Bring Your Own Parent (BYOP™) program, which is designed for kids 10 and under and allows the players' parents to be fully involved in all drills and activities. The BYOP™ training is a "how to" course that includes warm-ups, passing, setting, and attacking as well as sport-specific performance training for this age group.
See how Nelson utilizes parents in every drill as an active participant. Parental involvement goes beyond tossing and shagging. Parents are engaged in performing each skill alongside their daughters, which provides players with the opportunity to analyze and correct their parents' mechanics.
Learn Nelson's simple yet effective teaching cues used throughout this course. Also learn how to conduct drills and activities effectively and efficiently. Parents and players alike become volleyball instructors and can continue training together at home. In addition, they gain a greater appreciation for the demands of the sport and for each other. Observe young players and their parents truly having fun as they improve their skills and relationships.
Take advantage of this unique BYOP™ program that yields success, good habits and improved relationships on and off the court. Book this course......

The Coach


Ruth Nelson

Former Head Coach University of Houston and Founder of Bring Your Own Parent BYOP®
Featuring Ruth N. Nelson, with over 40 years of experience as a successful coach, teacher, innovator, motivator and player, Head Women's Volleyball Coach at University of Houston (coaching volleyball legends Flo Hyman, Rose Magers and Rita Crockett), LSU, Iowa and George Williams College with over 500 career victories; recipient of USA Volleyball's All-Time Great Coach Award (2011); successful player on the US National Team. Book this course.....

The Rick & Bubba Experience Live On US Sports Network! Presented By Walmart!
You can catch Rick and Bubba on some 70+ stations across the nation. Some stations carry it live in the mornings, some play the replay back in the afternoons, some play both! Some even play the replay on Saturdays and Sundays! New stations are being added all the time, so check out Rick and Bubba and take these big boyz with you wherever you go.  They'll always have the most up to date information.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

BBcom Featuring: 20-Minute At-Home Workout | Ali Holman

All you need to perform this 20-minute workout created by coach Ali Holman is a single step or elevated surface. But that is plenty to work your legs, shoulders, arms, glutes, and core. 
► Ali Holman's 20-Minute Fit Training Program: 
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The full six-week program features unique follow-along workouts five days a week, all using items you probably already have in your house but didn't know you could use to help you work out.

 | Ali Holman's 20-Minute Fit | 
Get in shape without the gym! You don't need expensive equipment to thrive on this plan. You'll exercise using your body and objects you already have in your home. You can do these 20-minute video workouts anywhere, anytime, on the drop of a dime. And fitness expert Ali Holman will guide you through every rep for six weeks!

 | Fitness That Fits Your Life | 
You'll do 20-minute fitness routines that exercise your whole body five consecutive days a week, and rest on the weekends. They'll help you lose weight, build lean muscle, and work up a sweat. The workout program is flexible, too! If you miss a day or need a different schedule, feel free to customize it. And you can do each routine at home without any special equipment.

 | Expert Instruction | 
The 20-minute workouts consist of exercises anyone can do. In 30 follow-along videos, Ali will demonstrate the exercises and perform the workouts along with you. Have kids? Ali shares her six favorite workouts for you to do with them, too!

 | Nutrition Plan | Nutrition is an important part of any fitness program, but you don't have to obsess over the numbers to see big-time results. Ali will share her essential nutritional rules, plus six simple, fitness-friendly video recipes that can help you build muscle, lose weight, and feel great!