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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving! Now Let's Get To Work! Army Physical Fitness Standards and Handstand Pushups for Beginners with Progression | Austin Dunham

 Just a quick note praying for you and yours a great thanksgiving, surrounded by family, friends, food, and most of all love. Happy Thanksgiving from US Sports Network!

-Coach Nate 

Army Physical Fitness Standards

  • Author Bryant Towell

Athletics aren't the only component of being a great soldier, but you'll never become one at all if you don't meet the Army physical fitness standards. The United States Army takes physical fitness extremely seriously, and soldiers have to be in tip-top shape to make it through training. High physical fitness scores are also essential for soldiers who want to gain promotions and move up the ranks. Here are the three main components of the Army physical fitness standards.

Self-Taught calisthenics master Austin Dunham shows you the best exercises to progress toward handstand pushups! ► BLACK FRIDAY DEAL Vista Totally Wireless Earbuds:


Pushups comprise the upper body component of the Army's physical fitness standards. To perform a proper Army pushup, begin at the top position with a flat back and fully extended arms. Lower your torso until your chest touches the floor. Your hands should be placed so that they are in line with your chest at this bottom position. Once your reach bottom, push yourself back up and repeat.

To get a perfect 100 score on pushups, you must perform 77 repetitions without stopping. 19 pushups will earn you the minimum 60 points, though such a low score will not bode well for your chances of advancement with the Army ranks.


Soldiers do a great deal of running at various distances and speeds throughout their careers. However, the Army's physical fitness test always involves a two-mile run for time. To get a perfect 100 points on the run test, you must finish the course in 13:18 or less. The longest you can take and still pass is 17:00.

The running portion of the test is also the hardest for most recruits. Army Physical Fitness Standards demand that soldiers have a great deal of endurance so they can walk, run, hike, and carry equipment long distances for hours or even days at a time. If you are going to be taking the APFT, you need to practice running as often as possible.


The Army also tests abdominal strength and endurance with sit-ups. To perform a correct sit-up, have a training partner or fellow recruit hold your ankles in place. Begin with your back flat on the ground and your hands held clasped behind your head. Keeping your heels on the ground, sit up until your neck is further forward than the base of your spine. Lower your torso, and repeat. 82 sit-ups will get you a perfect score, and you need 29 sit-ups to earn the minimum 60 points.

The sit-ups tend to be the easiest portion of the physical fitness test for most people, but don't get lazy in your training. You can quickly build up your abdominal endurance, but you can also quickly lose it.

A Word on Age and Scoring

The Army Physical Fitness Standards actually include eight different age-specific scoring guidelines for men. The standards discussed in this article are the highest - ages 27-31. However, younger recruits still need to perform nearly as well, and minimum scores are rarely sufficient for advancement. Those who choose to make the Army a long-term career will eventually be judged by the 27-31 standards, as well.

Click here for more information about the Army physical fitness test.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Faltering State of Creativity and Part 1 - Charlene interviews Ryan Hartwig: Facebook Whistleblower | TTAV 2020 Censorship Series

The Faltering State of Creativity

  • Author Randy Gonzalez

The faltering state of creativity is suggestive of the current condition of societal interaction that lacks a profound sense of originality, imagination and vision. That is only the starting point of the perspective that points in the direction of society’s failure to ascend to higher levels of intellectual awakening. Creativeness transcends all that has gone before and provokes a different way of looking at the reality of human actions. The quest is to transform and rise above through a myriad pathways to a loftier level of thought and subsequent achievement. (Continued below...........)

Join Charlene as she interviews Ryan Hartwig about his "insider" knowledge of blatant censorship that is going on at Facebook. Learn more.....

(.........Continued......) Visionary resourcefulness is the formulation and implementation, from ideation to discovery, the fighting spirit to journey into forgotten realms of self-evolution. For the quest to unfold the mysteries of discovery in the adventure of the personal journey, it should not take a psychologist, or anyone else from the assorted fields of pseudoscience to tell us what is or is not creativity. That is the essential task of human individuality to embrace the journey. Yet, by cowardly resistance, many forsake the sacred nature of the hunt, for the safe consensus of ease and comfort.

Faltering, failing and fading into the abysmal eventuality of extinction by boredom, as well as other devolving degradations, the human species presently suffers a degrading lack of creativity. From academia to the political arena, including commerce and news reporting, the bland and uninspiring communal nexus daily demonstrates a slant toward implosive stupidity. While nothing new under the sun stirs a probability of dissent as to an ideological lamentation, to suggest creativity as an absolute would not be the claim in this writing.

Instead, the perspective is multifaceted. To be resourcefulness infers activity which is intricate and includes physical and mental actions engaged in a synchronized process of purposeful instigation. Such inclination, matched by personal proclivity and a bunch of other complex dimensions, exudes and expresses a mindset determined to bring about an intended reality. To what has gone before and do something from a different perspective, using the same foundational basis, strikes at the central nature of creativity. Yet, with that comes a sense of humility.

While all human actions reflect choices, to demonstrate by humble essence artful endeavors, self-evolution speaks toward the maturity of the innovator. Controlling the egoistic and prideful arrogance as the artist or inventor, shows an aspect of character that gives special meaning to that which has been presented. Creativity ought to reflect a higher state of vision.

To break the habitual way of doing things, bravely questioning the world and continuing inquiry in spite the answers given, the inquisitive "mind" ceaselessly torments itself with different ways of thinking. Problem solving engages the hidden and the known to circumvent the boring diversions of daily distractions. Urgency to explore the real and unreal possesses the scary notion of finality at some distant moment. The primacy of thinking is such that it never ceases in the present points of reference. So a different perspective outside the normal is important.

Maybe not different in the sense that historical references have already suggested similarities, but inspirationally fine tuning the personal perspective. In order to let play passionate thinking, that otherwise unleash the imaginative forces within, courageous acts of presence dares one to be set free. Yet, overall, maturity raises the criticality of unselfish motivations. Liberation challenges all the sensory mechanisms to get on the fringes of divergence. Bias precludes the pure efficacy of absolute objectivity, yet influences just long enough to provoke maturity.

But for the bias of subjective validation, the player brings his or her shortcomings to the arena, to claim some diminutive right of acclaimed validation. To every entry upon a social interaction, everyone bring preconceptions to the self-interests of the venture. Bias unduly influences the conclusion, as the observer makes person the observation as well as the intent of purposeful design. Whether an act of construction, investigative query, or marking strategy, the observer hastens the onset of a biased observation. As such, care ought to be exercised closely, with healthy skeptical inclination toward the experienced inclination of cynical maturation.

Over a decade ago, a major collegiate business magazine, presumably a prestigious Ivy League publication, lamented the eroding state of American creativity. Once powerfully the "land of opportunity", the sad reality mourns the loss of a competitive edge. While some would argue the threat is of an external nature, others counter such claims by suggesting the danger comes from within American society. In a measure called the "Creative Class Index", the U.S. struggles to maintain 11th place among 25 others countries. Innovation slowly devolves over time.

Not only is "stupid thinking", or alternatively, "anti-thinking", in vogue, the perpetual regurgitation of consistent redundancy takes mainstream center stage. Mundane, lackluster, and dull might be negative descriptors that could be applied to the "infotainment", or entertainment realm. While this segment of society represents one part of the many faceted aspects of creativity, the potential influence is significant. This includes artists of every kind, writers of various genres, movie and television production, and 24-7 news reporting and social commentary.

From the classroom to the boardroom, to commerce and industry, to the crime lab and the sci-fi wizardry of computer technicians, the potential for innovation begins with clever, cunning and calculated ideation. Human ingenuity goes beyond whining and complaining about hurt feelings or the foolish intolerance to tolerate the differences of others. Yet, the majority suffer the subjectivity of self-imposed victimization in their intentional immaturity. Claiming authority, for instance, where no experience and deeply researched factual analysis exists foments the illicit redundancy of repetition in foolhardy ways. As such, in any claim of fame to assert some nebulous notion of authority on anything ought to be greeted by healthy skepticism.

A claim of special insight, unique exceptional knowledge or boast of a "new study", is matter of intentional arrogance by the claimant, unless validation is invited by the necessity of proof. In short, a matter at hand demonstrates an element of creativity when open-minded debate and analysis is encouraged. For the betterment of individuality, wiser enhancements are afforded through mutually accepted skepticism and rigorous investigation. Uncertainty warrants deeper thinking, suspiciousness figures the probability of error or deception, and cynicism encourages alternatives. With that, the consideration of inventiveness likely comes from the purposeful ideation formulated through the introspection of serious meditative analysis.

In a devolving society, bent on self-destruction, the cowardice of conventional conformity, as well as mundane repetition in clich├ęd or stereotyped characterizations, as in movies and television, hasten the faltering state of creativity. In various media of the vast social networks for "infotainment", personal opinion increasingly supersedes reliance upon facts, figures and relevant evidentiary validation. Productive civil engagement for remedial articulation of serious social issues mires in the abundance of uneducated, ill-experienced and otherwise poorly informed claimants of one form of "authority" or "expertise" in favor of another.

Lazy thinking permeates the mainstream replete with countless examples of intellectually barbarous acts of stupidity. A societal shift beyond the efficacy of commentary based on the factuality of data, toward a demeaning and condescending erosion of interactivity debases the prospects of creative individualism. The shallow nature of conjecture is destructive. Nebulous conjecture pretends to be ascended efficacy of intellectual pretentions. With advances in technology comes foolhardy efforts to prefer playing with apps versus investigating critical social issues. In a bland, unimaginative and mundane atmosphere in which creativity is neither inspiring nor motivational, a debasing prospect suggests regressive inclination toward collapse.

In an overly pampered, gluttonous, and shallow thinking culture, one in which alleged "social warriors" pontificate egregious fallacies of bogus conjecture, the warning signs are evident of an "empire’s" eminent collapse. By easy and willful seduction, many allow their senses to be dulled to the extent necessary to their self-validation that overrides the necessity to be artistic. At a rudimentary level of ideation, originality is likely no more than taking the known aspects of reality and reconstructing the elemental materiality in more resourceful ways. Of such proclivities, the primacy of thinking, or provoking imaginative prospects, is essential. According to some who philosophize on these matters, the creative person is a risk taker in a process of maturation. By neither rule nor restraint, creativity is the boundless process of rising above the mainstream.

Likewise, moving oneself to become a mature adult, who seeks wisdom at more enlightened and liberated levels, relates to the vitality of inspirational creativity. Self-evolving to become a more differentiated personality requires hard work to become a better version of the original self. Therein resides the spooky and creepy aversion to inventiveness. Relentless self-reliance in rigorous energetic actions to ensure intellectual, experiential and skillful productive development demands arduous labors. With that heavy mindful lifting, diligent dedication is exhausting. For the immediacy of the moment, a potent inner sense of urgency pursues a fanciful notion that demonstrates imaginative workings of willful effort.

The thinker dreams in farsighted ways to chase an adventure through the multidimensional intricacy of inventive ideations. Even though fearful, threatening and debasing the animosities might be, the images of dreaming insights beyond the normal realm necessitate ignoring the detractors. Determination in personal differentiation for the wholeness of individuality within, invites the strength of healthy skepticism, tinctured by a modicum of cynical insightfulness. That’s of the utmost necessity to avoid submission to the constraints of normalcy.

On that, who decides the delineation between normal and abnormal? For the sake of status quo, the easy way is opposite the well-worn paths of "playing the game" and avoiding risks. It’s all too simple to follow the rest of the group and avoid controversy. Such does not require a lot of thought, habits, patterns and redundancy are simplistic. Routine emotional reactivity is not as demanding and doesn’t require deeply researched data or thoroughly substantiated evidence. If abnormal, for instance, is viewed outside the safe space of conformity to "social rules", then who makes the distinction? Noted here are the duly constituted ordinances and statutes, as matters of codified law, that officially define "normality" in terms of civil and criminal behavior.

As to the realm of social interaction, public discourse, goings and comings in various relationships, at play, in school or at work, an unimaginative sense of complacency disturbs the thrills of adventure. Added to that, is the regressive reactivity of economic and political activities that devolve to the level of infantile narcissism in spiraling negativity. In all probability, the lethargy of stagnant, dull, and unoriginal inventiveness kills any semblance of productive abnormality. In the view of some passionately creative people, being abnormal is an act defiance against the mundane, the superficial and fraudulent. Atypical artistry is shunned. Acting outside the cubical of standard societal templates is alarming to those inside cubic limiations.

Templates for which the conjecture is that one size fits all remain persistent against the artisans of desirable transforming processes. Yet, normalcy decries the abnormality of being different from the rest. Other than legally defined statutory prohibitions, who or what decides what is normal? Self-differentiation in a self-evolving quest of personal growth and maturity, is all about being different than everyone else. By contrast, mass marketing, global consumerism, educational and political status quo processes, collude to promote sameness. From school yard to workplace, a submissive haze of consensus is better described as acceptance of "manufactured consent".

Others will readily proclaim that everyone is different, unique and special, yet at some point, below the horizon of creative enterprises, acquiescence gives way to status quo symbiosis. The suggestion here is, the inclination to suggest a healthy sense about interdependence, is misleading and dangerous. Perhaps a better term is parasitic, to describe a lackluster state of affairs in which dull and boring is view as exciting. Unoriginal, unimaginative and unmotivated, additionally describe a social drama that cuts across socio-economic and political boundaries. To paraphrase a famous scientist of the last century, more important than knowledge is imagination.

It doesn’t take an academic to come up with a "startling revelation" that the U.S. suffers a loss of creativity across the wide spectrum of social endeavors. While some would accuse one generation over another, the loss of inventiveness crosses generational boundaries. As societies devolve, the fearful and ignorant hesitation to free oneself from all the gluttonous proclivities of crowd consensus, from assumption to consumption, from reason to emotion, breeds the bleeding discontent of defeatism. For all human history’s lessons, the species ignores and forgets the essentiality of the prologues to subsequent generational consequences. The descriptions of some describes others as stupid, inept, and incompetent. Serious self-reflection, profound self-transformation and calmness are often vacant upon the isles of wisdom’s serenity.

To be alone in persistent and profound introspection is to be a rebel. A few brave ones can do that. The desire to be left alone, to escape and evade the herded busy intersections of social media and communal groupings, is a proclamation of independence. It is a mature and wise insistence of choice and requires action that adversely goes against the toleration of unquestioned consensus. Being a "social warrior" does not require either crowd or faction, and neither following nor fans. Instead, such is a state of exceptional creativity that ceaselessly wanders beyond the normal range of imagination. Fantasies come out of the shadows to share in the self-reliance.

It is a perpetual dream state, beyond being awake and asleep. Realms of creativity are those mental places that transcend an awakened consciousness and pursues a persistent quest of discovery. For that, the valiant knight, the crusader, or the warrior perseveres in cautious proximity to the admonitions and desecrations of mainstream society. As there are many critics, there are fewer artists, as there are multitudes of detractors but a handful of innovators. In the sensual touch of creative instigation, to the culmination of "out of the box" inclination, some would argue the decline of human innovation. Such is a generalization with many aspects.

Nonetheless, some researchers would contend that creativity in the U.S. has regressed since the 1990’s. The proactive introduction of that which is a variation on something, and can be described as being creative or imaginative for a moment in time, seems increasingly rare. One study suggests that in the marketplace of competitive commerce, competency relies more and more on being creatively engaged within the organization. To that end, as one business review magazine laments, openness to alternative viewpoints appears constrained by easy acceptance of the status quo. Personal ingenuity is out in front of doing things that might be considered edgy.

Creativity lurches in many directions to enhance and expand the reaches of the imagination toward a more ascended transformation. Inventiveness suffers the decline of its relevance in a mechanistic consumption oriented society. Thoughtful innovations in arts and entertainment struggle for the passionate zealousness to fuse feeling and meaning. A recent assessment from a major business institute challenges the current educational model in America’s K-12 and collegiate school systems. The accusation is made that contemporary education stifles a student’s creativity in condescending and counterproductive ways. By the promotion of a "one size fits all" template, or persistent admonitions to avoid risk taking, problem solving, inventiveness and being different. The condescending regression becomes more oppressive with the adherence to outdated and worn out instructional rubrics. Inventiveness has for the most part greatly diminished.

Self-imposed stifling of individuality in sacrifice to the deities of mass consumption is a part of personal and group consensus to ensure the perpetuity of material gain. For the majority, status quo reliance on simplistic consistency does not require imaginative processes of serious introspection. To be a good worker, to fit into a slot and to allow pacification into the so called American Dream is the path of least resistance most desire to follow. Production of sameness, replicant and robotic imitation reduces the risks of taking leaps out of the box.

As society regresses to the devolution of contrived extinction, the arrogance of shallow perspectives spins comforting tales of pabulum enriched trouble-free mediocrity. From academia to social media, the reaches of magical thinking for the sustenance of banal conformity traverses every aspect of human activity. Insipid dumbed down regurgitations of cinematic remakes comforts the ever burgeoning blather of juvenile multimedia genre. In movies for instance, not much strain of "acting" is demanded for American audience to be enthralled by CGI.

Neither academic nor political enterprises strive for ascended radical departures from "standard operating procedures". Intellectualism is shunned in favor of feelings. Emotional reactivity attempts to use force or abuse in the anti-logic of stifling an alternative viewpoint. By the illogic of immature self-promotion in the neediness of cognitive bias, many will viciously attack another who dares disagree with the former claimant perspective. The social imbalance of negativity permeates daily life from academia to news reporting.

As such, innovative mature thinking processes are thwarted in favor of the pleasures to be found in various forms of infantile narcissism. Persistent redundancy in anecdotal sufficiency lazily perpetrates the speciousness of alleged "scientific" revelation. Swift and certain actions to quicken the imaginative prospects of change, individuation, and visionary discovery were long since killed by public educational templates. Taxonomies, rubrics, and domain competencies pretentiously masquerade as learning initiatives. Unfortunately data does not support a positive outlook.

In the superficial realms of movie making, for example, persistent remakes wallow in the sloppy reliance on technology to entertain, rather than inspire and educate. Acting remains uncomplicated in the classic sense for a matters of seconds and then lots of CGI. At the same time, not expressing much knowledge about much of anything, younger generations prefer the simplistic to the complex. In trouble-fee thinking, the scope and depth of deep thinking remains fixated on the cell phone or the next "fun" thing to do. So, mediocre attempts at various contemporary art forms, like movies, television, writing, etc. maintain a "middle school" level mentality.

Unfortunately, in the diverse realms of "arts and entertainment", not to forget the vast reaches of academia and other societal institutions, the devolution of creative enterprises hastens social regression. Even the supposed intellectual bastions of ivory towers, educationally insulated and protected in sacred fiefdoms, alleged academic research perpetrates the redundancy of status quo consensus. In the "social studies" area, as in criminology, sociology and psychology, conventional textbook blathering often demonstrate the persistence of nothing new and different. Unproductive replication ensures the unimaginative consistency in unexciting simplicity.

Any challenges to the time worn theories of the past generally incur the backlash of those desiring to safeguard the status quo. As one researcher points out, the American culture is filled with people who easily accept the ordinariness of unenthusiastic efforts to become innovative. Little changes over time and place where people are concerned. While American education is fixated on the same old rubrics, so called competencies, purported matrices and taxonomies, the competitive edge continues to slip away. Innovation erodes to boring complacency.

Pointedly, the lack of serious talent in creativity reverberates through the many mainstream venues of infotainment. Of recent concern, a large west coast metropolitan newspaper reported the results of a ten-year study of American literacy. By comparison, researchers asserted that reading levels for American adults are significantly lower than for adults in other countries. Literacy levels were cited as below average with the U.S. falling behind Scandinavian countries, Japan, Australia and Korea. Others have offered the critical perspective that Americans have been mostly "educated" to become reliable workers as oppose to imaginative and inventive thinkers.

In a faltering state of creativity, with the shallow divisive atmosphere of murky conjecture, magical thinking and bitter condescension, the downward trend of negativity actuates the human species driver toward extinction. Some scientist, the real ones, not the fake ones, already concluded time is running out for the human race. For a few, the brave artistic souls, to be creative means freedom. To be free, is to unleash personal liberation for the hallowed sanctity of personal enlightenment. Such is a journey to transform oneself into a better version than original.

With a sense of profound of self-evolving maturity, the ascension to higher levels of insight comes through a personal quest to become a well-differentiated individual. Nonetheless, the detractors, the haters, the inept and incompetent, will harass and plague the existence of each moment. Some researchers and analysts of natural biological progressions have suggested humans in general are no longer evolving. In a physical sense, they are instead devolving.

35 year veteran of the law enforcement community; college professor, author;

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Monday, November 23, 2020

This is the World We Live in and Body Cam: Officer Involved Fatal Shooting Passenger in Traffic Stop Jacksonville


This is the World We Live in

  • Author Talula A Asher

We have all encountered some kind of discrimination, whether it be religious, gender, age, sexual orientation, and so forth. What most people do not realize, however, that racial discrimination is actually the most common and we as a nation need to be aware of this. I had a recent incident, not necessarily directed towards me but someone had said to me that they would not use public restrooms because they “don’t like using the same restroom as a negro”. This person was stuck on the idea of segregation because they had this stereotype of people with a different race. I have seen a lot more of this happening lately, like the riots, hate crimes, white supremacy movements, and more. We have gotten out of hand and people talk about it but no one really does anything to make it stop. Discrimination has been around for hundreds of years and it has changed a lot. We went from white supremacy and “blackface” all the way to killing people and creating products that use racial advertisement. Although discrimination has been around for so long, not many people even know about it. (Continued below.....)

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office released body camera of an officer Involved in a fatal Shooting that occurred during a traffic stop on November 17, 2020 at about 10:40 p.m. near the intersection of San Juan and Cassat avenues. From VLP

(.....Continued.....) Brent Staples from The New York Times stated that “In the 19th century, minstrel entertainers spawned a racist caricature that endures to this day when they darkened their faces to portray black people as grinning, dancing, simpletons”. I have spoken to many people about this and I have come to realize many younger people have no clue about who or what “blackface” is. “Blackface” is a racist depiction of a white person with black makeup covering their face, simply used to undervalue black people. The caricature of “blackface” has not yet gone away though, because over several months Gucci, Prada, and Katy Perry were forced to withdraw several items from the market because they were revealing designs that showed how the caricature of “blackface” manifests itself through people who are blind to what it connotes. When it was still a huge part of the white community it embodied blackness as “grotesque” in itself because it could never achieve the mythical ideal of whiteness.

Commercial advertisements were a huge thing back then and most of it belittled blackness to sell everything. The “best-known” Jet-black commercial icons were the Gold Dust Twins who appeared naked except for their trademark tutus and black makeup - they represented a popular brand of washing powder whose motto was “let the twins do your work.” Since the twins are “black” it makes it seem like slavery is a positive thing in the normal, everyday American household. In 1899 a children's book titled “The Story of Little Black Sambo” helped solidify the “derogatory caricature of dark-skinned children.” “Sambo” was a term used to describe black people during slavery, which soon became an insulting name for black communities. White actors in blackface were featured in D.W. Griffith’s rabidly racist silent film “The Birth of a Nation” - Hollywood's first blockbuster, released in 1915. The movie “valorized the Klan” and depicted African-Americans as “buffoons” and “incipient rapists”.

These events still carry on through the idea of white supremacy, though not very many people pay attention to it. On October 25, 2018, multiple members of a far-right group were arrested for violently attacking counter-protesters. A mother, Shirley Hardrix from Fort Wayne, spoke to police about how her son Samuel was stabbed to death by a white supremacist in 2016. Aaryn Snyder admitted to killing her son because he was black and said he received a patch from a “white organization” for doing so. In 2018 two white men beat a black man to death in a state prison dormitory in Putnamville, IN. Because of white supremacy, a black American is likely to get a 20% longer sentence for the same offense as a white American. These are horrific hate crimes that have happened because of white supremacy and because some people see it as justified to hate someone just because of their skin color.

Indiana officialized the hate crime bill on April 3, 2019. The Indiana hate crime bill is said to have covered bias-motivated crimes based on things like race, religion, sex, gender identity, and disability. Even though we passed the hate crime bill it has been said to be watered down and not very specific on what we are trying to accomplish. Despite having the hate crime bill going into place the rates for hate crimes are on the rise. According to the FBI report released in 2017, hate crimes increased by about 17% compared to 2016. In 2018, the FBI report revealed more than 7,000 hate crimes were reported in our country. Race and ethnicity made up about 59.6%, religion was 20.6%, and sexual orientation was around 15.8%. Of these, 50.7% of the offenders were white and 21.4% were African-American.

These incidents have been going on for hundreds of years, and the ideas and actions of segregation, hate crimes, and white supremacy have just continued to get worse. Still, nothing we have done to stop it or slow it down has worked. We have tried so hard and made many attempts to stop it but nothing seems to work. The way people are raising their children and the things they are saying to them and teaching them has affected the outcome of everything us as a nation has tried so very hard to stop. People read things and see things and then they get this idea in their head about how to think about a certain thing or person. Now, this obviously is not the case with every person; some people respect differences no matter the race, gender, religion, or anything else. The violent crimes and hatred among people of different races is all because hundreds of years ago these people put this idea - this stereotype - of how to treat or think of people with different skin colors. Is this really the world one should want to be living in?

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That said, not all people think like this; there are really more people that think positively and see the good in everyone. But it is that small amount of people that refuse to see things that way that is making a huge impact on our communities. If we could learn to respect people, not for their skin color or their religion or themselves, our community would be much stronger than it is now. Right now, our nation is on the verge of breaking and we need to come together and fight for what is right. Not all people will agree with this but we need to be aware of what is going on in the world right now. It is also not always white supremacy taunting our societies, black supremacy is another thing happening and we need to fight against it all. We cannot just sit in our house and try to hide the truth about what the world has really become. No matter what it is - white supremacy, black supremacy, hate crimes - we need to know that it is not right; after all, we are all human.

My name is Talula. I am 16 years old and a junior in high school. I write a lot, at least an article every two months. Most of them are over social issues and just problems that are going on. All of my writings are non-fiction and most are written in a day.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Rock Almighty Devotional, Praise, and Worship with Allies and Let us go forward for God


Let us go forward for God

  • Author Gerry Legister

God told Moses to tell the people to go forward

Then the LORD said to Moses, 2 "Tell the Israelites to turn back and encamp near Pi Hahiroth, between Migdol and the sea. They are to encamp by the sea, directly opposite Baal Zephon. 3 Pharaoh will think, ‘The Israelites are wandering around the land in confusion, hemmed in by the desert.’ 4 And I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and he will pursue them. Exodus 14:15

This was Gods idea

When the king of Egypt was told that the people had fled, Pharaoh and his officials changed their minds about them and said, "What have we done? We have let the Israelites go and have lost their services!" 6 So he had his chariot made ready and took his army with him. 7 He took six hundred of the best chariots, along with all the other chariots of Egypt, with officers over all of them. The LORD hardened the heart of Pharaoh king of Egypt so that he pursued after the Israelites, who were marching out boldly. As Pharaoh approached, the Israelites looked up, and there were the Egyptians, marching after them. They were terrified and cried out to the LORD.

Moses' silent prayers of faith prevailed more with God than Israel's loud cries of fear. The pillar of cloud and fire came behind them, when they needed a guard, God provided a wall of fire between them and their enemies. This dividing barrier made it possible for Gods people to go forward and conquer the new territory.

Let’s go forward claiming new opportunities, conquering doubts, resisting temptation, defeating Satan, taking back what the enemy has stolen from us, go forward giving God the praise, go forward and don’t look back like, remember lots wife? She looked back and became a pillar of salt. The angels warned them, Escape for your life! Do not look back, and do not stay anywhere in the valley, escape to the mountains that are higher than you or you will be swept away by the wrath of God. Genesis 19:17.

Lot ran down the valley and up towards the mountain, his two daughters ran close behind him, but his wife from behind look back and she became a pillar of salt, she lagged, when she should have gone forward much faster, she was weight down with the burden of the world, caught in two minds, whether to stay or to go, she lost ground and could not resist looking around. But if we keep our focus on Jesus, the things of this world will become insignificant. The disobedience of lots wife was a willful, and deliberate sin which led to her death, she chooses to value in her heart the things of the world more than the things of God.

Remember Lot’s wife. Luke 17:32

We today have received the similar warning to that which the angels gave to the lot and his family, let us go forward, putting away the old self-conscious feeling, and putting on the new life which is renewed in the likeness of God. If anyone sees his brother committing a sin not leading to death, he shall ask, and God will give him life to those who commit sins that do not lead to death. The image of Lots wife standing watch over the dead Sea where no life exists is the graphic reminder to us not to yearn for the things of the world. But to follow where Christ lead without hesitation.

God calls us to a journey in faith

The word and providence of God have a black and dark side toward sin and towards the sinners, but a bright and pleasant side toward the people of the Lord. He, who divided between light and darkness, Gen 1:4, allotted darkness to the Egyptians, and light to the Israelite's. There was such a great difference there will be between the inheritance of the saints in light and that utter darkness which will be the portion of hypocrites forever. The time is now, God wants his people to have an awareness of the need to move forward with the ministry, not retreat, not looking back with hesitancy.

The king James authorise version. Pentecostal church messages

Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Hog -pen Experience and What's the Big Deal About Righteousness Pt. 2 From CDM


The Hog -pen Experience

  • Author Reginald Lee

This is a subject that the spirit of the Lord gave to me. This is my testimony, and experience that I have had with the Lord, that was very unique in that the fruit of the suffering that came out of this experience , allowed me to mature and grow in the Lord in such a way that now I can truly proclaim that Jesus is Lord of my life.

Luke 15, we find a parable of the lost sheep, lost piece of silver and a lost son. The lost sheep represent lost souls. Jesus is the shepherd seeking out the lost sheep. He has called us to seek the lost. We also have the woman who had ten but lost one piece of silver and sweep her house diligently seeking to find the one lost piece of silver. The shepherd went seeking the lost sheep just as the woman went seeking for the silver. So it is that we must go seeking for the lost souls. We have a great job before us seeking the lost.

The prodigal son is symbolic to the backslider. The backslider is unique in that he is lost but he knows his way back home. We will see in this illustration that the prodigal son knew how to get back home this is ultimately what distinguishes the backslider from the lost. The lost have never walked the path nor seen the light. The lost have never known fellowship with Jesus, never hard his voice, never opened his heart to him who knocks at the door.

The thought that I want to leave with you is "The Hog-pen Experience". The prodigal son is a depiction of a deplorable condition. The question is what will it take for me to awaken to my sinful condition? What will it take for me to say yes Lord? For many of us much of what we experience in life is the hand of God pulling at us in his loving way, knocking at the door of our hearts. Many tragedies in our life come only to bear witness that there is a better way. Much of the hardship and suffering that we experience is merely the hand of God upon our lives. If it were not for the trials and tribulation that come our way, would we pray? Would we seek the face of God? We can ultimately see the hand of God upon our lives drawing us closer to him from day to day.

In this study of the prodigal son I can see my very own personal testimony. Luke chapter 15:11-12, we find the family, two sons with their father. In the world that we live in Satan’s greatest attack is against the family. His desire is to divide, brake up and destroy or kill out the family. From the very beginning Satan’s attack was against the family, Adam and Eve the first family. Sin and death enter this world through the first family. Today is no exception, if we look around at our community, we’ll find the greatest ill in society to be the breakdown of the family. When the family is destroyed you have no inheritance, no community, the entity of husband and wife, sons and daughters, when this institution is destroyed we destroy ourselves. For this reason mirage is sacred, it is an institution that God himself has created and ordained from the foundation of the world. Even today Satan is attempting to destroy the family.

In verse 12 of Luke chapter 15, we find two sons but only one of them desired to leave the family. The other son after having his goods and his portion of inheritance given to him as well, he decided to stay at home. He saw the benefits of staying at home, the quality of life. But the other son saw a great opportunity before him, the world its glitter, its fame, the lights, the friends.

The word prodigal means to waste. It is a sad thing to waste not merely the material things in life but to waste the essence of life, life it’s self. To find that life is a vapor and the glory of life like the grass that is green today and tomorrow it is withered away. So it is in life that the world may hold you up high today but tomorrow they want know you. As long as your money last you will be known and you will be loved. It is sad to say but the Presidency of our Country literally goes to the highest bidder. Money is power. You can be a man of great virtue and intellect and be broke and you will find before you a great challenge. But you have a little money and you can perpetrate your way to the highest chair in the land. We see so much corruption behind money and what people will do in the name of money. The Prince of this world has created a system based on greed. This is the reason why the world is so attractive because it comes to us in a lucrative way.

Luke 15:13, we find that the young man after receiving his share he departed. I can see this young man headed for Los Angeles California were the big lights are or perhaps New York City, were he would find fine women and gambling Casinos. He gets there and he finds friends he never known before because he has money that he never had before. The prodigal wasted all that he had.

There is no way to hold on to the gift of life when you leave Jesus. The prodigal son is symbolic to one who had known the father. He had known the benefits of being in fellowship with God. After knowing the father and his care, his everlasting provision, the son would say within his heart "I want to go into the world". "I’m going to leave you father, I’ve had enough of it all". To the young it is the experience of the world that pulls at them, the experience of sin. But what I want to share with you today is that sin is not a beautiful experience. "The wages of sin is death", while you are in sin death is all around you. If it were not for the grace of God upon your life the enemy would still you. When you are whit the crowd you don’t see the adversary, you don’t see his plan. How many of us have been to the funeral of a love one that was out just having a good time. There are so many young people dying today behind sin. The drug experience is something we do with our so call friends only to find yourself left along with a habit that you can’t pay for. The drug experience is what Jesus has come to save us from. As agents of free will we must chose to be free from the bondage of sin, from its power and dominion.

If we chose to experience sin then we must bear the consequence of that choice. The living word of God has given us to know that "what so ever a man sows that shall he also reap". The experience of sin always comes with a harvest, not only in the life to come but in this life. Somebody is concern about the hell to come but many are living in a living hell right here on the face of this earth. We see our dear brothers and sisters daily, minds disturbed, troubled, the marks of the world on their face, many have chosen alternative lifestyles are facing the judgment of God through social diseases.

Sin is to waste this precious gift of life that God has endowed each one of us with. If we chose sin we are driven to death. The enemy steals your life when you are in sin. We do not always see the deception of sin. Just like the prodigal son looking for the beauty of this great metropolis city that he would enter into, his money would allow doors to be open that would ultimately be shut in his face. If we look at the world today, it is a materialistic world that desires to have your soul. One can get so caught up behind the pursuit of money that you are unable to see nothing else. Money will rule your soul, the love of it. It will be your God. "No man can serve two masters, you cannot serve God and mammon", Matthew 6:24.

People will go to war over oil but no one is willing to fight so that men can be free. We live in a day were the value of money is greater than human life. The Prince of this world’s system is Satan and he does not value life. Many decisions are made today on the basis of how much money one can gain.

"And when he had spent all,"- Luke 15:14. Right now our Country is facing a great debt on the floor of the congress debate is being waged daily on what to cut. Who would have ever phantom that we would be living in a day were Air-force and military bases would be shut down as a result of the lack of money in our federal government. After all the bureaucratic stealing, the government is at the point of shutting down. Now we are suffering the consequences of a nation that is prodigal. Our Country once knew what it was to be a nation under God, in fellowship with God through prayer, communicating to a father who cares for his own, through his provision and everlasting protection. We knew what it was to reverence a living God in our schools and institutions to look to him in all our ways and he would direct our path.

Today we look at a nation who is prodigal. A nation that has took prayer out of the schools. Prayer is in the process of being removed from all social activity. Certainly, if our forefathers of this great nation were alive today, they would be appalled at what is happening in society. The Constitution of the United States of America allows us to have great freedom but not at the risk of destroying everything that we value. Freedom without discipline is not the will of God. Our God is a God of order; he is a God of design. There is a movement "The new Age" that is coming to destroy all that has been created and ordained by God. It is the mind of the antichrist. He is going forth in the land as never before, on his great black horse, destroying and slaying every institution and the Church is no exception. It is a sad day, but the sadness is a result of leaving God. When you leave God you enter into sin. Sin is a complete demise of the total person soul, mind and body.

We see the soul of our Country deteriorating, dying, and wasting away. How long will we continue to walk as the prodigal son? Will we return to God, the living word, the values and principles that the very foundation of this Country was built upon, or will we continue to waste away?

Right now we like the prodigal son find ourselves in a hog-pen. Domestically speaking we’re in a hog-pen. As much money as many of us make we are just surviving. Twenty years ago if we made the money we make today we would be like a rich man. Our Country in a hog-pen wasting away, this is a terrible experience. This is where you end up with sin. We as a Nation have truly come from a long ways, but now we are looking at the hog-pen, just like the prodigal son.

Verse 15 of Luke chapter 15 "And he went and joined himself to a citizen of that country; and he sent into his fields to feed swine."After the prodigal son had spent all of his money, a famine arose in the land and he began to seek for food and shelter. A citizen took him in and sent him into the fields to feed the swine. Jerusalem is a Holy City and the lowest thing that you can possibly do in Jerusalem is handle the swine. Swine according to Old Testament law is not to be consumed. Anytime you join yourself with worldly friends you are going to end up in the hog-pen. If you are born again you do not have worldly companionship. In the world you have to look out for yourself, it is the survival of slickest. We must seek God to open our eyes and our mind to discern true friendship, to see the darkness of the world as sin. To understand how short time is. To hear the voice of Jesus calling "come unto me all ye who are heavy laden and I’ll give you rest".

Luke Chapter 15 verse 16, we find that the prodigal son would have gladly eat the fed that he was giving to the swine. During this period of time just like today it does not matter how hungry a servant may be if the servant begins to eat the food that he should be serving, the servant could lose his job. So the prodigal son had to suffer hunger until he could feed himself with what little he had.

Sin has brought the prodigal son to a condition that only God could get him out of. He is desperately hungry, in the midst of a famine, away from home. There is a famine right here in America. I know that many of us are eating two and three times a day but there is still a famine in this land. The famine is for the word of God and the move of his spirit in this land today. After having spent all many are awakening to the reality of having lost God to gain the world only to lose their soul. After having filled your barn and God put his hands on your life and you find "what will a man give in exchange for his soul"? What can you hold before God in the face of death? What price will you give in exchange for eternal life? There is only one price and that price has been paid by the blood of Jesus. If his blood does not cover your life, than you is not his purchased possession. For when we stand before God it is only the blood of Jesus that will pay that price, in this life and in the life to come. His name is the only salvation for humanity. His name is the only salvation for America.

Verse 17 of Luke chapter 15 "And when he came to himself", this is the question that I’d like to put to you today. What will it take for me to come to myself? Many of us are standing in a hog-pen condition right now. But even in the hog-pen Jesus desires to see you back home. Jesus desires for you to make the step back to the path of righteousness, back to home. There is a voice crying in your ear even in the hog-pen. In the midst of your lowest moment Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart. His arms are open; he desires to see you back home, while the blood is yet running warm in your veins. You have an opportunity to come on back home.

The prodigal son came to himself but how many of us will come to ourselves? The grave is full of a multitude that fell to come to themselves. Will you come to yourself right now, and realize that the hog-pen is not the place to be. Rather a backslider or sinner there is a way out. Jesus said "I am the way, the trueth, and the life; no man cometh unto the father, but by me". Think God that before the creation of the world a way out was made. His name is Jesus.

What will it take for me to come to myself? This is the only question that matters. Not how serious the situation is, for it does not exceed the grace of God. His grace is sufficient even in our weakest hour. If we draw near to him, he will draw near unto us. If we come out and sanctify ourselves he will be a father to us and we will be sons and daughters to him. If we deny ourselves and take up the cross, he has promised to give us his spirit dwelling in our hearts. By the spirit of the living God we can cry Father, Father, Abba, Abba, has sons and daughters of the living God. The family of God, a royal priesthood, brought by the precious blood of Jesus, Kings and Priests called to rule in this land, called to show forth righteousness and good works unto the father. It is by the blood of Jesus, the work of Calvary’s Cross that we have a way out.

I say unto to you, "who has believed our report? To whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed"? Can you see the way out of the hog - pen. I bring to you my testimony the hog – pen experience. After having experienced all that the world has to offer, I believed the report. As a result of believing the report; the arm of the Lord was revealed unto me. In his everlasting arms I am leaning on to this present day. I’m leaning on those arms that centuries of men and women have leaned upon, the arm of the gospel that shows the light of the world.

Will you see the revelation? Will you see the door that stands open to the way out? Will you hear the voice of the spirit of Jesus that reaches out even now? The prodigal son represents the hog – pen experience. What will it take for you to come out of the hog – pen?

I served has outreach Minister and Ordained Elder under Pastor Jerome Lee. Bethel Tabernacle Christ Holy Sanctified Church of America, Inc. 2121 Daniel Street, Fort Worth, Tx 76104. I served as Sunday School Teacher,and Musician.

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Arrogance in Ignorance – The Republic is in Danger - Censorship and The Truth About Vaccines Featuring: Part 2 - Charlene interviews Ryan Hartwig: Facebook Whistleblower | TTAV 2020 Censorship Series


  • Author Randy Gonzalez

In the rampant rage of wide-spread devolution of humanity, particularly on the shores of the U.S., the arrogance of ignorance spews its contagion in diverse ways. By contentious condescension of intentional malevolence, the spurting of non-stop stupidity intentionally contrives to wreck the democratic processes. To save the republic, higher reaches of purposeful wisdom with extraordinary ascensions of enlightenment requires a mature intelligent population. Among this extrapolation of astonishing willful insight, knowledge insists upon the development of exceptional personal individuation. Acute inner analysis is crucial. (Continued below......)

(....Continued.....)With a list of adversarial disputations, opposing forces to the right, freedom and reason of free speech endeavor to restrict essential constitutional safeguards. In particular, aside from illicit and dimwitted admonitions from the realms of academia, supernatural ideologies attack and defame essential necessity of personal expression. Among the antithesis of human liberation comes the terroristic psychological and physical pillaging of freedom by extremist fundamental occultic obsession. Led by the weak, the cowardly and the ignorant, selfishness abounds.

Politics is but one arena where “anti-thinking” foments the specious terrors of ignorance so grievous, that the viability of the American republic hangs in the balance. For some, perhaps even a majority, indulged in wonderment to consider the probably of eventual human extinction. To that apocalyptic end, the political processes are but elemental factor in an iceberg of societal selfishness. Closely aligned is the cult of celebrity worship. The contemporary idiocy, from Hollywood elitist to Washington politicians, promotes a dumber American society.

Most often, actors, like so many across mainstream society, spew the superficiality of their ignorance. Undereducated in so many aspects of the real-world, their fictional fantasies blur the distinction between the real and the surreal. All to often, such actions breach the viability of free speech in such condemning ways, as to rebuke the tenants of civility. Their divisive hate mongering tears at the basic foundations of the revolutionary spirit of freedom. Given the gluttonous satiation for selfishness, money, power, and control, prefers ignorance. A few years, a British publication asserted the lunacy of the “leftist elitist”. Building a case for the extremes of smug self-righteousness is a trail of clues related to education versus indoctrination.

With controversial engagements across the mainstream of society, some analyst ponder the perceived notions regarding a decline in educational ascendency. By contrast, a few agree that the American culture is declining with consequences that indicate an eventual collapse. As opposed to an enlightened constituency of well-educated, exceptionally competent and mature people, a devolution seems more realistic. Regardless of social strata, most of the population appears and acts in very immature and child-like ways. Being ignorant became more comfortable.

In accordance with the aforementioned sense of intellectual dysfunction, one psychologist recently echoed a similar theme, by what might be called “American dysfunction of anti-intellectualism”. Asserting a kind of pathology of ignorance, the writer offered an argument regarding the degradation of society by wide spread idiocy. By absurd, foolish and immature behaviors, including stupid commentary by elected officials, a deep sense of disappointment echoes among those seeking solutions to serious social issues.

By neither social status nor college degree is there any guarantee of extraordinary enlightenment. Likewise, regardless of educational institution, graduation does not infer the capacity for saving the planet, profound civil discourse or insistence upon the greater good. In an earlier time, philosophical admonitions favored the necessity for higher intellectual achievement beyond in formal system or communal process. Creativity was an important element in pursuing the pioneering spirit of innovation. Today, ingenuity finds few adherents.

In a post-modern context, disingenuous behaviors increasingly and negatively exhibit a host of adversarial interactions. Divisive examples are ever-present in news shows, as well as political forums. Emotional reactivity is frequently the choice of actions rather than serious analytic investigations. To insist upon a problem-solving venture by way of critical thinking and logical analysis is not typically the path chosen. A regressive tendency toward immature emotional responses animates an inclination toward promoting conflict rather than compromise.

While one person criticizes another for a posting in social media that may violate “community standards”, another vicious torments others for their political leanings. Intolerance for tolerance often depends on whether or not the other person agrees with another’s opinion. In prior times, open debate on controversial issues embraced the free spirit of candid commentary. Now, the opposite seems more likely. Sensitivity to everything shuts down the free exercise of alternative perspectives. At the same time, emotional reactivity threatens factual authenticity.

For the purposes herein, the issues surrounding the conceptualization of censorship relates to actions intended to suppress, restrict or otherwise prohibit the dissemination of an artistic expression. Primarily, the focus is toward social media, but not exclusively. As such, the prohibitions, or attempted prohibitions, referred to include restrictions on presentation or publication of various forms of authorship. Writings of various kinds, articles, stories, books, novels and so forth are examples. Additionally, consideration of creative works likewise pertain to movies, films, photos, drawings and other related works of art.

Whether an article on a controversial topic or an explicit depiction of photographic art, the matter at hand is the intentional prohibition of the art form. As an ongoing process of social and legal debate, censorship in contemporary social media, including news media, suggests an increasing antagonism toward innovative artistic endeavors. While the First Amendment (U.S. Constitution) is the fundamental expression of free speech, censoring an imaginative arty expression conjures debatable implications in terms of legality, equity, and liberty.

Aside from legal ramifications, the implications of censorship are manifold. Indirectly, one aspect entertained here is the notion that censoring an online artistic genre speaks to an era of ignorance. As intellectual capacity, along with a maturity for enlightened thinking, diminishes over time, increased infantile reactivity is more likely. In post-modern consideration, contemporary efforts by social media to curtail selected expressions represent oppression. A “tyranny” of intolerance pretending to be tolerant pervades social interactivity.

Another aspect suggests a devolving process of thinking that is detrimental to human civilization. If, for instance, there is a supposition that the human species is advancing, a counter argument might infer the contrary. Contemporary sensitivity appears at an all-time low in terms of overreaction to just about anything. As controversy arises over criticism of an individual, an ideology, or a flag, or baseball cap, a posting occurs on the net to demonstrate outrage.

Extraordinary simplification, excessive rationalization and contentious divisiveness degrade any semblance of a civilized society. As such, there is a sense of arrogance in the ignorance. In an article for a national newspaper, the online admonition of American society focused on the commonplace “embracing of ignorance”. Accordingly, the claim points to the current trend of glorifying ignorance and disdaining intellectualism. While believing in something without facts or evidence is one thing. It is quite another to make public policy based on belief.

Someone might question which is worse, not having evidentiary substantiation, or denying the reality of factual relevance and doing something stupid. This is where a serious regard for rationality searches carefully among the volumes of psychobabble to question the nature of proof. Solvability of an issue invites the various aspects of efforts directed toward provability. For most issues, many rely on gossip, hearsay, opinion and superficial conjecture that says nothing and does nothing. Frequently, this satiates an inner desire to make idiotic notions valid.

Another headline from a different informational perspective asserted a study that suggested people do not like their strongly held beliefs questioned. Based on a limited research configuration form a major private college, researchers sought to assess the knowledge base of the average voter. As related to things like climate change, for instance, overuse of information dissemination may case deeper controversies to arise. Too much information leads to confusion among diverse parties to a public debate, especially if the basis for knowing something is limited.

A debasing conjecture might suggest that an entity or external mechanism causes people to do one thing or another, but that is dangerously misleading. Not only that, but also such specious notions perpetuate an atmosphere of ignorance. Such things become a vicious cycle of regressive tendencies for the sake of foolish excuses. As to that, the commentary is often heard about how the “internet makes people stupid”, or how “technology” or “social media” contributes to violence, etc. Briefly, inanimate objects cannot make people do things.

Lifeless inert “entities” do not possess the power for such influence. People intentionally and willfully make their own choices and there are no excuses for their bad decisions. However, to ensure the lofty status of ignorance, many will concoct all manner of mitigation. By malice aforethought, premeditation and intention infliction, people do all kinds of perpetrations. Once the blame went to demons, ghosts and goblins. Today, it is just about anything external to the person that receives blame for maladaptive behaviors. Not much difference than demonic possession.

Regardless, such human antics do not elevate the species to an advanced civilization by any stretch of the imagination. Grotesque and undignified fallacies of inference permeate talk shows, talking head news outlets, schoolrooms, legislative sessions, social media and the list goes on. Subjective validation for the sake of cognitive bias, absent facts and evidence, supplants in-depth critical analysis based on vigorous inquiry. Instead, the modern malady of social discourse tends to rely heavily on opinion in an appeal to inauthentic “authority”.

Such an appeal to the pretention of some source, or someone, possessing the exceptionality of an authoritative perspective, is potentially dangerous. The guru, the shaman, the spiritualist, or the metaphysician, are likely to perpetrate grievous errors of self-centered thinking. As alluded to earlier, in a stardom-fixated culture, the incessant adoration surrenders to the opinion, gossip or rumors fomented by popularity. Using fame and fortune as a benchmark for knowledge and wisdom encourages a larger framework of social stupidity. Because someone can play a part in a movie, perform on stage, or nominated for an award, does not confer enlightenment.

Yet, repeatedly, “intellectual capacity” is erroneously ascribed to a star personality, whether movie luminary or talk show host. Similarly, as 24/7 cable network news sources slant toward personal opinion, the greater the probability of shallow thinking. In reality, these could actually be some of the most notoriously uninformed people on the planet. A careful analysis of the contemporary rhetoric reveals a serious failure of fact driven analysis. Evidence seems to have lost its value and necessity in favor of personal opinion. Repeatedly, feelings are valued more.

Continuing the commission of the decline of intellectual honesty, a collegiate talk show interview of one researcher expressed disappointment in politicians. Reminiscing the sage commentary of one of the founding fathers, the republic is in danger when ignorance has an expectation of freedom. To paraphrase, as stupid culture cannot hope for a free society. In a frightening reflection on modern society, a researcher points to the foolish discourse found in American politics. Politicians often say the stupidest things.

One point of view on this matter of egregious ignorance in political commentary, relates to how such fallacies mirror society. Whether by partisan bias, political expediency, or contrived selfishness for power and control, the lack of intellectual curiosity and analytic reasoning undermine the principles of a democratic republic. Worrisome is the notion as to the trend toward anti-rationality, or the ability to ensure constructive reason in logical analysis.

That coupled with the arrogance of embracing ignorance ought to be the warning signs of a collapsing culture. A few would argue the disastrous consequences for the human species. Others aligned with the fear of eventual human extinction would accept the idea that this is the dawn of the “zombie apocalypse”. The debasing nature of stupid thinking, or as some would prefer, “magical thinking”, portrays an era of conceited preference for being uninformed. To exploit that with emotional reactivity and cultural advancement devolves to regressive depths.

Meanwhile in academia, the bastion of knowledge and wisdom, a presupposition asserts the posture that high levels of intelligence mount the precipice of human advancement. When the laughter dies down, some argue there is no guarantee of vast realms of enlightenment within the hallowed halls of ivy towers. According to some educators, just the opposite is the reality. One college professor offers an assessment of the “dumbest generation”. By way of little or no mature leadership, trendy vulgarity, simplistic thinking and a host of other intellectual maladies, younger generations insist upon a devolving mediocrity of infantile narcissism.

In addition, the contentions, as to a devolving state of arrogant ignorance, falls upon lazy self-righteousness smugly neglecting the rigors of human advancement. A failure to ascend beyond adolescence and insist upon a mature grown world condemns society to eventual collapse. According to some, a small niche of serious minded mature individuals, the “dumbest generation” or generations, do possess sufficient capacity to deal with future societal problems. A fundamental deficit of critical knowledge in areas of commerce, industry, government and educational institutions hastens the regressive deterioration of a democratic republic.

One may or may not want to transpose “knowledge deficit” with stupidity. Applying a stupidity factor might hurt the sensitivities of those desiring to remain adolescent into adulthood. Nonetheless, a serious shortfall in socio-economic and political astuteness traversing rampant throughout mainstream society is dangerous. Added to that burdensome responsibility of being generally smarter than average, are the woefully scarce levels of historical ignorance. As earlier writers warned, failing to learn from history is the vital lesson of history. Coupled with educational narrowmindedness, particularly in collegiate settings, along with ideological agendas, the perpetration of “dumbing down” continues to erode the higher prospects of intellectualism.

Assuming an exceptionality principle from the realms of real science, there are always noteworthy exemptions from sweeping generalities. However, when it comes to humankind and the maladaptive intentions of foolish behaviors exceptions few. With the political arena for instance, there are very few exceptions of extraordinary intellect, with wise and mature exhibitions of serious leadership ability. As younger generations run for public office, let us say those under 40 years old, where most millennials reside, the prospects get scary. The arrogance in ignorance expands astronomically among the younglings attempting to manage governmental organizations. At the national level, stupidity in spite of alleged college education is frightening.

In pursuit of the warn paths of least resistance, asserting the nebulous notions of pretentious offense, the ignorance of the many fixate on the “selfieness” of selfish promotion. Once the unimaginative protest proclaims self-defeat, the unlabored ignorance relishes in the satiation of less strenuous mediocrity. Criticisms rage the hallow failures of critical thinking for the amative excitement of myth, magic and metaphor. Refuge finds company in the shallow fluff of forsaking reality for immediate gratification. Blustering blather endangers the republic.

For the gushing eroticism of quick release, the fatted bellows bemoaning the logic and reason of serious thought spew impotent conjecture. As to the perpetration of tired ideologies, reinvented by venal strains of limp minded arrogance, fear of evidentiary substantiation perpetrates the replacement of facts with fictions. Haughtiness of unintelligent, uninformed and uneducated self-imposed offensiveness, breed the illicit dangers that threaten cultural ascendency. Within that framework, the absence of profound creativity stifles the advance of enlightenment.

Acting “anti-social”, a word used too frequently in an ill-informed society, portrays an easily chosen means to get what one wants at the expense of others. Given the options, people will always act in their self-interests, which could beneficial or not. Excuses for stupid behaviors have run the deceptive and manipulative gambits philosophies as “science”, to political commentary as fact. Fictions promulgate the deceptive intentions of ill-intentioned adherents, presupposing their ignorance remain unchallenged. As to a majority that follow the superstitions of misguided dogma, the doctrines of illicit ideologies forsake the viability of social advancement.

For some, there are UFOs in every mysterious movement in the sky. Others delve into the phantoms of phantasm, where ghosts, goblins and gremlins lurk. From there, the adventure skirts the outer regions of mindful ideations to chase the mysterious manifestations of social dysfunction. In that, the instigators provoke the terror of monsters from the Id. From illusions thought real, which fail the proof of real scientific validation. As gullibility runs amuck, the believability leaps to faithful allegiance to chemical therapies for hidden demonic forces.

To perpetuate an industry of “mind-body-illness-wellness” forsakes the liberation of individuality to promote the feeble excuses of the many. From invisible “addictions” to superstitious flirtations, inflictions unfold that oppress and enslave as many as possible. In part, such antics promote the anti-intellectualism rising in contemporary context. As a result, some fear the arrogance of ignorance is one of the most deadly threats to modern society.

Published multi-genre author, 35 plus years field of criminal justice and law enforcement; college professor in criminology;