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Saturday, January 19, 2019

CoachTube Basketball Presents: Myles White - Class of 2020 Basketball Recruiting Video - A Day of Basketball

When Myles is not on the baseball field, he can be found hooping. He is an avid basketball player and Student-Athlete. Myles made several varsity appearances this past season as a point/shooting guard and is looking forward to more action next year! [Video below] Enjoy the change-up from baseball....

Presented by CoachTube Basketball!


How to install a Switching Defense Playbook

Subj:  The fastest way to kill the offensive rhythm
Hey Coach,
I’ve expressed in previous emails just how out-and-out excited I get when we can present you with a new playbook…
It’s even better when that playbook details the #1 trend in basketball defense.
Well, release the pigeons and sound the trumpets!
Here we go…
Let’s state this right up front:
Old school logic called the switching defense “soft”.  
(It was actually Bobby Knight who led that charge.  He HATED it.)
Yet, here we are.
Because the game and the players have changed significantly since the days of getting the ball to the low post where a Patrick Ewing or Shaq was waiting...
Honestly, how often do you see that style of play anymore?
That approach has been slowly – but surely – displaced by a game of speed with (arguably) more versatile players.
Switching can kill the rhythm of the offense and cause the ball to become sticky.

Offensive players and the ball become stagnant.

So far, so good.  Right?

Much of the success on offense stems from having great player and ball movement to break down the defense. The switch can slow this down.

Now it becomes easier for the defense to position themselves properly and guard the offensive action.

What happens then? (I love this part…)

You start daring the offense to beat you over and over again- “Are you good enough to beat us by
making individual plays all night?"
You take defense – which is normally in reactionary mode – and move into a position of MUCH more control.
When executed correctly, you force the offense out of their comfort zone and into a style that suits you and your team.
So, what does the defense of the future look like?  You’re looking at it.
And I strongly recommend you understand the switching defense at the deepest level.
Here is step #1.
Our new “Switching Defense” playbook is 66 pages of everything you need to know – and implement.
See you courtside,

Strength Coach-Comprehensive Training Program for Knee Rehab Continuation

Jonas Beauchemin

If you are a strength coach or a personal trainer the chances that you have encountered an athlete recovering from some sort of ligamentous knee injury at some point in your career is pretty high. Whether it is damage to the ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL, or some combination of any of these, the incidence in the athletic and general population is alarming. Hirshman, et al estimated that 1 out of every 1000 people in the US incurs a knee ligament injury each year. The current US population is around 304,000,000 so that means according to Hirshman's figures there will be a projected 304,000 knee ligament injuries in the US in 2008. Of course our primary goal must be a pro-active one with an eye toward reducing the incidence of knee injuries. Unfortunately the mindset of the majority is to get hurt and then train or rehab rather than training with prevention in mind. Therefore it is inevitable that at some point you are going to work with a client that has suffered some sort of ligamentous knee injury.

Working in a private strength and conditioning facility, we see numerous athletes recovering from knee injuries each year. In most cases we are able to work congruently with the physical therapist. In some cases the client or athlete has completed physical therapy, and at other times we get clients that have been released prematurely from physical therapy. When it comes to these cases of premature release the athlete or client reports that their physical therapist, orthopedic surgeon, or family physician has cleared them for physical activity with little to no limitations. Sometimes if we're lucky we get documentation of their contraindications. It is not our jobs as strength coaches and personal trainers to play the role of a PT. It is, however, our job to train the athlete or client in a way that perpetuates the healing and strengthening process in order to get them back into pain free competition or daily life in a timely manner.

I am a firm believer in Gray Cook's Functional Movement Screen so this is the first step I will take with a knee injury client. Obviously the type, severity, and time frame of the injury are all going to play a factor in movement patterns and physical limitations. However, generally I find the deep squat and in-line lunge cause pain if the individual is in or around the 12 week time frame from reconstruction or from the time of injury of a partial tear.
Although I understand that Gray would advise the personal trainer or strength coach to refer out anyone experiencing pain with any movement screen tests to a medical professional, we have come to expect this result so we have developed training methods to adapt to these situations. Plyometrics (bilaterally or unilaterally on the injured leg), and running will also usually induce pain in the injured knee. Another trend that I have noticed is a lack of hip stability, particularly an inability to control the femur of the front leg in a lunging pattern and of the stance leg in a single leg straight leg deadlift (1-Leg RDL). I attribute this to compensation patterns inhibiting the glute medius and piriformis function. Very limited hip external rotation is another trend I have noticed, possibly due the individual's tendency to avoid stretching and exercising full range of motion at the hip of the injured leg which will likely result in tissue density issues.

Now that we have covered the screening process, let's talk about program design. In order to allocate credit where it is due I must say that I have been working under the tutelage of Michael Boyle for two years now so many of the exercises and techniques I will speak about are a direct reflection of what I have learned from him. The basic program outline should be very similar to a program for an uninjured person, which would include foam rolling, stretching, mobility, activation, warm-up, strength training, and conditioning.
Just as any other program it is important to implement Mike's simple rule: "If it hurts, don't do it!"
This means telling the client right from the start that this is a yes or no question and you will not accept; kind of, sort of, not really, or a little bit as an answer. It is also important to note that progression within the rehab population must always be dictated by progress, not time. To make things easier in this article I will include phases in terms of general time frame but a client that has not improved should not be pushed into the next progressions simply because the timeline says the phase is complete. 
Foam Rolling 
Foam rolling will always come first and will involve all of the basic muscle groups that are usually covered (hamstrings, quads, glutes, hip rotators, hip flexors, mid traps, lats, pecs, etc.). Be sure to pay special attention to any areas of significant tightness that were uncovered during the screening process. As previously mentioned this is usually the piriformis but can include glute max, glute med, TFL, and psoas. Normally 10 rolls back and forth are done for traditional foam rolling however, up to 20 rolls can be applied to these areas of significant tightness. 
Just like foam rolling, basic muscle groups need to be addressed in the pre-workout stretching but........Join to keep reading.....
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The Truth About Cancer Featuring: The Keto360 Plan UNBOXING with Dr. Josh Axe & Jordan Rubin | Webinar #7 Replay

Join us for this replay of webinar #7 featuring Ty, Charlene, Jordan Rubin, and Dr. Josh Axe as they answer YOUR questions, unbox the easy-to-follow keto diet for beginners, and embark on Day 1 of the “TTAC Keto360 Challenge”. [Video and more Below] We’ll talk about the importance of incorporating spices like cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric in your cooking... and how the U.S. is one of the “least spiced” nations in the world. Both herbs and spices are so integral to a tasty, health-boosting diet. Next, discover the optimal times to cleanse and burn fat... and the ancient health secret of intermittent fasting. We'll also discuss some of the key foods involved in the Keto360 program including chia seeds and avocados. Watch the full webinar to get the tips on the keto principles that work… and find out how to really see incredible results with herbs, spices, adaptogens, vitamins, minerals, fiber, greens, and MORE! Can you drink coffee on the keto diet? Tune in to find out. We'll give you some tips on what NOT to eat on the Keto360 diet... and you'll be surprised at some of the tasty desserts you can treat yourself to on keto. Bottom line? The Keto360 Challenge is not your typical keto diet. You can craft this diet your own way and adapt to your own tastes and health needs. It’s safe, responsible, and we teach you how to do it forever. It’s an amazing program utilizing holistic principles. Lose unwanted weight, reduce cravings, and eat holistically. Join the challenge! Get the easy keto start guide... Join Keto360 today: --------------------------------------- About Ancient Nutrition --------------------------------------- Ancient Nutrition believes the human body was built for high performance. Their whole food nutritional products are designed to provide Ancient Nutrients in a modern, convenient form to power the body and mind, restoring health, strength, and vitality of our ancestors. Learn more about Ancient Nutrition here: The Truth About Cancer is pleased to announce its affiliate partnership with Ancient Nutrition, a company co-founded by Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin. Both The Truth About Cancer and Ancient Nutrition share commission on any revenue sales generated by product purchases through affiliate links on this page or site. -------------------------------------- About Dr. Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS -------------------------------------- Dr. Axe is a co-founder of Ancient Nutrition and a doctor of natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic, and clinical nutritionist with a passion to help people get well using food as medicine, and operates one of the world’s largest natural health websites: Dr. Axe is a best-selling author of the ground-breaking health book Eat Dirt, which uncovers the hidden causes and cures of leaky gut syndrome. -------------------------------- About Jordan Rubin -------------------------------- Jordan is a co-founder of Ancient Nutrition and is one of America’s most-recognized and respected natural health experts. He is the New York Times bestselling author of The Maker’s Diet, and 25 additional titles, including his latest work Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine. An eco-entrepreneur and lecturer on health and nutrition, Jordan has shared a message of natural health in five continents and 46 states in the U.S. Jordan is the founder of Garden of Life®, a leading whole food nutritional supplement company, and Beyond Organic a vertically integrated organic food and beverage company. Jordan has formulated hundreds of dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages including many #1 top sellers in the Healthy Foods channel. -------------------------------- About Ty and Charlene Bollinger -------------------------------- Ty and Charlene Bollinger are devoted Christians, health freedom advocates, health researchers, documentary film producers, and best-selling authors. After losing several family members to conventional cancer treatments, they set out to learn the truth about cancer and the cancer industry, working together tirelessly to help others to learn the truth that sets them free to live healthy, happy lives. On their journey, they interviewed cutting-edge scientists, leading alternative doctors, and groundbreaking researchers to learn about hidden alternative cancer treatments. What they uncovered helped to create The Truth About Cancer and its three awe-inspiring docu-series: ”The Quest for The Cures”, “The Quest for the Cures Continues”, and “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest.”

Tactical Workouts Present: LIVE FIRE TRAINING WITH U.S. ARMY FIREFIGHTERS!!! And What Is Taught On Fire Science Degrees?

My "HOW TO BECOME A FIREFIGHTER" Video and More Below: What's going on everyone. Thank you for stopping by and watching my NEW video. Thank you for supporting me and motivating me to keep going. Enjoy the video. Thank You For Watching!!! And Don't Forget To RATE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE! -Email:

Revolutionary Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program Provides A Simple Training Blueprint to Help You Gain Strength, Boost Power, and Rebuild Your Body


World’s Greatest Military Operators and Law Enforcement Professionals Reveal the Secret  Training System Used By Elite Tactical Athletes

TO: 👊🎖️Military Operators, Law Enforcement Professionals, and Prepared Citizens Serious About Building Tactical Muscle

RE: 💪Special Report by Joseph Arangio, Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach
Read the Full Report

What Is Taught On Fire Science Degrees?
By: Claire Williams

Uncontrolled fires are catastrophes that can cause damage to property and belongings as well as potentially have psychological impacts on its victims. Ultimately, fires can affect how people go about their daily lives. It is often argued that those who risk the lives of themselves and others should have a degree in fire fighting or at least have an understanding of how fires work.

What Do You Learn On a Fire Science Degree?

There are key areas that a degree in fire science looks in to. Firstly, students will tend to consider analytical approaches to fire protection and learn how to investigate whether a fire is likely. Most fire science degrees also incorporate a discussion of disaster and fire prevention planning. This normally includes topics such as problematic materials that might cause a blaze as well as further the spread of flames. The management of certain materials is considered in order to provide the clearest directions for use and maintenance.

Other key subjects that are studied on online fire science degrees include the role of the fire service within the community, the technical legal and social aspects of arson, the application of technology to firefighting and, also, the psychological effects of fire dynamics. Understanding of the water supply also forms part of several online fire science courses as well as determining what constitutes fire-related human behavior.

Can It Prepare Your For A Career In The Fire Service?

Most Firefighters will have some kind of qualification either done previously to joining the force or ‘on the job’. An online Fire Science degree can equip you with everything you need to begin a career in the fire service. Most online schools provide options where the student can learn about fire behavior and combustion including the basic concepts of fire, how it spreads and how to control it. Introductions to the various states of matter, the various constituents of fire and the physical and chemical properties of fire, should also be touched upon. Most online degrees will explore the fundamentals of constructing buildings, their types of structure and designs as well as the impact of buildings on firefighting.

Do You Need A Degree To Fight Fire?

Whilst you don’t necessarily need a degree to become a firefighter, it is highly advised to study an online fire science degree if you intend to have a rewarding career in the service. If you apply to your local fire brigade after successfully completing high school you will be given advice on the best route for you to take. To progress in your career a Fire Science degree or Emergency Management degree would be necessary to reach the upper levels of the service.

Online fire science degrees are available at various levels. An Associate of Fire Science degree is the first level a student completes although if they have certain qualifications with sufficient credits they are able to enter at the Bachelor of Fire Science level. Once qualified graduates can then expect to earn a salary of around $45,000 per year. It is customary for a firefighter to earn an increase in salary each time they achieve a promotion – a fire chief can earn anything up to $100,000 per year.
C Williams is a freelance education writer.

The Rock Almighty Devotional, Praise, and Worship with Shawl

JANUARY 19 from cdm

“When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost” (John 19:30).
Faith is our positive response to what Jesus did for us on the cross. Our faith doesn’t move God; He has already moved and finished everything that needed to be done for our salvation.

Get Shawl @

Joel Osteen Ministries Recent Messages Featuring: Victoria Osteen - Unity In The Body Of Christ

In this message, Victoria will teach there is a commanded blessing when we have unity. The Bible says when believers dwell together in unity, “there the LORD commanded the blessing—life forevermore” (Psalm 133:3). We need to fight together for our faith, not fight with one another about our faith! It is only the love of God that brings people to the arms and saving power of Jesus Christ. [Video below] God is saying it’s up to us to keep in unity and the bond of peace. That tells me that you and I must watch our words and attitudes and walk worthy of our calling under the blood of Jesus and stand humbly in God’s righteousness, not our own “rightness.” We can break the power of darkness and show people the irresistible love of the Father! This is message #740, "Unity In The Body Of Christ", by Victoria Osteen. For more inspirational messages, visit

When You Feel Like You’re Going Backward

Post by Joel Osteen on 

We all go through times when we feel like we're going backward. Things were going well, we knew we had God's favor, but then things turned. We lost a major client, our child didn't get the scholarship, or a friend walked away. We wonder, "What did we do wrong?" But just because you face difficulties that you don't understand doesn't mean you're not in God's will. God is ordering our steps, and sometimes He will order a cutback. Just as there are seasons of growth, there are seasons of pruning. Without the pruning we won't become all we were created to be.
Jesus said, "I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit" (John 15:1–2). That makes sense. When we have things in our life that are not productive—a friend who is pulling us down or a job that's leading nowhere—He'll cut those things away so we can put our energy into things that move us forward. But Jesus added, "Every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so it will be even more fruitful." The only way to get from "fruit" to "more fruit" is to be cutback. That means there are times when you're doing the right thing and the wrong thing happens. Instead of getting discouraged, recognize that it's a pruning season. Without that cutback you won't see new growth. He wouldn't let you lose your job if He wasn't going to give you something better. He may have pruned a friend out of your life, but there's a better friend coming. You may be satisfied to stay where you are, but God is not satisfied. He has new levels, new opportunities, new relationships in store for you.
Jesus went on to say, "If you abide in me, you will bear much fruit." In John 15, He mentions "fruit," "more fruit," "and much fruit." The way you move up, the way you increase, is simply by abiding. He was saying, "When things happen that you don't understand, abide in Me, trust Me, keep being your best. Believe that I'm still directing your steps, praise Me, and stay faithful." If you keep doing the right thing, keep serving, keep giving, keep expecting favor, keep going the extra mile, then your passing the test. You're about to come in to much fruit. New doors are about to open, new relationships are on the way, negative situations are about to turn around. Because you abide in Him, abundance is coming, healing is coming, breakthroughs are coming, new levels of your destiny.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

FreedomPop Wireless Presents Trending Sports News Featuring: This one stat shows how much the Rockets rely on James Harden

Latest News

Anthony Davis’ agent hanging out with Kevin Durant, Warriors GM

Anthony Davis and his New Orleans Pelicans were in Oakland to take on the defending champion Golden State Warriors Wednesday evening. Davis’ agent, Rich Paul, took in the...

WATCH: Rockets star James Harden just dropped another 50 burger

Houston Rockets guard James Harden was back up to his old tricks against the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday evening. Fresh off an awe-inspiring 57-point outing against the Memphis...

Fans react to Kyrie Irving’s monster game

Internal turmoil has impacted the Boston Celtics' performance in recent weeks. The team headed into Wednesday night's outing against the Toronto Raptors riding a three-game losing streak. Despite...

WATCH: Baker Mayfield mocks arrest during ‘Fortnite’ game

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield certainly has a sense of humor. Most of it is directed at others in a mocking manner. Just ask former Browns head...

Andy Reid

Andy Reid hilariously trolls media during presser

Patrick Mahomes hasn't just made the Kansas City Chiefs a better team. According to Andy Reid, that's had a positive impact on the Kansas City media. Nate Taylor...

Most interesting storylines for NFL Championship Sunday

The AFC is no longer New England's domain For a whopping eighth consecutive season, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will be playing in the AFC Championship...

Patriots underdogs for first time in nearly three years

When the New England Patriots take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Sunday's AFC Championship Game, they'll be in the unfamiliar role of underdogs. No matter what Tom...

Eight biggest questions heading into spring training

The 2019 MLB season is just around the corner While it might seem like we saw Chris Sale strike out Manny Machado to clinch the 2018 World Series...

Report: Alabama DC Tosh Lupoi headed to the Browns

Nick Saban is going to have an almost new coaching staff when his Alabama Crimson Tide take to the field next season. Having already seen co-offensive coordinator Josh...
Denver Broncos 2016 Schedule

Report: Broncos hire 49ers QB coach Rich Scangarello as OC

San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello reportedly has a new job as the offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Wednesday that Denver had...

LOOK: Panthers QB Cam Newton gets first tattoo

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton remained tattoo-less until now. At the request of former owner Jerry Richardson, Newton refrained from getting any tattoos since the Panthers drafted him back in...

Oklahoma grants Austin Kendall waiver to play for West Virginia

The West Virginia Mountaineers will have a new starting quarterback next season with Will Grier turning pro. Said quarterback will now likely be former Oklahoma top recruit Austin...

LOOK: 49ers having some offseason fun with Jimmy GQ

Putting his 2018 injury season behind him, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo posted this picture to his Instagram simply titled, "Patiently Waiting." It is good to see...

Jaguars rumors: Nick Foles to Duval?

Front office head Tom Coughlin and the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to be looking for a new quarterback this offseason. Struggling signal caller Blake Bortles is expected...

Manny Machado’s agent completely lays into the media

There’s been a ton of speculation regarding the potential landing spots for All-Star free agent Manny Machado. A recent report from ESPN’s Buster Olney suggests that the Chicago...

Lakers star LeBron James set to return to practice next week

Los Angeles Lakers star and MVP hopeful LeBron James will return to practice next week in hopes of playing some time in the near future, the team...

Fans react to Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders drama

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown stirred up quite the hornet's nest when he ripped into both former Pittsburgh offensive coordinator Bruce Arians and former teammate Emmanuel...

WATCH: Chiefs having none of this Patriots disrespect stuff

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is out here playing the "disrespect" card. For some reason, he believes others think the Patriots are not good. Where that came...

Lions announce the hiring of Darrell Bevell as OC

The Detroit Lions announced on Wednesday that they have hired former Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell for the same position. Fired by Seattle after the 2017 season, Bevell...

Report: Free agent Wilmer Flores signs with Diamondbacks

One of the more versatile free agents is off of the market. Wilmer Flores, formerly of the New York Mets, has reportedly signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Jeff...
Antonio Brown

Steelers drama: Antonio Brown blasts Bruce Arians, teammates

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is having none of the shade that's being thrown in his direction. Former teammate Emmanuel Sanders took to the boob tube recently...

How DeMarcus Cousins’ return impacts the Warriors and the NBA

Golden State Warriors star big man DeMarcus Cousins will soon make his debut with the team after suffering a torn Achilles as a member of the New...

Steelers owner: Team still not in contact with Antonio Brown

The Pittsburgh Steelers might hope to improve relations between the organization and disgruntled receiver Antonio Brown. But if recent events are any indication, that's unlikely to happen. By...

Kentucky’s Josh Allen pulls out of the Senior Bowl

The San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders will be coaching this year’s Senior Bowl in Mobile. It’s an opportunity for the two downtrodden teams to get a look...
Jalen Hurts

Impact of Jalen Hurts transferring to Oklahoma

Former Alabama starting quarterback Jalen Hurts announced via The Players’ Tribune on Wednesday that he has decided to transfer to Oklahoma. “I’ve decided to take my talents to...

Buccaneers rumors: Tampa Bay to release Gerald McCoy?

Six-time Pro Bowler Gerald McCoy has been among the best defensive tackles in football over the past seven seasons. McCoy doesn’t get a lot of recognition because...

White Sox rumors: Offer to Manny Machado $175 million

All-Star infielder Manny Machado has seen his market dwindle to three teams in free agency. It has not been as robust of a winter as the star had...

Report: Jaguars to name John DeFilippo OC

The Jacksonville Jaguars are certainly looking for a new identity on offense this offseason. That reportedly includes the team moving on from longtime quarterback Blake Bortles. Though, the...

Predicting studs and duds for conference championship games

Super Bowl LIII contenders decided Sunday This is it. The NFL's conference championship games will take place this Sunday when the two best teams left standing will prepare...

Bettor auctioning off $8K ticket that would win $168K if Saints win Super Bowl

Someone spent $8,000 last February on a ticket with 20/1 odds that the New Orleans Saints would win Super Bowl LIII. Now that person is auctioning off...

Nuggets head coach: Playing the Suns and the Warriors is the same thing

The Denver Nuggets are hosting the two-time defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors for the top spot in the Western Conference Tuesday evening. It’s one of the biggest...

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